My life, Part 5

OK guys I'm primed with enough wine to continue my story.

Wayne arrived shortly after six, he brought in some takeout and we drank a few glasses of wine. After a few minutes of heavy necking I left him to change into something more provacitive. I came out of the bathroom in my sexy red teddy with the snap in the crotch. He laid me down on my bed and fondled me and licked my swollen clit. I begged him to fuck me after a short while of this. He said he couldn't but he would like to tie me down. I said anything my baby wanted I wanted him to have it. My full size bed had a head and footboard so he tied me with some crazy feeling velvet rope that he had brought from some sex shop. He spread me wide in spreadeagle fashion and placed two pillows under my ass. He proceeded to lick my wet pussy and my asshole. I buried my mouth into my arm to quell my screams of pleasure and bucked my hips into his face to signal my readiness to come. He stopped and brought his cock to my mouth as he straddled my torso. I could taste his sweet precum in my mouth and every time I engulfed his dick with my throat he would back away. His wonderful cock pulsed inches from my face and I thought I was to be blasted. He asked me where I wanted his cum and I said in my pussy. He asked if he could fuck my ass. I had never allowed a boyfriend to fuck me anally but I was so hungry to be filled with him that I nodded my approval. My only verbal response was to not hurt me. I was scared shitless.
I watched him as he got off me and went to his goodie bag for the lube. He used the cold cream to finger my pussy and lube my ass. His finger found its way to my asshole and he pried me open with one then two and finally three fingers, not too deep but in and out. By bringing his fingers up towards my pussy in his strokes the pain turned quickly to hungry pleasure. He withdrew his fingers to plunge them again into my pussy for extra lubricant and I could see that my pussy cream was coating them nicely. I could feel my wetness running down my crack to my my asshole. Finally my gorgeous lover mounted me and gently entered my ass with excruciating patience. After one inch of him I took a deep breath and thrust my hips onto his cock. His gorgeous cock besides its bulbous head had an awesome curve upward. Many times sucking it I wondered how it would feel inside my pussy but now I knew. It felt so wonderful to have him and to finally please him in a different manner. He whispered into my ear dirty things. I begged him to fuck me deeper. He would stop often and I could feel him pulse. What felt like an hour but was really five minutes he asked if I was ready for his cum. Yes, I whispered, please give it to me. He asked where and I said to give it to me in my mouth and how much I longed for his taste. As I said this he lost it and plunged deep inside me to deposit his seed into my ass. I gasped, being that he had not gone this deep and if I had my hands free I could have pushed him back. He groaned so loud that I thought the neighbors would hear but he didnt care. After a minute or so his cock became soft and my ass squeased him out along with his hot cum. He sucked my clit to the most amazing orgasm ever. The feeling of being bound helpless to the bed was most of it I'm sure. I had found a new hobby!

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4 years ago
Danielle knows what she wants,
and knew she would get it gently enough!
Very sexy and tasty short story! ;-)P
4 years ago
SO very proud of you for your anticipating what we all as MEN need and I REQUIRE- WILLINGNESS to EXPLORE your LIMITS..and then PUSHING thru them..with deliberate skill & Intent!! 8:-))
4 years ago
First class ! You have amazing talent. You need a agent , I'm just saying.. your fan captjack/ Tampa fl