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I'm:Danni Neels, 44
From:Northeastern, Pennsylvania, United States
Personal Information
Star sign:Gemini
Drinking:Most days
Physical Information
Body type:Athletic
Height:5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Hair length:Short
Hair color:Brown
About Me
Please note: I am not into dark meat at all.
Question: Why do cross dressers make better girlfriends than real girls?
Answer: Because we don't want roses or jewelry, all we want is your cum!

If my wife had a cock I would blow her every night and every morning! But for me to get blown all the stars have to align with a full moon... WTF? And when your cock gets rock hard & you want to fuck... Just slide that tool in my tight ass & all I ask is that I can finish you off with my mouth;)

Sayings that get me hard & wet:
Of course she likes you, her dick is hard!
She'll suck your cock if you promise to suck hers!

What makes me a sissy?
- I like sucking cock more than having my cock sucked!
- I like getting fucked more than I like fucking!
- You don't even have to touch my gurl cock!
- I crave cum from a throbbing cock!
- I want to dress sexy to get your cock hard!
- I want to look pretty so you will want to kiss my pretty lips!
- Once you kiss me while touching my gurl hole or you rub my gurl hole while I suck your cock... This sissy slut will be yours!

I consider myself a TRAP: Total Ravenous Anal Pussyboi

Dick Size Guide:
- Short
Nub: Less than 2"
Stub: 2"-3"
Chub: 4"-5"

Prick: Thin & Short (Up to 5")
Dick: Thin & Medium (6"-7")
Rod: Thin & Long (Over 7")

Cock: Thick & Short (Up to 5")
Dong: Thick & Medium (6"-7")
Schlong: Thick & Long (7" Plus)

Turn-Offs: Wedge Shoes, Skorts, Capri's, Spitting, Gaping Assholes, Inter-racial, Smoking, Scat.

Turn-Ons: Pink Nails & Lipstick, Short Skirts, High Heels, Thigh Highs, Garters, Silk Panties, Crotchless Panties, Crotchless Body Stockings, Ball Tying/Squeezing/Tapping, Coerced Feminization & Bisexuality by a Hot Bitch, JOI & CEI by a Hot Bitch, CD Servent Humiliation, Swallowing Cum, Multiple Cream Pies especially when a girl is tied down & all the guys stand around jerking off & take turns cumming inside her cum soaked pussy. I'd like to see a video of about 20 guys with a hot young girl tied & spread on her back... A hot mistress controls the scene instructing the guys to strip and remove their pants, then she puts them in order via cock size from small to large. A Trap like me is ordered to fluff each cock before they each fuck and cum in her pussy as each cock is bigger and her pussy gets more and more lubed from each load of hot cum ;)

I love pictures of gurls where you would think they were actual hot girls if it weren't for the bulge in their panties or the tip of their cock showing beneath their short dress, or a ball dangling between their ass cheeks from behind!

I would love to meet a bi-curious couple where the husband was shy about being with a man & the wife was so turned-on by it that she finds me... A sexy crossdresser that can give them both what they want to see... He gets to watch his wife with another woman & he also gets to see his wife with another man, but without feeling threatened by him since I'm submissive to them both. She gets to see her man experience cock & she can also get double stuffed! Mmmmmm.

I fantasize that someday soon my wife will put me in chastity & keep the key & the only way I will be able to free my cock is if I do what she orders... She will make me wear panties & tell me to find a boyfriend. First I will need to suck him off & she orders me to have him cum on my panties as proof. The next day I am to suck his cock & swallow all his cum & bring home a picture of his spent cock. On the 3rd day I am to get him hard with my mouth while wearing a chastity cage and then beg him to fuck my sissy ass & I am to bring her the full used condom, which she feeds to me for her amusement. On the 4th day she then says I've earned the right to lick her pussy to orgasm & that if I bring home 2 full condoms from my boyfriend or 2 other guys that night on the 5th night... Then I will be allowed to jerk-off & cum on her beautiful pussy & of course lick it all off. But for me to fuck her, I must cum from getting fucked while in my chastity! I will have one week to accomplish this, but if I fail she will then make me her cuckold fluffer for a week as she shows me how to be a true fuck slut... I will have to get them hard & swallow their load after they fuck her!

