Everything for my s****r Chp. 1

Quick sequence of events if this series is familiar for you: Written by me / "stolen" and posted here / I found out / had story removed from this site / posting it back to this site with sincere apologies.

This is the first installment of a four part series. I would just post them all together, but my writing changed so much over the course of this series that it would be really weird to read it together.

If you are not a fan of stories then I would just click the back button and read something else. If you like stories then please continue reading.

I just looked at my parents back-and-forth as I thought about what the c***d services representative had just asked. How was I supposed to choose which one of them that I would prefer to stay with? I continued to look at them both before asking who Bethany had picked. The representative piped up from her corner as my mom opened her mouth to answer the question, and said that I needed to make my decision without interference. I took a long deep breathe before whispering that I would prefer to stay with my mom. The representative quickly wrote something down on her clipboard as my dad burst into tears. I immediately felt bad about my choice, but it was a lose-lose situation in any case.

My mom walked over to me, gave me a hug, and whispered in my ear that she, Bethany, and I were going to try to get away from this unpleasant situation and start fresh as a f****y. I looked over at my dad, who was now sobbing into his hands, with a strong feeling of guilt. The representative saw me looking over at him and said that I was still going to be able to see him; sometimes. This made me feel somewhat better, but life was not going my way at the moment. The idea of the fresh start, that my mom had mentioned, now felt like a blessing-in-disguise.

Everything for my s****r

It was almost one year since my parents divorced and I was f***ed to make the decision about who to stay with. Our f****y was still in shambles despite my mom’s promises of rebuilding our lives. My mom had developed a drinking problem, Bethany was always in a state of depression, and I hadn’t seen my dad since the final court hearing. I was the only person in the household that was even putting up an attempt to return to a resemblance of normality. I didn’t blame Bethany for her sadness because I had to fight off negative feelings everyday. She was only 14 years-old when our parents divorced, so it had a harder impact on her than me.

I now have a part-time job at a local fast-food restaurant to help pay the rent on our apartment, while my mom works as a bartender for the local bar. I’m only 16 years-old, so needless to say my life is little on the stressful side. I constantly fall behind on school work and my teachers think I am just an under achiever. Before the divorce, I was top of all my classes and just cruised through school. Bethany is just as intelligent as I am and stays on top of her school work. I devote more of my time to helping her study than worrying about my own studies because her grades would start to fall if I didn’t.

Needless to say, Bethany and I had grown close since the divorce. We were closer than your average b*****r and s****r before, but since then we had become closer to help each other out. Our dad still attempted to stay in touch with us though emails and the occasional phone call, but my mom usually wouldn't tell us if he was trying to make contact. On my 16th birthday he had even bought me my car; it’s an old pick-up truck, but it gets the job done. The car is my biggest tool for keeping the f****y together: I, of course, use it to get back-and-forth to work, but also to drive Bethany and I to-and-from school. The school bus doesn’t come anywhere near our apartment due to us not living in the school district. The school district that we do live in can only be described as garbage: so I made sure that we at least got a decent education.

The days of my life get even more stressful as time ticks on. My mom’s alcohol problem pretty much burns up her pay check so that my whole pay goes toward rent and gas. Bethany feels worse with each passing day because school is not easy on her. Her sadness alienates her from her classmates and I am the only person that understands her. The only thing that I have time for is work and attempting to cheer Bethany up.

It was a year-and-a-half since my parent’s divorce that things finally started to look up. As the old saying goes, however, things got a little worse first. My mom had recently got a new boyfriend who was a complete asshole. He moved in within two weeks of meeting my mom, and he, of course, didn’t have a job. My workload got worse as I now had to put up with this douche bag and pay for him to live with us.

I finally reached my breaking point when the Dave, that’s the boyfriends name, and my mom were particularly d***k. They were both sitting on the couch in the living room and my mom was passed out, as Bethany did her homework on the floor. I was cooking dinner in the kitchen (the kitchen is open to living room) when it all started.

