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Daddy's Evil Fucksaw

When I play I would like to think I do not draw attention by being vocal and loud, I like to let Daddy do that part. I enjoy myself yes, I am vocal when I reach the point that Daddy allows me to cum, but this usually is not like I am screaming a club down.
I have wanted to do some inverted suspension for a while, I daily send Daddy images of girls tied up and we discuss the possibilities and fun we could have. This usually results in lots of filthy encounters.

I am told to strip and leave only my heels and stockings on. I look at Him shocked and He glares a look which makes me want to beg. Hesitantly I strip taking my dress and underwear off. Standing in a crowded club whilst people look on or continue with their conversations leaves me feeling vulnerable and exposed.

He laces rope around my breast bounding them tight together. I stand with my hands behind my head and my legs spread wide apart. His pace is fast yet not rushed as He laces rope around my body. I am soon pulled to the tips of my toes and held in place. His attention moves to my thighs and I soon smell my arousal and blush with the thought of this. He’s not even touched me and I am ready to cum.
As my leg is lifted and my back arches I hear people starting to talk about what they see in front of them. My flexibility giving me no help as Daddy pulls the rope tighter, He applies a similar style with the other leg and soon I am off the floor, my legs are spread wide and my back is arched. The rope is biting into my breasts and I am unsure if it’s causing me to take shallow breaths. The tight sensation is on the edge of pleasurable. my minds falling slowly as He continues to tie me.

I soon find myself in the arms of a beautiful lady as He ties secures rope around my hips. My face submerged into her soft pale breast. She talks to me in a beautiful tone and strokes my hair. I would love nothing more than to seeing her tied up with me. As the rope around my hips alevitates some of the weight of my chest I begin to feel a little more comfortable. Rope is then positioned in between my mouth and I bite down. I am unable to talk and know my cries will be silenced.

I am ready and exposed; Daddy slowly spins me and starts to tell me how much of a filthy fuck puppet I am displayed for all to see, my legs spread wide. I start to whimper and know it’s useless. My anxieties fall from my mind and I submit to the moment. I am His little fuck puppet for His own personal entertainment and pleasure.

I feel His touch, He slowly glides His fingers past my legs and He growls at how wet I am, I feel Him insert something inside of me, I am unaware of what. Gently it starts to move in and out of my pussy and rapidly it begins to fuck me hard. I cry out with shock Daddy is fucking me with the fuck saw. This hand held machine which rips away orgasms is within me fucking me hard and fast.

Suddenly it picks up its pace and I scream out so loud that most people stop and saw what this evil man is up to. I scream and beg for him to stop. As the machine pounds away inside of me. Suddenly frantic, I began to struggle but in vain. My screams muffled by the gag, yet a clear cry for help.

Begging and pleading I am I unsure if I can tolerate the pain! I have never screamed like this before. My mind is filled with the shock and I am unable to back out, my usual playful bashfulness is torn away.

I have never had this kind of pain it burns and pulses within me. Hitting me deep and hard. I am aroused yet I want Him to stop. My body is tormented and abused. I am unable to stop Him! I beg and scream crying out for Him to stop "please Daddy please stop" repeatedly

Somehow I have removed the rope which gagged me. I am unsure how much longer I can take this for, my body succumbing to the vicious fuck saw, ripping the pleasures and sweet orgasms from me.

This is my first experience of a brutal encounter. Tears well into my eyes I fight them back and try to jerk my body! I am helpless and unable to move. My legs spread wide my breasts exposed. My whole body vibrates as the machine pulsates in and out of me.

I don't want this please Daddy no! I don't want to cum like this, not hear in front of people. This industrial machine taking what belongs to Him. Consensually or unconsensually this is going to happen I hold my breath and fight back the screams. Knowing this arouses me, even if it hurts.
I want Him to start counting; I feel His touch teasing my clitoris. A rasp of a growl telling me what a dirty little fuck puppet I am. And right here within this club, suspended and immobile I feel very much that. I am weak, vulnerable and at His mercy.

My body wanting this yet my mind is still begging for Him to stop, suddenly the warmth grows and my hips tilt further back my body disobeying my mind. I want this and open myself, ready to release the painful tension. Counting me down I continue to scream aloud unable to control this situation or even my body, I submit to Him and hold it, with each command I edge further and further and suddenly my body releases the delightful pain and the sensations travel through my spine down to my legs. My toes curl and suddenly the energy relaxes me as i feel the aftershocks of the pleasures. I am limp and wanting to thank Daddy.

I pant erratically feeling exhausted and spent. I lay there listening to the voices and beat of the music. My body confuses me He slides a blade down my back. "oh please Daddy!" I thought He was done I thought that was it, my body feels punished I want to come down.
The cold steel excites my body, it's a cooling comforting sensation. These blades arouse and enlighten me. I enjoyably moan softly and beg as He charmingly torments me. Gliding them past my nipples the fear chills me. His gentle touch sinister yet attentive. I wish we were back at His place. I want to feel Him deep within me. My body reacts to His touch and willingly I buck my hips exposing my wet naked body.

My body grows with frustration and attentively I sway within the air anticipating His next move.

The adrenalin kicks in and soon enough the fuck saw is back within me! "Please Daddy"

This is too much, I have never encountered this and right now I don't want to. Rapidly it begins to devour me once more. Pushing me to the edge of what I think I am capable of.

My screams echo and the vibrations mirrored from how fast I am being fucked by His evil machine. Commanding me I pour myself onto the fuck saw my muscles clenching around the soft flesh-like cock.

I knew Daddy could push me but I didn't think I would beg as hard as I have. The evening has been filled with delightful memories and encounters and something within me is deeply grateful for Him abusing me. I softly snuggle Him once I am untied and happily I relax.

I cannot wait for the next time.
Posted by Daddyslilfuckpuppet 2 years ago
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