Everything for my s****r Chp. 3

Same thing as my other stories as far as already being posted.

This is the longest story that I have ever written or probably ever will write. This story takes on a darker mood that I prefer in a story, but the mood only accents the love that I created between Bethany and the narrator.

Please Enjoy.

I have always despised the sound an alarm clock makes. When I think about it; I doubt anyone finds enjoyment out of being awakened by a loud repetitive noise. That morning was no different from any other and Bethany’s alarm promptly woke us up at 5:30 AM. As I reached over Bethany to turn it off our eyes locked for a second before I pushed the button that silenced it. I gave her a smile and quick kiss before getting out of her bed. I walked out into the living room and got three steps in before realizing that I was ridiculously cold. I looked down at myself and noticed that I was naked. Last night’s events came rushing back to me as I remembered what Bethany and I had done. Even at that point it felt unnatural and wrong as doubt constantly gnawed at me, but I knew that I wouldn’t have our relationship any other way.

Everything for my s****r Part III

I hurriedly got some clothes on and curled up on the couch in an attempt to fall back to sl**p before my dad got home from work. sl**p, however, didn’t make it in time and just as I was dozing off, the sound of my dad’s car pulling in the driveway jerked me back. A few moments later the front door opened and my dad walked in. Just like yesterday morning, he jumped as he turned on the lights; I was once again awake and looking at him. He mumbled something about getting me an air mattress before wishing me a good morning. I bid him a good morning back as he went to his room. I eventually fell asl**p again and woke up four-and-a-half hours later to the smell of breakfast being cooked.

I sl**pily walked into the kitchen and found that Bethany was the one cooking. A little surprised, I asked what the occasion was because I was usually the one that put together meals. She walked up and told me that she just wanted to surprise me and gave me quick peck on the cheek. I pulled her into a kiss before going over to the table to wait for breakfast to finish.

The food was better than my expectations and I made sure that Bethany knew. During the meal, Bethany and I made pleasant conversation about what we were going to do that day. Halfway through a sentence I caught a glimpse of the clock, and I remembered that I had to go to work at 11:00 AM. I pointed this out to Bethany and she just gave me a giggle and told me that I had better hurry up. I finished eating quickly and fetched my work uniform; I work as a waiter for a somewhat nice restaurant.

The weather that Sunday was as cold as your usual winter day, but the sun was out with a few clouds. I hated working Sunday afternoons because the after-church crowd came in packs and were exceptionally rude; ironically. Work went by slowly, but had a few incidents here and there: my head was in the clouds and I miswrote three people’s orders. After bringing the wrong orders I was met with some overly-irritated patrons who made sure that they belittled the simplicity of my job. I just smiled and told them how sorry I was.

On my way home, I noticed that there were a few more clouds in the sky. I arrived home and found a black Mercedes-Benz blocking my parking spot, and I had to park halfway in the road. I walked in the house and instantly knew that something was very wrong. Bethany and Dad were sitting on the couch sobbing, as a business-looking woman was sitting in an adjacent chair with a look of patience. My dad looked up as I walked in and he motioned for me to sit down with them.

I sat down on the couch and asked what the hell was going on. The woman shifted uncomfortably before telling me to take a deep breath. I looked over at Bethany and Dad, who were now crying in their hands, before looking back at the woman and repeating that I wanted to know what was going on. She let out a small sigh before telling me that my mom had passed away.

I stared back at her with a look of pure hatred. Who would lie about something like this? Out of
frustration, I asked her who the fuck she thought she was. The woman looked back into my eyes before saying that she was sorry for my loss. Reality dawned on me as I looked back at Bethany and my dad, who had began to cry harder at hearing it again. My throat started to choke up and my eyes began to burn as tears blurred my vision.

Bethany wrapped her arms around my neck and I pushed her off me and stood up. Everything felt unreal in the room and I rushed to the front door and went outside. When I got outside I broke down and began to cry harder than I ever remembered. After a couple of minutes I felt rain start fall on me. I looked up to the sky and saw grey clouds as far the eye could see. After I calmed down, and was effectively drenched, I went back inside. The woman was still patiently sitting in the chair while my dad still sat on the couch; Bethany was in her room.