My mom’s boyfriend started to giggle and then started staring over at Bethany. He giggled a little bit more before finally asking Bethany how old she was. I immediately started to listen to make sure that things didn’t get out of hand. Bethany gave him a look of pure hatred and continued to do her homework without answering. Dave then followed by asking what the fuck her problem was. My anger started to boil at those words and I told him to watch his mouth around Bethany. He turned his attention to me and told me to hold me tongue or else. I replied back be asking “or else what?” He continued by just telling to me to shut-up again; he then returned his attention back to Bethany.

He licked his lips and asked if she had ever had a dick before. I yelled at him to get the fuck out of my apartment at those words and strode over to where I was standing in front of him. When I had gotten in front of him, he stood up and said that he wasn’t going anywhere. Bethany stood up and got in between me and Dave, and told me to calm down. Dave piped up from behind her and said that I had better listen to my girlfriend. I yelled “what the fuck!”, and moved Bethany out of my way and caught Dave in the mouth with a right hook. Dave collapsed onto the couch and I got on top of him and began to mutilate his face as Bethany got behind me and attempted to pull me off of him. All of the commotion finally woke up my mother and she began to scream for me to get off of him.

The combined f***e of Bethany and my mom finally got me off him and I just sat on the floor staring at my handiwork. Dave was u*********s and looked like he had just gotten into a horrific car accident. I then looked over at my mom who had tears in her eyes. Mom looked at me after observing Dave and told me to leave “her” apartment. I found this a little comical considering I had been paying the rent by myself for the last six months. I looked around the apartment before my eyes found Bethany who was sobbing in the corner, and realized what needed to be done.

I told Bethany to grab her stuff; at this, my mom yelled out that Bethany wasn’t going anywhere. I stared back her with a look of disgust before saying that she was coming with me and we we’re going to go live with dad, like we should have in the first place. My mom went crazy at these words, and said that our father was a piece of shit that wasn’t in any shape to even take care of himself. I told her that she was wrong and walked over to Bethany to comfort her. She was still crying and I told her to calm down and began rubbing her back. Bethany turned her body to face me and gave me hug. I held her for about a minute before telling her to pack her stuff up.

Our mom sat back down on the couch and began to cry into her hands. The events that had transpired over the last couple minutes did a great job of sobering her up. After Bethany went to her room to pack, mom finally started to talk some sense. She began by saying that she didn’t intend for our lives to end up like this and that she was sorry about everything that had happened. Mom then followed by saying that it might be for the best if we just went live with our father and she hoped that we would keep in touch with her. I walked over to her and stood in front of her. I then told her that I had no intention of staying in touch and went to pack what little belongings I had.

After we had packed up all of our belongings, we took them out to my truck. On the way I got my mom’s attention and told her that she might want to get Dave to a hospital, and left. After we had gotten into my truck I called up my dad and explained the situation. He sounded somewhere between happy and anxious as he told me that we were welcome to stay with him. I hung up my cell phone and looked at Bethany, who still had tears in her eyes. I grabbed her hand and said that everything was going to be fine. When I said this Bethany told me that she appreciated everything I do for her, and leaned forward to plant a quick kiss on my cheek, and then another one on my lips. I stared dumbfounded into her eyes before pulling her into a long kiss. After a few seconds, I came to my senses, pushed her away, and said that this was wrong. She looked back into my eyes and quickly agreed with me. I then began the drive to dad’s house.

Dad lived two states away and the drive took eight hours. About two hours into the trip, Bethany unbuckled herself and lay down with her head in my lap. I stroked her hair as I drove the rest of the way to dad’s house. We arrived late at night and I carried Bethany to the only spare room that dad had. He was a lot scragglier than I remembered him, but he looked genuinely happy to see us and gave me a long hug before telling me that we needed to talk tomorrow morning. That night I slept on the couch and stayed awake all night thinking about the situation that I had gotten Bethany and me into. Before falling asl**p my thoughts were drawn back to when Bethany and I kissed. The one thing that I remember most was the feeling of complete and utter happiness.

