A Day At The Beach

This story is stricly fantasy. As I sat in my lounge chair sipping my drink, she came into view. The waves crashes on the beach and the sun bounced off the water. My sunglasses hid my eyes as I follewed her bikini covered ass to the water. She went in to her waist and then swam out a bit further before returning to the beach. Her blonde hair glistened in the sun and I couldn't judge her age, just young was all I knew. I could feel my pulse quicken as I made the decision to look around for friends, f****y, or anyone watching her besides myself. Careful not to appear too obvious, I scanned the beach area and didn't see anyone realy looking at either one of us. I made the conscience choice if she got alone by herself, I was taking her. the sexual flush of heat, made my tempeture rise and one or other two other things rose also at the prospect of having a fresh young girl again. The girl went to the foot of the dunes, after spreading her towel in the shade of an umbrella she layed down. I got up and walked to the dunes, my tape player in hand. Out of site of the crowd but within hearing distance of the girl, I put my puppy wimper/bark tape on, and set it back out of sight. I slowly walked over to where the young girl lay and asked her if she had seen the puppy we could both hear.I turned down the remote volume on my tape player as she stood and pointed to where she thought she had last heard my puppy. Up close she looked seven or eight years old, and my nipples got hard while my pussy got wet, as I lead the way she had pointed. I lead her past the dunes into a cut bank of the hillside. I told my victim I was too big to go further. As she squeezed past me, I could smell the saltwater in her hair with a slight undertone of peppermint. I waited until she came back, and asked her to turn away so I could pee. I pulled down my shorts and kicked my legs free. Grabbing her by the hair, and forcing her to the ground, I told her to lick my pussy and ass as i sat on her cute little face. I had to slap her thighs and stomach before I felt her wet tongue slip up into my pussy. I rocked my hips back and forth as her tongue licked at both of my lower openings. After about fifteen minutes, I had her concentrate on my pussy and clit as I ran my hand under her bikini bottom slipping my long middle finger inside her fresh young cunt. As I climaxed, I pushed my finger deep inside her and felt her cherry rupture. Getting up I turned and used a light left hook to knock her out. After putting my shorts on I left, stopping only to grab my tape player.
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2 years ago
hot! Love women perverts!
3 years ago
3 years ago
not good.
3 years ago
i agree with clitlikker
3 years ago
Lets hope it is a fantasy!