I'm a bisexual married part time closet CD seeking same or admirers... Actually I'm a Tri-sexual, because I love being with bi-men while dressed as a hot gurly slut. I love writing & fantasizing about different CD role-play scenarios, but whether they become reality has yet to be seen. I can cum when I'm soft when dressed as a gurl with only a few strokes, but I am oh-so curious if I can cum from receiving back-door pleasure without touching my gurl cock at all... Mmmmmm, wanna try?
I am addicted to viewing crossdressed images, to the point where now when I see a beautiful girl, I immediately picture a cock & balls between her legs! I have many fantasies to share with other gurls like myself... My latest is: My wife is anti-CD, which sucks... I discover my wife is chatting online with another guy, so I get revenge by monitoring her computer cheating & when she arranges to meet the guy for real, I dress in her sexiest min-dress & cause him to cancel with her by sucking him dry in his car in the parking lot! What sweet revenge!
Girls truly are bitches because they always wear sexy clothes, make-up, shoes, painted nails, yet rarely put-out; but gurls like me on the hand always put-out when they dress the part! Girls wear panties because that's just what they wear, but I wear them because I know it gets you horny just watching my satin covered pantie-ass. I wear them because I want to turn you on & get your cock throbbing hard with my mouth until you can't stand it anymore & you have to fuck my pussy-ass with your engorged cock! So I believe by seeing girls teasing me with their hotness over the years & driving me crazy horny, only to be left jerking off... That this is why I have a strong desire to be feminized by a gorgeous girl & be the slut I always wanted to fuck throughout my childhood. My bitch-mistress would order me to serve her and her date cocktails, etc. as thoughI am the hired maid of a spoiled rich girl who expects to be entertained by a boi like me, while impressing yet toying with some small minded, big cocked boy she chose to bring into her lair. After she tires of flirting with him and having her sissy-maid serve them cocktails and finger-food, upon her orders she instructs me to turn around and lifts my maid skirt to show my black garters & silky pink pantied ass. She asks him if he likes my tight little ass as she then smacks my butt cheek & tells him that her little gurly-maid is there to fluff him for her and to clean up after him and fill-in where needed. She then sternly blurts out "what are you waiting for slut, do your fucking job!" as I turn around she instructs her new & shocked boy-toy to stand-up... Well Steve, do you think my maid is sexy, does she turn you on in her little maid dress & slutty high-heels? Go on grab her ass with both your hands, she expects it, she wants it! Good, now kiss her neck, he does as I let out a pleasing breathe; see she likes it, now kiss her pretty pink lipstick lips... Ooh, yes that's it she says. Now slut, don't be rude, ask Steve if he would like to receive oral service from your pretty pink lips! Steve, would you like me to please your cock with my mouth? Of course Steve can't believe the amazing situation he has happened-upon; he says: well yes I would like that very much. So I lock onto his eyes as I slowly unbutton his jeans, excited to discover what type of cock he has...