The next morning my dad sat me down for the talk. He started off by telling me that we needed to take the matter to court for us to legally start living with him. I sighed at these words and asked if he could afford a lawyer. He replied back by telling me to look at the tiny house he lived in. I took his remark as a no, and said that we will just have to do our best without a lawyer.

A couple weeks later I found myself sitting in a court room. The judge was mulling over the story of what had happened between my mother, Dave, and me. I sat there, a nervous wreck, as I looked around me. My father looked just as nervous as I felt and Bethany had a couple tears in her eyes. My mother was about ten feet to my left and her face was stony. The judge looked over at my mom and asked her how she felt about the situation. Mom looked over in my direction and gave me a pained look before looking back at the judge. She answered by saying that Bethany and I hadn’t shown much happiness while we were in her care and as much as it hurt her, she was willing to concede custody over to my father. The judge looked a little astonished at these words. A few moments later he came to his decision and gave my dad full custody over us.

A wave of relief broke over me at these words and I turned to my right and gave my dad a hug. After we had hugged he turned to Bethany and gave her a hug. He then whispered in her ear that we were going to be happy again. I put my hand on his shoulder when he said this and whispered that if he was going to say that, then he better mean it. My dad then nodded at me and pulled Bethany and me into a group hug. On the way out of the court I caught my mom staring at us. I gave her a small nod before getting in my truck and starting the long drive back home.

Things were finally going as they should in my life now. Bethany and I were now enrolled back into school and we were both making great grades. I had a new part-time job and there was no pressure about keeping up with rent, but I still did help my dad out with the bills. The only downside was that my dad’s house was so damned small. I let Bethany have the spare room to herself, and slept on the couch every night. My dad and I had considered moving into a bigger house on many occasions, but we still were not financially secure enough for a move.

We had been living with my dad for a couple months before winter started to approach. Dad had an oil heater, so it was very costly to heat up the house. We only turned it on when it the temperature outside dropped below freezing, but we only kept it on long enough to get the temperature inside to habitable level.

Bethany and I had grown even closer since moving in with our dad, to the point that we went out to places together. Our dad thought it was weird at first, but realized that it was innocent and figured we had gone through so much together that it would be even weirder if we didn’t hang out. Bethany and I were at the movies one night when our relationship changed completely. We were watching the movie like normal when my arm started to fall asl**p. I put it over my head to stretch it out a bit. Bethany saw me do this and completely misinterpreted what I was doing and cuddled up next to me and leaned her head on my chest. I was in a jam about what to do because my arm was now back to normal and I didn’t have the heart to tell
Bethany that I didn’t mean for her to cuddle up on me. I came to the decision that I should just put my arm around her and hope that it didn’t go any further; I was wrong.

As soon as my arm wrapped around Bethany she looked up into my eyes and gave me a little smile. The smile on her face gave me a feeling of bliss and I imagined myself kissing her again. It seemed like Bethany read my mind because she pulled my face down to her and gave me a kiss before turning her attention back to the movie. I couldn’t tell you how the rest of the movie went because my mind was miles away.

After the movie we drove back to our dad’s house in relative silence except for small talk back-and-forth. When we got home it was somewhat late at night and the house was freezing. Dad worked third shift at the steel mill, so he wasn’t home. Bethany and I bid each other good night and she went to her room and I walked over to the couch and lay down.

I was on the couch for about ten minutes shivering my ass off, when Bethany’s door opened and she came out of her room. Despite the cold, Bethany was wearing small pink cotton shorts and white tank-top. This was the first time that I had ever looked at Bethany and noticed just how attractive she was. She had straight dark-brown hair that was cut just above her shoulders and it was partially obscuring her face. Her eyes were large and shaped like almonds, but had dark circles under them from two years of stress. Her cheeks were also somewhat sunken due to stress, but it accented her features very well. Her body was small and slender; she was on the skinny side and I imagined that a couple ribs were probably visible under her shirt. Speaking of under her shirt, she wasn’t wearing a bra and the cold was causing her nipples to show quite clearly through the white shirt. Her skin was a little pale, but had a look of warmth and softness that invited you to touch her.

