Threesome with two hot milfs

Where do I begin....

I am 22 years old. I use to talk to this women who is married. She is 41 years old with some DDD breasts. She creeps on her husband on the regular. In the past me and her have fucked but we stopped talking for about 6 months or so.

So I get this random text message to my phone as I leave the gym saying "Can you fuck me tonight?". I was shocked to see it was from her so me being a man, I say "Yeah I will be home at 9 come thru". She says "I am with my friend we are leaving the bar so I hope your home when we get there!".

I get home about 8:50 and realize I have no condoms in the house so I run to the 7-11 which is 5 minutes away. She calls me and says Im in front of your house. I dart back to the house and meet her standing in front of my place. Her and her friend who is also married, age 34 (some B cup breast)walked in front of me as I grow an erection.

We go inside and I can sense some freaky shit is about to go down. My 41 year old friend walked to my bar and said "lets do some shot". I say "". So her friend says "You'll take yall clothes off and kiss".... We did what she asks. Now the 34 year old friends is getting horny and begins undressing. My 61year old friend whispered to me "I want you to fuck her first!" with a wink.....

I start fucking her friend from the back SLOWLY. She moans like crazzzzy as I stroke her for 10 minutes straight. 41 starts kissing on her friends B cups. I tell them lets go into my bedroom. I fuck the shit outta my old friend like old times.

Her phone is ringing off the hook because by now its almost 11 o clock and she has to get home. So she leaves and sl**p great the night!!!
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1 year ago
weak ass story
3 years ago
love the story..could be longer but who am i to complain..i tell people all the times, women can be much freakier than men
3 years ago
Could be a very hot story,straighten it out and this could be very hot,
3 years ago
? what's up w/ this? come on guy...