This Sunday was spent all day in bed with my fuck buddy. I lost count cumming. Picture this, my ass in the air, rope, and our cum all over my body. He asked me not to wash so by the time it was over I was so overcome with the aroma of it all. He gagged me with his cock more than a couple of times. I prefer a man to come on my tongue not down my throat! Jesus! But it was all good. I like to taste it. He tied me down on the bed and blindfolded me and fucked me so hard. My pussy was sore all day yesterday. I think he took something cause I've never had a lover that could come so much. He had me in high heels and sexy lingerie so that probably made it possible. He would cum in my pussy and have me walk around the house so it was all down my leg. He came once in my ass and let it run out whereas he rubbed it all over my body. Being tied up was fantastic. I wish he had some friends there with us cause while he was pumping my pussy or ass all I could visualize was being repeatedly fucked by multiple partners. I'm so filthy, God! And oh, he slapped my pussy! That was different! Next session I'm going to ask him to tie my legs up to the head board and alternate fucking my pussy and ass. I wonder how he would take my fantasy of being gangfucked while I'm that way? I'm still recovering though. My ass still hurts! LOL

100% (8/0)
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2 years ago
Can i join in you next GANGBANG
2 years ago
un fucking believable
2 years ago
We did the headboard trick, the neighbors complained but i bet they still listened,LOL
3 years ago
wow hot,id def join the gang lol
3 years ago
to bad you dont live around hear i have lots of guys who are looking for a few women who wanna get wreaked by a big group of guys who are young fun & FULL of cum
3 years ago
Nothing like a man that knows how to please you all day, and love the taste of his sperm on your beautiful body!