My many stages of sexuality:
1) sexually curious:
In my childhood I was too young to get pussy, so because I was so horny my friend & I experimented as we co-fantasized about being with girls & got each other off at first justifying it as taking turns simulating being with a girl. But after having his bigger cock in my mouth it was too late... I would crave cock for the rest of my life.
2) Pussy is delicious, but...
By the age of 15 I had fucked my first girl and it was more of an accomplished goal than a sexual experience, like just getting de-virginized. I would fuck many girls after that & they are soft & oh so pretty, but they require a whole bunch of work & maintenance, as if they find it necessary to first fuck with your mind before they fuck with your dick!
3) Independence with mobility:
Driving my own car, going to adult book stores for X-rated movies & sex toys. Buying a big fake cock trying to re-live the experience I had when I was young. This time sliding it in my tight ass & wondering why I hadn't let my best friend of my childhood fuck my ass instead of just sucking him off. Now & then I would be pursued by men at the book store & we would go somewhere in my truck to get each other off, but it was cheapened because it was a non-relaxed situation being parked in the woods or an empty parking lot, where a cop could discover us at any moment. As a closeted bi-man being outed was not an option. One time I finally had the chance to feel this guys cock in my needy ass & he was so excited to fuck me after I told him I had a condom as I handed it to him while assuming the fuck me doggy position in the cab of my pickup truck... He wet his dick covered condom with spit & I felt him enter & slide in a few times, but as soon as I started to really feel great he moaned & came inside the condom! I remember feeling like a girl who just gave up her virginity to an inexperienced teenage boy, but would have rather been with an older experienced man who would've taken his time & let me experience what it would be like to be fucked thoroughly... I still haven't experienced that :(
4) Straight life or at least I convince everyone else I am:
I get married & have sex like there is no tomorrow. We play D&S games & tie each other up and fuck many times each day. We share our ideas of kink, but eventually hit a wall as I would like to be dominated by a sexy domme who will make me do questionable actions that I pretend to be against my will, but really are not... Make me wear panties, make me suck her strap-on, make me suck another mans cock! Piss on me, tie my balls up and control my cock. Keep me from pleasuring myself too often & cumming too quickly on my own, extend my orgasms & make me please others and only then am I permitted to cum.
The reality is she wants to be submissive, does not want to dress up, does not like me to be submissive or wear girls clothes, is not interested in golden showers & is no good at fucking my ass with a strap-on, which may be kinky but if she can't feel anything then it is far from getting fucked by a real cock!
5) Shared Bi-Sexuality & Kink: (I discovered her limits)
I ease us into swinging with other couples & write a profile that is bi for both of us in the name of fairness to make sure other guys aren't just out to fuck my wife as I am still jealous in that respect even tho I am down deep desiring to be submissive to cock. We have several encounters with other married couples & they are fun for sure, but the few times we were with single guys were even better, but it still left me wishing I was with the guy alone & I wish I was dressed as a slutty gurl & would please many loads out of my man! I feel the only way I can truly experience a cock is to go all-in and play and look the part of what I myself have fantasized about... A total cock-slut with high heels, garters, thigh-highs, corset, nails, wig, make-up, a bottle of wine and some poppers ;)
6) I am now at stage 6 (Gay?)
I am craving cock like never before! While I would absolutely love to dress like a slut-gurl, it is not possible at this time in my life with work and family. Maybe I have watched enough hypno-videos to make me take the next step and to go fagging for my cock fix? I am envisioning reaching out to a man to please with my mouth and ass. To be submissive & skip the fun yet time consuming cross-dressing part just to truly experience my first full submission to a man & his cock. He wants me to please him & I want to please him... I enjoy being a submissive in the bedroom as it is my escape from the everyday non-sexual world. Just show me your cock and I will do what I've been so wanting to do, drop to my knees and take it in my mouth until it is so hard and wet and you need to fuck my tight ass with it and after you do I want to drink your hot cum down my throat... Mmmmmm! Yea, maybe it's time to be a daily fuck toy release for a big cocked take control guy?
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1 month ago
Wearing silky blue painties under my man clothes today:)
I just wish I could have one day a month where I could be a complete slut for 2 or more long lasting gentlemen... Get all clean, shaved, dressed & be the cause of their rock hard erections;)
1 month ago
Great profile!
3 months ago
you have a great profile
5 months ago
Great profile thank you for adding me.
7 months ago
Thanks for the invite.
7 months ago
Thanks Danni for your invite ! My hot kiss, for you, Tiziana
8 months ago
Just great :)
9 months ago
Thank you for sharing that. A new standard for transformations! - I hope you find your... kink x
12 months ago
Very nice profile Danni
I love reading your story Bi-Boy turned into Sub-Gurl
So HOT !
Nice video library too :)
1 year ago
Hot profile nice fantasies
1 year ago
Great story
1 year ago
Thanks for accepting and the comment ;) I loved your story way too much for my own good :P
1 year ago
Thanks for the invite sweetie!
1 year ago
fabulous profile and your 1 story. great ideas for stories in your profile!!!
1 year ago
Hi Danni I am new to this and looking for some direction drop me a line sometime I am looking to meet some new people
1 year ago
Thanks for the add. Great profile and content
1 year ago
You're so very sweet. Thanks for leaving me such a wonderful comment and please don't hesitate to give any advice, direction or encouragement :)
1 year ago
Thank you very much & I can't wait to check out the GS link you posted;)
1 year ago
Great page, I'm in nepa also!
1 year ago
hot favorites
1 year ago
thanks for the fantastic comment :-)
1 year ago
love your page babygurl
1 year ago
your profile ought to be in the story section! Hot !
1 year ago
Thanks for friendship Danni!
1 year ago
great collection you have.
1 year ago
Hi and thank you for the add! I like your profile!
1 year ago
thanks for the comment ;-)
2 years ago
thanks for the comment s
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thanks for your comment
2 years ago
I want to thank you for visiting my gallery and taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it and I'm glad you enjoyed.

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