Stepdaughter 7

The morning after Nickie caught me fucking her mom in the ass while she begged for it i went in to wake her up for school. Instead of the usual rubbing her back and copping a feel i grabbed a handful of her hair while placing my hand over her mouth. Nickie's muffled grunt as i pulled her to a sitting position was nice to hear. As Nickie's eyes focused on mine i let the hand covering her mouth drop to one of her nipples and as i told her my side of what she had seen i pinched and rolled her nipple until she moaned in pain/pleasure. When i asked if she had any questions, Nickie asked if we could do the same thing. I told her yes but that we needed to wait for the right time. Just as Nickie went down to shower the phone rang and i answered to hear my s****r in law on the line needing to talk to Babs. Once Babs was done talking i couldnt wait to break the news to Nickie. I practicly ran to the basement, as Nickie got out of the shower i told her that her mom had to go to Cleveland and stay with her s****r for a week or more as her aunt was having medical problems. With Babs gone i was going to do things i hadnt been able to do until now. Babs and i spent the day getting her travel venue set up and her bags packed. The following morning all 3 of us made the 2 1/2 hour trip to the airport where we saw Babs off. On the return walk to the parking lot i put my arm around Nickie's waist letting my hand cup her ass like she was a girlfriend or wife. Once in the car Nickie slide over and sat right next to me as we left the airport. On the freeway Nickie began stroking my cock over my jeans as she talked about how she couldnt wait to get alone with me at home. Turning off the freeway and heading north i knew of a small rest stop that while quite open is seldom used. I made a beline there only to discover a car parked right in front of the restrooms. I said the hell with it and parked at the far end, I told Nickie i couldnt wait until we got home. Pulling out my hard precum leaking cock i order Nickie to suck me. Nickie slide over to her side and bent down out of sight of the other car and as i held her by the hair started to deepthroat my hardon. I adjusted the seat back to recline and watched a young couple come out of the mens restroom, and chuckled to myself at the thought of them in there fucking as i got my cock sucked by my stepdaughter.Nickie's muffled "what are you laughing at daddy?" brought me back to the reality of what her tongue, lips, and thraot were doing to my cock. I told her what i had just seen and as she popped her head up to look the other couple smiled and waved at us. Nickie went a bright red, i waved back and pushed her head back out of sight. As the other couple pulled out i gave a final hard thrust and began pumping cum down Nickie's throat. Back at the house we did the everyday things that needed to be done wash dishes clean up the house etc. Then it was time, i had Nickie remove her clothes and join me in the Master bedroom and lay face down on her moms side of the bed. I quickly bound Nickie spread eagle on the bed useing her mom's cuffs to hold her in place. I began first by teasing Nickie running my fingers up and down her ass crack with soft touches to her open pussy lips and asshole not entering her but letting her feel my touch. Soon Nickie was trying to raise her hips to get me to insert a finger or two but i waited knowing she would enjoy it more for being teased. Then with a light touch i began to spank Nickie's hot young bubble butt. As Nickie writhed in pleasure/pain i could her the sobs of frustration at not getting what she wanted. I pulled Babs largest putt plug from the toy chest and waited until Nickie opened her mouth to whine, as her mouth opened i pushed the plug in useing it to gag her. (i do make Babs clean her own toys of abuse) With Nickie gagged i quickly started to spank her getting her ass to a rosie shade of red befor i took out a short heavy leather whip. I let Nickie see what was comming and as her eyes grew wide i began to lash her ass, letting the ends of the whip fall in the crack of her ass to bite at the rose bud of her virgin asshole. Nickie's garbled screams of pain were slinced when i would stop and caress her pussy and ass, being sure to rub and play with her clit. Nickie while hateing the pain in her mind was soon a soaking wet mess from both the whip and my touch. I got Nickie's ass to a dark red color and then put the whip away, letting my hands feel the heat radiating from her cheeks. I used both hands to spread Nickie's ass and let my tongue lightl flick at her last virgin hole. At the touch of my tongue Nickie let out a squeal of surprise and pushed her hips up to my face. My tongue slipped inside of Nickie's anal ring and as i wiggled it around Nickie kept bouncing her hips like i was fucking her. I could hear Nickie moan in plesure and knew the time was right. I released Nickie's feet and had her tuck her legs up under her chest opening her ass for me. I placed my cockhead to the tight anal passage of my stepdaughter slowing pushing forward as i told her to relax. Knowing i could seriously hurt her i took way more time then i wanted. I worked my hard cock in to Nickie's asshole so slowly i could feel the pulse of her heart around my cock. As Nickie adjusted to having something go into her ass instead of out i held myself hard inside her. Wanting to hear what she was saying i removed the butt plug from her mouth and listened to her pant thru her open mouth as she kept saying "oh fuck, oh fuck" over and over. After several minutes of useing very short soft strokes i pulled back until just my cockhead was being griped by her anal ring. Then a hard single thrust and i was again buried deep in my teenage stepdaughters willing asshole. Nickie grunted from deep in her chest as i bottomed out in her ass, my hips slamming into her asscheeks. There is something so special about being a taking a girls anal cherry that is mind blowing, but when she is your stepdaughter its even better. I began to use long measured strokes to pump Nickie's ass as i whispered in her ear how hot and tight she was. Nickie's voice had a tremor to it as she started to beg me to fuck her harder. Then in a flash as i was holding myself with just the head in her i began to cum. As my cock pumped and swelled inside her i dlowly drove deep letting Nickie feel my cock surge and swell as i filled her anal track with cum. When i started to lose my erction i got off Nickie and crawled to the head of the bed and lifted Nickie's head by the hair letting her see my now limp cock befor ordering her to clean me with her mouth as her mom was trained to do.
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3 years ago
Wonderful story. Very erotic.
3 years ago
excellent work my friends
3 years ago
great story mmmhhhh
3 years ago
great anal story, I love to stretch ass open
3 years ago
Great story..I came as I read it.

3 years ago
good one
3 years ago