The woman motioned for me to sit back down so that she could go over more details. I sat back down and immediately asked how she passed away. She told me that the police think that she overdosed on prescription depression pills, but they don’t think that it was suicide. My mind raced as I tried to remember if she had been taking medication for depression while Bethany and I were there. My thoughts were answered as the woman said that my mom started taking the medicine about five months ago. My heart dropped when I heard this because that was shortly after Bethany and I left to come here.

I felt more tears start to well up in my eyes and I put my head in my hands, and began to rock back in forth. My dad began rubbing my back as I started to sob again; apparently he found out this information while I was outside. The woman continued by saying that my mom’s parents had already picked a date for the funeral, which was scheduled in three days. I looked up at this new piece of information and just nodded my head. The woman grabbed her stuff and told us, again, that she was sorry for our loss before leaving.

My dad and I sat on the couch for a bit longer before I got up and went to change out of my wet clothing. After I had gotten changed I went to Bethany’s room. She was fast asl**p in her bed and her eyes were still puffy. I laid down next her and ran my fingers through her soft hair. I desperately wanted to talk to her, but I didn’t have the heart to take her away from her emotional release. I eventually fell asl**p with her and woke up to her moving some time later. I looked around and saw that she was changing. I watched as she wiggled into a pair of jeans before making a noise to show that I was awake.

Bethany turned around and gave me a pained smile before asking when I had come in. I told her that it must have been hours ago because it was now night time. We stared at each other for a second before be both said at the same time that we wanted to talk. We continued to stare for a little longer before I got out of her bed and grabbed my coat. Bethany asked where I was going, and I replied back that we were going for a walk. She looked at me incredulously and said that it was storming. I just walked out the door and a few moments later Bethany followed me.

It had started raining harder while we were asl**p. Normally I hated bad weather, but the rain gave me a sense of understanding and truth. Bethany looked a little less embracing of the rain, but she followed me as I started to walk down the driveway. We walked for ten minutes before either of us said a word. I started the conversation by commenting how nice the day had been when I left or work. Bethany replied back by saying that the funny thing about the weather is that it can change instantly. I thought in my head that life was much the same way because Bethany and I were living proof.

We continued to walk through the neighborhood as the storm raged on around us. Bethany eventually told me that she was frozen and asked if we could head back home. I reluctantly agreed that we should go back, and we began our journey back home. When we had gotten back inside, we both changed and I met her in her room. She told me to sit down on her bed and we began our talk.

(I am going to revert to actual dialogue because it will make it sound much better)

“Is it our fault that Mom died?”, Bethany started off.

“Mom’s death can only be put on me, not you”, I replied back, “It was just another way life is telling me that no matter what I do, I can’t win; I am not allowed to be happy”.

“You can be happy; all you have to do is try”.

“I have tried”, I whispered back, “Every time I get close, it gets taken away from me; It is to the point that I just want you to be happy”.

“I have already found what makes me happy”, Bethany whispered to me.

“What” I said back.

“Isn’t it obvious? You; you have been there for me since before Mom and Dad got divorced. Remember that time I got pneumonia and you stayed by my bed for two weeks and slept on my floor. Or, when we were riding our bikes and I fell off and broke my ankle. You carried me two miles home. When Mom and Dad divorced you went further by putting me before everything else. I wanted to tell you so many times to live for yourself, but I knew that you wouldn’t go for it. I doubt anyone could, or even would, have done everything you have for me and it makes me sad seeing you unhappy. You finally loosened up when we moved here and now I am afraid that mom’s death will take you back to your old emotional state”.

“It wasn’t moving here that made me happy; it was being with you”. Was all I could say back to her speech.

(Back to normal writing)

I stared at Bethany for a moment taking in everything that she had said. The way she had said it made me sound like a hero or something, but I just thought that I was doing the right thing. The more I thought, the more I came to realize that every bit of happiness that I had ever felt was because of Bethany.

I came back to reality and looked at Bethany. She had been staring at me since I told her the reason I was happy, and I thought she about to start crying. She ended her silence by whispering that she loved me. Taken aback, I looked into her eyes and whispered back that I loved her, and that nothing could take her away from me.