After exiting her room she walked over to me and sat down on my legs. She then stared into my eyes before finally saying that if I was cold then I could sl**p in her room tonight. Trying to keep things innocent, I replied back saying that I hardly thought that the floor would be warmer than the couch. Bethany giggled at this and continued the conversation by saying that I could sl**p in her bed. Still trying to preserve the innocence, I remarked back that I didn’t want her to be cold by taking my place on the couch. She giggled again and said back that it would make more sense if we both slept in the bed. I knew that the conversation would eventually arrive to this, and I replied back by saying that I guess we could keep each other warm tonight.

She got up with a happy bounce and went back to her room. I followed her into her room with less peppiness and found her already laying in the bed with her blankets bundled around her. She patted the part of the bed beside her and I took the hint and lay down with her. She turned off her lamp and everything was dark and quiet for a few minutes before Bethany told me that she was still cold. After saying this Bethany snuggled up beside me and whispered that she felt much better. As much as I didn’t want to admit it, I felt better also. Not only was her warm little body effectively heating up mine, but it just felt so nice having her beside me. The feeling started to cloud my rational thought and I put my arm over her and pulled her in closer; so that her back was completely pressed against my chest.

We laid there for a few minutes before I realized that my hand was on her boob. I couldn’t believe that it had taken me so long to notice and I began to regret it. My dick was slowly growing and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I knew Bethany had to be aware of it because it was pushing against her ass. Bethany took an intake of breath and my heart stopped. I didn’t know what to do because either way this situation went, it led to a very awkward morning. Bethany made the choice for me by reaching her hand around and grabbing my cock. My heart jumped when she did this and I withdrew away from her out of reflex.

Bethany flipped her body around to face me and looked into my eyes. I reached over her and turned on her lamp so that I could see her better. When the light turned on she asked what we were doing. I replied back that I wasn’t sure, but it felt so right. Bethany said back that she felt like we were meant for this and gave me a quick kiss. I couldn’t settle with a just a quick one and pulled her into a passionately long kiss. We made-out for a minute or two before I started to rub my hand up and down her thigh. I felt one of her hands start to fumble with my waistband and I pulled away from her just long enough to pull my pants off before pulling her into another kiss. My hand had made it to her crotch and I began to massage her pussy with my fingers. She let out a little moan when my fingers made first contact, and this effectively made me hornier. She was now rubbing her fingers up and down my shaft and I was getting tired of playing with cotton. I pulled the waistband of her shorts down enough so that I could better access to her pussy.

She was wetter than I thought she would be and this confirmed my suspicions about this being her plan from the start. I ran my fingers over her soft pussy lips a couple times before beginning to rub her clit. Her moans became more frequent and she began to jack me off faster and faster. I could feel my climax approach, but I tried to hold out until she had at least came. After another minute or so Bethany’s body tensed up and a wave of juices poured out onto my hand. Knowing that I had effectively given my s****r an orgasm put me over the edge and I shot my load all over her hand and bed.

We came down off of our climaxes we just stared into each other’s eyes. She looked so beautiful and I knew that I wanted to look into her eyes everyday. After we stared at each other for a bit longer, I pulled her body against mine and gave her another kiss. After we broke apart, she flipped back over and snuggled her back against my chest, and drifted off with my arm around. Reality came rushing back to me and I realized that this would look a little odd when our dad got home from work. I came to the conclusion that I was just going to have to f***e myself to wake up early tomorrow because I wouldn’t move away from Bethany’s side for anything in the world.


The second part has been written and posted, so just click my name if you are looking for the sequel.

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awesome start & series
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This is Amazing so far!! xxx