Father Figure

As I lood down on her dressed for her first communion, I could omly compare her to her Mother. Very pretty and a sense of calm about her, her mom radiated sex, even in church. The slightly bared cleavage that just caught your eye, the extra tritch oh her hips that just begged you to stare. He mom knew her way to fire a man's lust and she also fed the flames with her body, as I know from personal experience. I am the Father at St. John's Catholic Church.Terri has done pennance on her knees and many times at my feet. Terri willingly accepts my Holy Grail in her mouth and swollows the seeds of my forgiveness eagerly. While she was a bit old for me, I kept an eye on her 8 year old daughter who is closer to the age I prefer. After Gails first communion, I asked Terri to bring her into the abby for instructions on how to be an alter girl. In the abby Terri asked for confession, and I took her to the private room and let her confess before I fed her the seen of forgiveness from the Holy Grail. Terri swollowed every drop and then before she left she kissed her daughter on the mouth. I got hard again, just from watching the kiss and made sure the door was locked as Terri left. I took Gail by the hand and led her to my sanctuary where I lay down. Placing my hand over Gails small hand, I give instruction as to how to make the Grail spew forth the seed of forgiveness before she licked it from her hand and my body. Two days later, Terri returened with Gail for her second lesson, I had to use my Grail on Terri's back entrence to drive the demons from within her. Terri's demons fought to hold their place inside her, but I could hear them scream as I they flew from her mouth when the seed spewed forth from her bowels. This time Gail was taught to seek forgiveness with her mouth as she cleaned my Holy Grail of her mothers leftover demon fecal matter. When the seed of forgiveness erupted, she swollowed it all, just like her mother. The next two weeks were spent in the same way, and Gail seemed to get great joy from the fact she was helping her mom by orally cleaning the Holy Grail of her mom's demon fecal matter. The last seperate lesson, I had Gail do confession, and just before her mom returned I let loosewith a ighty load of seed and told Gail not to swollow it all, but save some for when her mom kissed her. The look of defeat on Terri's face when she smelt and tasted the seed of forgiveness on her daughters mouth and I knew I had two soldiers to help bring forth the seed of forgiveness, working together.
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11 months ago
about time a priest took care of the women in his parish, not just the boys
3 years ago
sexy..but disturbing..8 yrs old not cool!
3 years ago
You've gone too far in this.
3 years ago
& the church condones this child molestation!!! let alone the adultery by its priest
3 years ago
bit young 8 maybe a little older next time 2/10
3 years ago
An 8 yr. old-pretty perverted!
3 years ago
yes,very confusing ,but good
3 years ago