Aimee's Cute Pink Socks Lead to a Footjob!

Aimee was a average girl, pretty and blonde, but what was great about her is that she had the feet of a goddess and even better she was my cousin so we had regular visits.

One day my parents dragged me into the car, I was surprised and shocked by this but it turns out that they were having relationship issues and I was going to stay at my cousin Aimee's house for the weekend.

My mind instantly thought of her cute socks and feet, I had more of a sock fetish than a foot fetish but I enjoyed both.

I was very close with Aimee every time we would visit each others house we would have dinner and watch a movie together, nothing sexual ever really happened between us, but tonight that would all change.

We was home alone, things were pretty normal actually, we went out for dinner together and then started to watch a movie. The movie was great we was both laughing and taking the micky out of the film because it was so bad.

I needed the bathroom, I said I'll be right back and then trodded on upstairs but to my surprise Aimee's door to her room was open, and even better she was dirty and her socks and underwear were s**ttered across the room. I couldn't help but notice the socks, I went in and picked one up, lay on her bed and inhaled. It was like ecstasy to me.

I started to get hard fast, I was inhaling and inhaling the pink sock, I started to rub my pants...
I couldn't stand it anymore, I ripped my 8 inch cock out my pants and started to inhale her cute sweaty socks and jerk at the same time, my mind and heart was racing until I needed to cum, I couldn't stop wanking and I had nowhere to squirt the cum!

I couldn't help not cumming anymore so I put her sock over my cock and it flooded inside, it was the best orgasm I had ever had and it felt like I jizzed gallons.

"Watcha doinggg" I heard. I looked up and seen Aimee staring at her cum filled sock. I panicked and didn't know what to do. She had seen everything...

"They were my favorite socks!" she said sarcastically.

I replied with "I'm so sorry I couldn't control myself please don't tell my parents"

Aimee said "I'll tell you what, I know about your freaky fetish, I always see you staring at my feet. IF you worship my feet for as long as I say, I won't tell a soul about this

I instantly replied with "Okay I promise I'll do it just don't tell anyone!"

Aimee said "Give me that sock you fucking weirdo"

She snatched the sock from my big still hard cock, cum flowed out the bottom onto my dick and her bed as she did so.

She put the sock on. My heart and cock were pulsing. She walked around the room with the sock on, she had one barefoot and one socked. My cum was squishing around in her toes as she walked around.

I felt like cumming again. "GET ON YOUR KNEES!" She shouted, I did as she said and obeyed like a dog. My cock was getting harder and harder by the second. She put her barefoot in front of me, "Suck these toes slave" she exclaimed. I did as she said, they tasted like heaven, my cock was pulsing, I sucked her toes one by one for a couple straight minutes.

"Get back on the bed and lye down" I of course did as she commanded, I was so horny, my cousin Aimee making me a slave and sucking her toes, this was my dream cum true! I lay one one side of the bed and she lay on the other. She took the cum filled sock and threw it on the floor, she placed her feet on my 8 inch cock, I was ready to cum straight away but I knew I had to hold it in.

No lube was even needed because all the cum from the sock went onto her pretty toes and foot, she started playing with my cock "Wow your big slave!" she put her bendy arches around my cock and started stroking, it was like nothing I had ever felt, the lube from my own cum felt amazing on Aimme's feet. I was nearly screaming in pleasure, Aimee jad a cute look on her face becasue she knew she was pleasuring me. I was ready cum

"I'M GONNA CUM AIMEE" I screamed at the top of my lungs, she replied softly with "Cover my toes you foot freak slave"
She put her feet in a straight position so it was easy to cum, I had to finish the job myself!
I fucking released my load like never before, paints of cum filled her toes. I had never felt like it before.

Her toes were completely covered with cum, "Clean up time" Aimee said. She placed her feet up to her own mouth and licked it off herself, I was amazed and in seconds it was all gone, we both went to bed. I didn't stop wanking for about 6 hours straight after that experience and I will never forget it.

Not to mention this was my first time with a girl.
100% (9/0)
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