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Fantasty of a 40 year old soon to be fully fledged

There are many geogous party a****ls up for it people at this magnifiant house (you know the sort where they have a driver to park your car when you arrive) big drive and Jacuzzi's in every corner) and for once im not the shy little women that never grew up hanging around waiting for attention - im a flirtacious, lusty, beautiful fully sexy extremely confident girl on your arm, who everyone wants to give attention to, including most of the women.

We arrive at the party, pockets full of d**gs, both looking extremely geogous and feeling as hot as an overipe Jalopino chill! Full of confience we stroll into the party and are greeted by all our swinging friends who have that "I wanna get sexy with you" aura around them. We have a few drinks, go powder our noses in the toilet, the hit the pink champagne (yes babes no beer or "ale" in my fantasy's!) The music was poudning my senses, making me feel higher than I was already, everywhere I looked there was sexy hot chics and men that would look at me, undressing me and thinking really dirty, hot thoughts. All the while you were with me, feeling really proud that I'd changed so drastically and had somehow managed to get this magic confidence overnight. You were being perfect, giving me the correct amount of attention, while keeping yourself amused with everyone else, every now and then you would pull me aside, kiss me and tell me you love me, while poking your hand up my skirt and having a feel - by which time I was so wet (NOTE: bring spare knickers next time!)

A few hours later I went to the toilet to powder my nose, where I met a stunning girl, about my age, who was sexy yet had great taste and an amazing figure (tits but without a boob job!) we got chatting, within 10 minutes we knew everything about each other and clicked very much together, I could tell from her body lanugage that she was hot too and wanted to feel even hotter. I suggested we go find out partners and introduce each other. We found you both watching two guys fucking several other girls in a room which was beatifully decorated with clean fresh clean day beds with lots of massive cushions, flowers everywhere, a massive d**gs table (help yourself of course!) and screens up all over the room showing very erotic fucking and masterbastion scenes, oh and naked male and female waiters dressed in very little feeding our thirsy mouths. I walked over to you, put my hand on your hard cock and stroked it just as you always like, it was throbbing and I needn't ask if you were turned on, as you had been so since the moment you arrived! I told you i'd met a lovely girl and want to introduce you. My new friend was caressing her husband at the same time, we then met up in a corner of the room and introduced each other.

I see from the look on your face that you really thought my friend was hot shit which pleased me so much that I had good enough taste to make you feel hot too. I met her fella, who was a talkative amusing good looking charmer, immediately there was a massive sexual tension between all four of us and we started exploring each other, all the time talking about what we do and don't like and how horny we all felt!

You bent me over on the couch, then positioned yourself underneath me and started licking my pussy (in that way thats turned me on big time since day one), my friend (Angie) was lieing next to me, were were licking each other and kissing while I hand one hand on your dick which was smothered in oil and the other hand was playing with her hot wet pussy. Her fella (Ben) had his cock between our faces and we were both licking it together.

Wow, I was so high from this and the d**gs its was an amazing feeling I was so overwhelmed, pleasure surely couldn't get much better. I looked at your face and the look you gave me said it all, there was no need for words, you then whispered in my ear that you loved me and I reassured you that I was too having the most amazing time.

We were all so hot and wet at that point that it was time for a positional change (after i'd had several orgasms and we'd all had a just a little bit more Mandy!)

I was on top of Angie licking her pussy, while you fucked me up arse, while Ben was rather enjoying some hot mouth attention from Angie, we were all screaming in delight at the same time and there was plenty of moaning and groaning coming and going as we all had small orgasams, which were indeed building up and building up, so much I thought I was going to burst or die and go to heaven......

Gosh its good to be me ;-) xx
Posted by Daisy4u 3 years ago
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2 years ago
very nice daisy, keep it up, really lookforward to more! xxx
3 years ago
Great story. Very vivid. Well done, Daisy.
3 years ago
so hot ... so lush xxx
3 years ago
Beautiful...keep on writing.