Episode One

I screamed as the fire-engine red Porsche peeled out, spitting gravel at me like buckshot. I picked myself up off the ground. And just like that, he was gone, just as quick as he had cum. One look at my hard cock and the lousy prick shot his load before he could even undo his belt. It's not that he came so quick, I can handle that, it's that he abandoned me on that lonesome road that led to the predicament I am in now. I knew I should have stuck to my golden rule, no first timers, first timers with a cross-dresser usually cum and run. They get some sort of conscience after they cum I guess.
My name is Dalila Jones, well that's my cross-dressing name at least. I am on the run from the law for a crime I didn't commit. I am writing in this journal with hope and fear. Fear that I will be found and hope that my account of the facts will free my good name, well, my legal name. Until then, I hide under the identity of my sexy alter ego, Dalila Jones, using my seduction to gather evidence on my behalf. I can't trust anyone, not even the law at this point….let's get back to the facts in great detail.
So I had just been abandoned by the fire-engine red porsche. The smell of rain made me look back to the stormy sunset in the distance. On a normal evening I would have admired the beauty of it all, the musty air, like lust calling from a dark and mysterious place, but this was not a normal evening. This evening I was stranded on a stretch of hi-way, twenty miles from the nearest town, and dressed in a slutty school girl outfit. Keep in mind I was not in the sort of place that tolerates a man dressed in high heels, pink thigh-highs, a ruffled mini-skirt, a stuffed bra, pigtails, and make-up.
I stand only five feet, five inches, without heels, I weigh a hundred and twenty five pounds sopping wet, I have very smooth skin and a cute face with big brown eyes, I get told by a lot of guys, even straight guys, that I am a hot little slut, which turns me on by the way. Oh, I'm rambling about myself again. It was only a matter of time before someone came along.
I said to myself, "Maybe I'll get lucky, maybe some hot guy with a hard cock and a thing for a gurl like me will come along…." The bl**d started pulsing into my big cock from the thought, lifting the front of my mini-skirt up, but the daydream was interrupted. First, by the sound of the distant thunder and then by the sound of the car approaching. Oh boy, here we go. I took a deep breath and got ready to hitch-hike.
When the car was close enough for me to see that it was a police cruiser, I whirled around and began walking. I don't know why I was so nervous, a cop should be able to help me out right? As silly as it looked, I tried to act like it was no big deal I was walking along the hi-way at dusk looking like a teenage prostitute. When the cruiser pulled up beside me I had no choice but to look. It was a young deputy riding shot-gun with an older but still attractive Sheriff behind the wheel. I quickly decided to speak first.
"Hi, could you give me a ride, I'm kinda stranded."
"Where you coming from?" The Sheriff asked with a look of bewilderment.
"Um, from, well…" I stammered. What was I going to say? That I came out here to suck this guys cock in some peace and quiet, but he came in his pants, threw me out of the car and abandoned me here. Not the type of thing you just want to blurt out to a couple of small town cops.
"Do you have any identification?" He barked.
As I fumbled in my purse, they both got out of the vehicle. I handed my I.D. to the younger one and I noticed he was studying me, not like a cop, but like a curious boy who just saw the cover of his first porno magazine at the local d**gstore. There was a little hidden touch of his finger to mine as he took my I.D. He glanced quickly at it and then handed it to the Sheriff so he could eye me up and down some more.
"You want to run this Buck?" The young cop said to his superior.
"Might as well." The Sheriff climbed back into the cruiser and proceeded to check my criminal history.
The young cop pretended to be interested in why I was stranded. I made up a story, but it didn't matter what I was saying, because he was admiring me so intently I don't think he could hear. I saw the bulge in his pants beginning to bulge even more and the thought of me turning him on made my own cock throb, again lifting my skirt up. I glanced over to make sure the Sheriff didn't notice but his eyes were locked on the front of my skirt and his hand was caressing his own bulge. He suddenly snapped out of his trance and hopped out of the car. I held my purse so it blocked the view of my full erection.
"He…she checks out fine," the Sheriff said accenting the word fine, "we can give you a ride up to the city limits and you can take a bus from that point on. You don't mind if I check you for any i*****l contraband or weapons do you?"
"Not at all officer" I said as I batted my long lashes in an innocent tease and assumed the position against the hood of the car, pushing my ass out just a little farther than expected. The Sheriff began to pat me down, or rather I should say that he began to pet me down, since most of the places he was petting I wouldn't have been able to conceal any weapons, besides the weapon of mass distraction I was concealing under my skirt. With a final little squeeze to my ass he opened the back door and told me to get in. Just in time before the first drops of rain splashed against the windshield.