Bethany’s eyes watered up and she wiped them away. At that point I scooted over to her and pulled her into a tight hug. The feeling of her body against mine filled my soul with warmth and I didn’t ever want to let go.

After a couple minutes we let go of each other and her eyes still had a couple tears in them. I wiped them away and put my hand below her chin and planted a kiss on her lips. Bethany wrapped her arms around my neck and held me there as we made-out. It was a slow, wet kiss that reflected all the emotions that I was feeling at the moment.

Bethany whispered that she loved me again and I felt her hand push against my stomach, and start to progress toward my cock. When her hand finally reached it, her fingers wrapped around it and my dick began to grow in her hand. I pulled her back to me and started to kiss her neck and rub my hands over the fabric covering her boobs.

When my cock was fully erect, she started trying to pull my jeans down. I got off her bed and stripped down completely. Bethany got off the bed and got on her knees in front of me before taking my cock in her mouth. A feeling of ecstasy took over me and my eyes rolled to the back of my head. Her mouth felt so good around my cock, and after a couple of minutes I felt the early effects of an orgasm. Bethany noticed my body starting to tense and relax, then tense again, and started to suck faster. The climax washed over me and I shot my load into Bethany’s mouth. The sudden influx of cum caught her off guard and she gagged as it hit her in the back of the throat. Most of it dripped out of her mouth, but she gave a modest attempt to swallow the rest.

After I came, Bethany laid down on her bed and waited patiently to be ravished. I got on top of her and we immediately began to make-out. As we kissed I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down along with her panties. I went down on her and feverishly began to eat her out. As she was being eaten, Bethany pulled her shirt and bra off and started to rub her nipples. I ran my tongue over her pussy lips, enjoying the taste of her juices as they flowed out. After a couple minutes I started to suck on her clit. Each time my tongue would pass over it, Bethany would let out a small moan. Her body started to shake as she neared her climax, and her moans started to come at more frequent intervals. A few moments later the orgasm took hold over her and I watched as her body writhed around on her bed.

My dick was hard again and so were my thoughts. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and stood up in front of her. I positioned my dick outside her pussy and began rubbing the tip up-and-down the lips. When I did this, Bethany took a deep breath and held it in. I looked into her face and snapped out of what had taken hold of me. I wasn’t ready to fuck Bethany, and the look on her face showed that she wasn’t ready either.

I backed away from her and said that we should probably get cleaned up, in case Dad woke up. Bethany looked relieved and agreed with me, and got up. I grabbed my clothes and got dress at the same time Bethany did. We caught each other’s eye a few times before we were fully dressed again. I wished her goodnight and told her that I loved her before leaving to the living room couch.

The days leading up my mom’s funeral were as sorrowful as you can imagine. My dad and I had taken the days off from work (and also school, in my case) to help my mom’s parents plan the funeral. The funeral itself was extremely sad and I gave a eulogy that described my mom before the divorce. Bethany kept my spirits up, or at least attempted to, because I still felt that if I hadn’t moved Bethany and me, then she would have never had to take those damned depression pills.

As with all sorrows; the best thing to do is move on; which is what we did. Bethany and I continued our relationship and we went through the happiest days of my life. As the months wore on, spring emerged and we got away from the oppressive atmosphere that winter had brought.

For some reason our dad had taken my mom’s death harder than anyone expected, and his health was suffering. He was losing weight and no matter what Bethany and I did, we couldn’t snap him out of his depression. It baffled me because Mom had taken everything from him when they divorced.

My eighteenth birthday rolled around and I felt like I was on top of the world. I was promoted at work, top of my classes, pre-accepted at the local community college, and most of all; happy. Bethany was also doing well, and the only that was bringing us down was our father’s declining health. His work performance was suffering and he had been threatened to be fired on several occasions.

The boot finally came the day before my eighteenth birthday. My dad had gotten up late and just as he was getting ready he got a phone call from his boss, telling him not to bother coming in. When Bethany and I got home from a movie he broke the news to us. All I could do was tell him that he might start feeling better if he got a break from work. Dad stared back at me with a few tears in his eyes before saying that it shouldn’t be my job to take care of the f****y. With that, he went back into his room.

