Stepdaughter 6

For those of you that have read my previous chapters you know this is a story based on fact and fiction. This chapter is more about Babs and i but Nickie plays a key role. It was the spring of Nickies sophomore year and she had joined the soccer team, with practice every night until 4:30/5:00. I hade woke up about 1:30 mand as Babs was home decided a love session was on the agenda. I woke Babs from her nap on the couch by grabbing a handful of hair and helpping Babs to her feet. Babs liked the ruff awakening and as a good sub quickly reoved her clothes. I grabbed both of her heavy hanging DD tits and lifted them while squeezing and pinching them. My hands over flowed with her tits as i slapped them together, in effect making them spank themselves. As her tits turned red i let them drop and pulled out our toy box and picked out her choker dog collar. Slipping it over Babs head i againg took her tits in my hands with the ring around my finger so as i roughly played with her the collar grew tight choking her. Breath control is one of Babs favorite things. Taking my time as i slapped and pinched Babs tits to a deep rose blush and making her gasp for air, her nipples long and hard the areolas wrinkled in excitement. I led Babs to the coffee table and as she bent at the waist she placed both hands on it to support herself. Babs tits hung long, shaped like water ballons narrow at the top full and heavy at the bottom. I slapped them hard making them jump as Babs leaned there and soon they were a deeper red. I grabbed 2 lengths of thin rope from our toy box and starting at the base of her tits began to bind them. As the rope bit into Babs tits and the bl**d supply closed down her nipples grew harder and the globes of her tits got fuller. When i had the ends knotted Babs stood up and i could see what Nickie was going to look like in the future. Looking down i could see Babs pussy juice trickle down the inside of her thighs, i used 1 hand to scoop up some of her juices and put inside her eager sucking mouth. Once my fingers were clean i positioned Babs under the ceiling hook i had installed and lifted her to her toes by her collar and hooked it in place. if Babs went flat footed she would choke herself. The effect of Babs being f***ed to stand on her toes made it look like she had invisible heels on. Using surgical hose i had Babs arms bound behind her elbows bent so her forarms over lapped each other. In this position i could spank and whip her with out her hands getting in the way. I first used a whip i had fashioned from a graduation tassel attaching it to a handle and then knotting the ends of each strand. While it didnt have a lot of pop it did bite a bit. I began by using the whip on Babs tits covering the areas not bound. As the knots made angry red dots Babs moaned in pleasure. Babs was panting for breath her mouth open as the choker dug into her throat, trying to keep her toes from curling and choking herself. At my order Babs spread her legs enough to not choke but wide enough to let the whip flick against her clit. it took like three lashes to make her body betray her and as her toes curled i had to grab and support her to keep her from choking out. It was a solid five minutes before Babs recovered enough to support herself. As Babs recovered i lifted the ring from the ceiling hook and got her to the coffee table where she laid down on her tummy her tits hanging from either side. I put a pillow under her hips and made her spread her legs wide as this lifted and opened her asscheeks. At this time i removed the bindings from Babs arms and she instinctively grabbed the coffee table legs. I got out my body whip that is shaped like a narrow sports pendant but doesnt have a popper on the end. Glancing at the clock i saw it was just a bit befor 3 so knew i had at least an hour plus until Nickie got home. Babs takes pride in the fact she can hold herself in place when i whip her so there was no need to cuff her to the coffee table. After about 20 minutes of working the whip up and down Babs legs and back i new i needed some relief. I got a dab of lube on each thumb and spreading Babs asscheeks i f***ed both thumbs past her anal ring. With both thumbs inside Babs asshole i worked them deep and at the same time pulled my thumbs apart stretching her pucker open. With Babs stretched open i put the head of my cock to her asshole and in a single hard drive felt my hips slam into her asscheeks. Babs only sound was a satisfied grunt as i filled her anal tube. As i pulled out until just my cockhead remained inside of her i gave Babs several hard spanks with my hand. When i drove my cock deep inside Babs bowels a second time i held myself there grinding hard, thinking she felt like a hot wet velvet golve grasping my throbbing cock. Each time i thrust my cock into Babs she contracted her anal ring, and when i pulled out i would give each asscheek a few sharp slaps to keep her tight. After several minutes Babs was begging me to fuck her ass harder. Just as i drove hard into Babs ass and started to cum we heard "MOM, DAD!!!" Babs and i both turned to the dorway there stood Nickie her face red as she watch her mom getting fucked in the ass while she begged for it. Babs was yelling at me to get off her as she fought to get out from under me. I yanked my cock out of her asshole and Nickie watched as i shot 1 final rope of cum up Babs back and into her hair. As babs rolled to her side she exposed her tightly bound tits now a mottled purple to Nickie's eyes. Nickie turned and ran upstairs to her room as Babs hurriedly threw on her top and shorts befor going to talk to Nickie. As she dressed Babs bitched about being caught i could only think "God that was HOT!!" Babs went to console/explain to Nickie what she had just seen, leaving me to sit and think of the look of lust i had seen on Nickie's face. It was a half hour or better befor Babs came downstairs and filled me in that she had told Nickie what we were doing was between two consenting adults and that it was ok. Even with her choker still on i could see the marks it had left and knew Nickie had seen them too. Even better was the fact Babs nipples were still hard from being bound. As i finally got Babs settled down i turned her to the window lifted her shirt and began removing the bindings from her tits. I could see Nickie had sneaked downstairs and was watching/listening to her mom. Babs let out small squeals pf pain as the bl**d rushed back to her tits. I watched as Nickie licked her lips as her mom squealed in pain. Befor i let Babs turn around Nickie winked at me and quietly went back upstairs.
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3 years ago
oh no Nickie is going to turn out to be a bad girl...she will be ridding your cock one day as your torment her mom.
3 years ago
nickie is soooooooooo gonna get some lol
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Hot hot... next time is going to be great.

3 years ago
she wants her ass pounded & tits tied