The first two miles in the police car were completely silent. My cock was still hard from being m*****ed by the Sheriff before I got in the car, so I discreetly grasped it with my hand, noticing the tip was wet with pre-cum, I wiped it onto my fingertip and licked it off of my french manicured fingernail, mmmmmmm, so sweet! We suddenly pulled off onto a dirt road that was quickly becoming a mud road from the downpour of rain.
"Is this a short cut?" I joked, breaking the silence….Still more silence. Neither of them even acknowledged I had spoken. After a few moments the Sheriff parked the car with his headlights shining on an old shed at the end of the road.
I was taken into the abandoned shed and still neither one of the cops had said a word yet. Standing there in the pitch black I couldn't see an inch in front of my face, and then suddenly a match was struck. The Sheriff lit a small lantern as the deputy took hold of my hands from behind me, I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck, I heard metal clicking and realized it was the sound of handcuffs clasping around my tiny wrists. I don't know what was stronger, the excitement, the anticipation, the bl**d pumping through my cock, or the fear that this just might not be a friendly game between two horny cops and a cock-sucking cum slut.
The Sheriff stared straight into my eyes and then glanced behind me. I turned to glance behind me as well and the deputy put a blindfold over my eyes. While he tied the knot, I felt the rough hands of the Sheriff hold the sides of face.
"Such a pretty mouth," he whispered as he lightly ran his finger over my lips. Like always when someone compliments how pretty or sexy I am, my cock responded by getting instantly hard.
The deputy pushed my shoulders down until I was on my knees. I heard the first zipper and I was shaking with excitement. As I felt the warmth of a nice big dick touch my wet lips and then I heard the second zipper. I was so hot I began to suck the cock in my mouth like the good little slut I am. My head was f***ed to the side and I felt the second cock, even bigger than the first, slide into my salivating mouth. I tried to reach for my own cock to stroke it and remembered I was handcuffed. I was more turned on than ever, being withheld from touching myself. All I could do was take these two hot and hard dicks one after the other, cramming down my throat. My saliva was becoming thicker and slimier with each thrust that gagged me.
When the bigger cock began to quiver and a hand held the back of my head I knew I was about to have a mouthful of hot cum. I sucked harder and slower at the last second before I felt a huge shot of cum fill my mouth, the second blast was coming so I quickly swallowed what I had already received and my mouth was yet again filled, so much this time that it squirted out the sides of my lips, I quickly swallowed it again. My head was held back in such a way that I knew he wasn't done! I opened my cum soaked mouth and stuck my tongue out. I could see through bottom of the blindfold, barely, but enough to see that it was the deputy. He stroked the tip of his long hard cock and three more consecutive shots of cum shot onto my panting tongue.
"That's a good girl!" The Sheriff moaned as he began to fuck my mouth, forcing the deputy's thick jiz to run down my lips, and hang from my chin until it slowly dripped down, splashed onto the head of my erect cock, and finally ran down my shaft, coating it like a honey-dripped lollypop.
"Oh god, you little slut!" The Sheriff pulled my blindfold off. "Look at me," he ordered. I obeyed by looking up at him with my big brown eyes as I sucked his cock better than, well since he was wearing a wedding band and a crucifix on a chain, certainly better than his christian wife has probably ever done. As he gazed down at me I saw the chemical reaction taking place in his eyes before his thighs began to quiver and his beautiful cock began to pump out the sweetest cum I had ever tasted, besides my own that is. It was so deliciously tasty that I didn't swallow it at first, I savored it for as long as I could before I was f***ed to swallow it because there was so much more cumming! As the Sheriff shook in ecstasy on his tippy toes I heard the faint sound of car driving fast on the dirt road. The two of them had their pants zipped up and were at the door before I could finish swallowing the last drop. They just looked at each other in confusion as the sound of the car got closer and seemed to accelerate to an out of control speed.
Then there was a loud SMASH! The two officers ran out of the shed, leaving me on my knees, handcuffed and cum dripping down my face. Everything from there happened so quickly it's like remembering a dream…there was a commotion, lots of yelling, and then gunfire. I don't know how many shots were fired but it seemed to last forever…and then there was silence once again. A most uncomfortable silence to say the least. I pulled myself up to my feet and looked around for somewhere to hide. Nothing! I heard footsteps splashing toward the shed…

I have to go now. Can't stay in one place too long. I'll write again later and try and get caught up to where I am now, when I find somewhere safe for the night that is.




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2 years ago
great story.
3 years ago
oh yes
3 years ago
That was a very unique story and I enjoyed reading it! I got hard from reading it, hope to hear episode 2!
3 years ago
Wow. Loved it. Cannot wait for the next one!
3 years ago
very visiual and amazing im waiting for the next sexy dalila
3 years ago
Very hot story. Can't wait to read more.
3 years ago
very horny.
3 years ago
This was fantasrtic hope you write the next installment soon thanks Candi