Bethany pulled me out of the stupor that our dad’s words had caused, and led me into her room. It was getting pretty late and we just sat in her room and talked about how our fortunes were starting to change again. Bethany eventually fell asl**p with her head on my chest as I stayed awake going through what was going on happen. I was going to have to dip into the money I had saved for college to pay the bills until Dad got a new job. Bethany and I also won’t be able to be with each other as much because Dad was going to be home more.

sl**p eventually took me away from my thoughts and I was awakened the next day to the sound of Bethany singing “Happy Birthday”. I opened my eyes with a smile on my face and Bethany got on top of me and kept singing. At each break in the verse she would give me a small kiss, and when the song was over we made-out for a few moments. We stopped when we heard some shuffling around in our dad’s room. Bethany rolled off of me so that I could get up and take a shower and get ready for the day.

When I walked into the living room, my dad’s door opened and he walked out. He strode over to me and gave me a tight hug before wishing me a happy eighteenth birthday. As he said that, he pulled a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to me. I looked at the paper and realized that it was a check. I looked at the amount and choked on an imaginary object in my throat. I looked back at my dad, who was grinning from ear-to-ear, and told him that I couldn’t accept a check for $1,000.18. His smile faltered a little when I said this, but he replied back that it would be going toward my college education. I looked down at the check again and then back up at him before pulling him back into a hug. I planned on using every bit of the money to pay the bills over the next couple months.

After our father-son moment, my dad started to cough deeply, and went back to his room to lie down. I continued with what I was about to do, and went to get a shower. I got dressed and went to the living room to pass time by watching television. Bethany came out of her room and joined me, and we enjoyed each other’s company for a couple hours.

Bethany eventually asked what we were going to do that night. I told her that a nice f****y dinner would suffice. After the hours had worn on, I went to my dad’s room to see if he wanted to go out to eat. I opened his door and found that he was sl**ping. I gently shook him awake and asked, but he just let out a small cough and said that he was too tired. A little heart broken, I told him that Bethany and I were going and that he should just call us up if he needed anything.

I walked out of Dad’s room and told Bethany that we should start getting ready. Thirty minutes later, we were both dressed and ready to go. Bethany had picked out a short-cut black dress with spaghetti straps. The sight of her made my dick begin to harden, but I mastered the impulse and we walked outside to my truck.

It was a Saturday night, so anywhere we went to would be crowded, so I picked out a nice restaurant that wouldn’t have too many people of our age group. We arrived at the location and the hostess sat us down without too long of a wait. We ordered our food and made pleasant conversation while we waited. By the time the waiter brought our food out to us the conversation had turned very suggestive, and the old couple in the booth next to us would constantly shoot glares in our direction.

Halfway through the meal my cell phone started to vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out and saw that my dad was calling me. I quickly answered it and asked if everything was alright. I was met with the sound of deep breathing and a gasping noise. My stomach had turned when I heard this and I asked what was going on. I finally heard Dad’s voice say something the sounded like “I know”, but it was whispered and somewhat raspy. The call ended and I rose from my seat and told Bethany that we had to go. Bethany must have realized who had called me and asked if Dad was okay.

On the way out my truck I called for an ambulance to go to our house. The woman who had answered the phone paused for a few moments before telling me that an ambulance was already en route to my house. I felt somewhat relieved that Dad had at least called for an ambulance before me. When Bethany and I finally arrived home there were was already an ambulance, and the usual police cars that show up to any scene. When Bethany saw the ambulance she put her hands over her mouth and a few tears welled up in her eyes.

I parked in the front lawn, as to not block any exit paths, and an officer immediately approached my truck. I got out and asked the officer what had happened. He gave me a serious look and said that the medical personnel think that he had a heart attack. My heart fell into my stomach and I asked if they knew if he was still alive. The officer replied back that he didn’t know, and at that moment a few people exited the house with my dad on a stretcher.

I started to sprint over to my dad when I saw him, but I stopped when I noticed that he wasn’t moving. The officer caught up to me and told me which hospital that they were taking him to. The people packed my dad into the back of the ambulance and took off down the road. I turned around and ran back to my truck. Bethany hadn’t left the truck and when I got in, she asked what had happened. I quickly gave her the information that I had learned and followed the route the ambulance had taken.

