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Fuck Puppet Suspension

Sometimes documenting and explain situations, scenarios and experiences can dilute the extremity of how atmospheric and server He was with me. With the events I am about to describe this pretty much sums up how I feel about my filthy weekend with Daddy.

After a public interaction with a few websites people voted for their favourite way of me being used and abused in public at a fetish club. The list included but was not limited to the following; Rope suspension, inverted suspension, insertion of dildo handled sword, fucked with a bat.

My outfit I kept very simple yet slutty obviously was the main theme, I wore a little black dress with seamed stockings and no panties along with stiletto heels.

We arrived at the club and found ourselves a place to set up the equipment. Daddy had packed a number of things including some toys I was less excited to be acquainted with. His fucksaw I had seen plugged in and set to a medium speed a few weeks back, the fear of knowing He planned to use it on me only added to my suspense of what was going to happen.

The club was set on two levels with a dance floor below and a labyrinth of rooms and spaces on the upper floor. With tasteful décor I liked the layout and style of venue even if it was a little secluded. After taking a peek at the rooms Daddy assed the suspensions points in the club and we soon realised this one was area, which they were lacking in.

Thinking on his feet He quickly walked over to a pole in the middle of a small dance floor and said “I will have to suspend you off this then own I” confused and a little puzzled. I watched as He unravelled the red rope and started to lace it around the pole. Trusting Him completely I took pleasure in watching Him work His magic.

Directing me to remove my dress and pulling me towards Him the anticipation filling me to the core. Harnessing my breast the look of wickedness had already taken over Daddy. The exhibitionism pulling at my arousal as He pulls at my breast I start to fear if this will truly hold my weight. Comfortably bound my back flush with the cold steel of the pole, this only adds to the growing aching.

He laces rope around the pole and feeds between my teeth. Securing my head to and gagging me, this is repeated twice and the same technique is applied to my eyes. The images of Daddy and the crowed looking on at us spin within my mind. I have no concept of what He wishes to do to me. Drawing each leg and spreading them wide I am suspended and displayed like a puppet. My heels bound to the pole keeping my legs in place and exposing every part of me.

Immobile and aroused the tensions builds higher, I feel the cold blades chasing down my chest stopping short of my nipples.

My body tenses and my full attention drawn to His every movement. I hold my breath as He leans in close sending shivers down my spine. I gasp as a low throaty growl begins at my earlobe, the vibration of His lip causes me to quiver uncontrollably. He grazes the blades across my throat.

The sharp edges dance over my body slowly teasing me, tracing an unhurried and deliberate path. The sensations and fear pushing me further to the edge, just as I feel I am unable to hold myself they find their way past my thighs slithering up to clit. Biting the
rope is my only relief from his torment. Soaking with sheer delight as I am manipulated effortlessly.

The fear convulsing though my body, pulling at my arousal as I reach an unbearable weight. He beings to count me down, my body giving into his torment I cry out and feel myself pull against the rope. My body begins to fall and my mind plays a cruel trick of making me believe I am slipping from the pole. I feel body glide to the floor for what feels like eternity but I don’t reach the floor and soon I realise I am secure.

My breathing eases, I soon feel as if I’m ready to come down. But Daddy has other plans. I feel the a heavy bulky object trace down my thigh rapidly I feel it pushing, edging it’s way into my body. Stretching me open, and the wicked pace begins thrusting heavy and deep inside of me. I bite down on the rope hoping it will ease the pain and pleasure rushing though me.

My whole body trembles and I can feel my legs quivering as the bat thrusts within me. Pulsating as He f***efully takes the orgasm from me. I cry out as I surrendering to the brutality and realising I am His little fuck puppet.

My body enjoying the f***eful tension as He thrusts and jerks it inside, pulling it straight out and placing it back in forcibly, violently tormenting me. I want to beg, I want to cry out for mercy holding my breath He steals another from me.

As I am unbound and brought back to reality of the club my legs weak and my mind absent. I am grateful to be in Daddy’s arms although I have the feeling the night is not over yet.
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2 years ago
very good