The drive to the hospital was quiet; except for the sounds of the road and the occasional sniff from Bethany. When we arrived, Bethany and I ran inside and asked the woman at the desk which room our dad was in. She told us where he was and we jogged to his room. Upon arriving at his door, it opened and a doctor walked out. He saw us and asked who we were. I told him who we were, and he gave us a pained look. I asked if my dad was alright, but he just looked at us and told us to take a seat.

My mind immediately flashed back to when the woman had broken the news that Mom had died. I took a deep breath and sat down beside Bethany on a bench in the hallway. The doctor sighed and said that our father had just passed away. Once again, I felt like the world was doing everything it could to screw up our lives.
I felt numb and was surprisingly calm at hearing the news, but Bethany broke down and began crying. I pulled her into a tight hug and began rubbing her back as she cried on my shoulder. The rest of the night passed slowly, and at some point early in the morning a police officer showed up. He began by saying he was sorry for our loss before moving on to the real reason he was speaking to us.

The officer asked us our ages, and I told him that I was eighteen and Bethany was getting close to s*******n. The officer looked at me when I said this, and then asked if there was any way that I could take care of Bethany over the next couple days. I planted a kiss on the top of Bethany’s head before telling the officer that it wouldn’t be a problem.

The rest of the conversation covered our relatives and he asked if there was anyone that could plan the funeral. I told him that I would, and was amazed with myself at how calmly I had said it. The officer gave us another apology before writing something on his paper and leaving.

The next three days were the worst of my life. I didn’t go to school or work and I didn’t have the heart to make Bethany go. I spent all of my time planning the funeral and was surprised by how much there was to do. I spent all of my savings on the coffin, plot, and ceremony. By the time I was done I figured that it would be a miracle if I went to college. Bethany spent most of her time in her room, and would occasionally come out to comfort me.

The day of the funeral arrived and went down without a hitch. There were only a few people that came because my dad didn’t have any siblings and his parents had passed away years ago. After the funeral, Bethany and I were approached by another business-looking woman. She introduced herself and didn’t waste any time before telling us that she was with c***d services.

As soon as she said that, I knew what she was there to talk about. She looked at Bethany and asked how her day was going. Bethany stared at her, dumbfounded at the ridiculousness of the question, and said that she had had better. The woman put on a fake smile and continued by asking if she was happy. Getting impatient with the inconsiderate questions, I told the woman to get on with what she was there to do. She shot me a glare and turned her attention back toward Bethany.

The woman put on a look of business and asked Bethany if she would like to go live our mother’s parents. Bethany gave her a look of surprise because we hadn’t talked to our grandparents in years. The woman asked the question again and Bethany grabbed my arm and said that she was hoping she could live with me. I warm feeling rose up in my stomach at her words and I couldn’t help but pull her in closer. The woman let out a chuckle and said that she doubted any court would let her stay with her eighteen-year-old b*****r. I finally piped in and said that it wasn’t unheard of, and the woman sighed and agreed with me.

The interrogation lasted for thirty-minutes: in that time we covered how I could provide for my s****r and if there were any better alternatives. After the interview, the woman said that there was a definite shot, but she didn’t want to get our hopes up. By this time we were the only people left at the cemetery and we paid our final respects before heading back to my truck to go home.

The ride home was quiet and when we pulled into the driveway, I told Bethany that we needed to talk. She nodded at me and said that she knew that we can’t not-talk about the how the rest of our lives are going to play out. We both went to go change out of our dress-clothes when we got inside, but I finished first and waited at the kitchen table. I only waited a few minutes before Bethany came out of her room and joined me.

(Another actual dialogue part)

“Are you sure that you want to live with me; it isn’t going to be easy”, I started by saying.

“Remember what I told you when we first moved here?”, Bethany replied back.

“That part about saying you wanted to come with me when I moved out?”

“Yes, that part”, she said back.

“Things are different now”, I said back.

“The only thing that has changed is I don’t have a choice now”.

“The woman said that our grandparents have agreed to take you in”

“Why would I want to live with people that haven’t given a damn about my life for the last three years?”

“You shouldn’t”, I mumbled.

“Then tell me why you are trying to keep me away from you”.

“I’m not trying to keep you away”

“Tell me”, Bethany said f***efully.

“I’m not”

“Tell me!”

“Alright… I am afraid”, I whispered.

“What are you afraid of?”

“I am afraid that I will not be able to care for you. I am afraid that you won’t be happy. I have always taken care of you before because I knew that if I couldn’t, then our parents would be able take my place if I messed up. Now I am eighteen and our parents are dead, I’m thrown into the lions den without a weapon and I must protect someone else. I can’t stand the feeling of not being able take care of you”, I whispered back.

“But you always have, and I believe that you always will. I think that you are afraid of the unknown and it is keeping you from believing in yourself. I know that you won’t be able to bear the thought of putting my well-being in someone else’s hands”.

(Back to normal)

Appreciating the wisdom in Bethany’s words, I bowed my head and whispered that I loved her. Bethany stood up and walked around the table so that she was behind me, and wrapped her arms around my neck. She whispered in my ear that she loved me back and planted a small kiss on the back of my neck. I turned my head around and she put another kiss on my cheek before kissing my lips.

I got up out of my chair and pulled Bethany into a tight embrace. I lifted her chin up and we began to make-out again; slowly, building up pace as the seconds wore on. After a minute we were feverishly kissing and my dick had began to grow. Bethany felt it start to press against her leg and she pulled away from me and led me to OUR room.

Bethany laid down on the bed and I got on top of her. We continued to kiss as I ran my hand up-and-down her side, and after a minute or two Bethany stopped and said that we were ready. I looked at her questioningly and asked what we were ready for. She looked back into my eyes and said that we were ready for sex.

I stared back into her eyes, searching for some kind of doubt or hesitation. When I didn’t find any, I nodded and said that we were. I slowly pulled my shirt off at the same time as Bethany, and helped her get her pants off. When we were both naked, I stared at her little body for a few seconds before getting back on top of her.

Bethany wrapped her arms around me as we began to kiss again. I eventually positioned my dick outside her pussy and began to rub the tip up-and-down her slit, as I had done months ago. Bethany closed her eyes and her breathing began to speed up. I pushed the tip of my dick in and stopped to gauge Bethany’s reaction. Her breathing sped up further, but she nodded at me to continue. I pushed a little deeper; enjoying the feeling of her tight, warm pussy enclose a third of my cock.

After I had gotten far enough in, my cock found her hymen. Bethany took a deep breath when my dick
ran into it as she braced herself for the inevitable pain. I thrust harder into her and broke through the blockage. She let out a small squeal when I did this, and she wrapped her arms around me tighter.

I stopped and let her pain subside a bit before giving her a kiss and continuing. I pushed deeper and felt my dick bottom out in her pussy. I pulled out halfway, and slowly pushed back inside of her. My thrusts began to pick up speed after her body started to relax. After a few minutes, I felt the early warning signs of an orgasm ad picked up the pace. Bethany began to moan as I sped up and it was enough for my climax to approach faster. A couple minutes later, my balls tightened up as the orgasm washed over me. I made a conscious effort to pull out before shooting my load all over Bethany’s stomach.

I collapsed on the bed beside her and we both sat there for a few moments breathing heavily. Bethany broke the silence by whispering that she loved me. I turned my body to face hers and she did the same. We stared into each other’s eyes before she wrapped one of arms around my torso and pulled herself in close. I gave her a small kiss before she laid her head on my chest and drifted off to sl**p.

I laid there and thought back over the last two years. As the images flashed before my eyes I pulled out the ones that had made me the happiest. Needless to say, they all involved times that Bethany and I was together. My thoughts drifted towards our parent’s deaths and tears started to form in my eyes. The rest of our lives were uncertain, but one thing was for sure: we were going to be together……..


The fourth part has already been written and posted. Just click on my name if you having trouble finding it.

FUN FACT: This story took me 748 minutes to write (little less than 13 hours)

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3 years ago
this one is highly anticlimactic after the first two. Those had much better sex scenes, while this one is really abrupt, and the reader has a hard time getting in the mood along with the characters. I really like the heavy backstory though.
3 years ago
i love this series & you should write more
3 years ago
Wow this is getting better and better!! xxxx