Lie still, little girl, Daddy wants your arse

Laying back as he looks at me, I notice His cock growing. My pulse quickens, simultaneously my breathing shallows. Grabbing my hair He pushes me towards his growing mound.

"Suck" He growls.

My mouth opens and as I close my lips around him, it hits the back of my throat, forcing me to gag and gasp for air. Daddy doesn't do nice soft lazy blow jobs; When I suck His cock it's like a work out, pushing myself to please Him, to fit His cock down my throat. I try to impress Him with my mouth, show him how much I can take. When he thrusts deeply down my throat, He fucks it roughly and growls with delight at my struggle.

Slowly extracting, then ramming it back deeply as I gag, I always try to hold back the tears as they only seem to add to the pace. I trail my tongue down His balls finding the sweet spot as I do. Hearing his pleasure only makes me lap at His balls more eagerly. Alternating between balls and cock; loosing myself in the moment of pleasing Him. I'm soon pulled back into reality as he grabs my hair, pinning me down once again, forcing me to gag and squeal as he thrusts deeper and deeper. Daddy's cock is hard and ready.

I squirm with embarrassment... He has hardly touched me yet already I feel the heat and tension within my legs. I'm wet and wanting him inside me, despite the fear and knowledge that its going to hurt, I want it. The muscles ache as I clench my legs together and look up at Him!

"Lie still, little girl, Daddy is going to fuck you in the arse."

I've been fantasising about this for weeks! Training my arse with plugs and dildos, knowing that Daddy was going to be the one to take my anal virginity. I've kept it not only because I'm scared of the pain, but also because I've not wanted to be 'a three hole slut' as He so eloquently called it.

Threatening to take my arse only makes His cock harder.

"You best lie down little fuck slut, put your arse in the air! "

Moving nervously on the bed, I position myself. Bending down, I hold my breath with anticipation. Pushing my head into the bed, my back arches instinctively, exposing my holes towards Him.

Easing the tip in He pushes His swollen head into my arse stretching me to fit. I cry out as he holds my hips to push further into me. The pain is pulsating, burning and filling. He growls "relax" and pushes back, probing further into me as each thrust gets harder and harder! Clutching the bed I drop my back and submit to the uncomfortable sensation.

Soon enough I feel myself climaxing and the realisation hits that I'm enjoying myself. Not as much as Daddy, but the thought of this pleases me. Knowing what He has taken from me. The pressure mounting within me causes a slight twitch of pain, forcing me to cry out again. Reaching down, He finds my wet pussy and slips a finger inside. The feeling causes me to explode as I grind myself hard into His rhythm. Counting me down, I find myself holding it in on His command, releasing only to enjoy the feeling of being filled. It burns deliciously hot, deep inside of me, as my body clenches around Him.

Without pausing, He continues to help Himself to what I have teased Him with for the past few weeks. Knowing He is close, Daddy growls, and let's me know He's going to cum in my arse. With the same f***e He picks up his pace and starts to thrust further and faster. I can feel myself build again and want to join Him, I want to cum when He does, I want to feel his pleasure within me. With no sympathy, He rocks deep within my hole, opening me and stretching me. I want it. I needed this, and soon I feel him build clutching my hips He empties within me. With each twitch I feel it. Enjoying myself as I float back from the climax.

As He slides out, my body collapses into the bed. He walks around, pats me on the head , calling me a lucky girl as He heads to the bathroom.

A smile grows on my face and I enjoy the c***dish giddy feeling of enjoying what I have just experienced.

93% (35/3)
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2 years ago
you make your daddy very happy little girl
2 years ago
mmmm!! exciting story!
2 years ago
It will be just as you imagine it... only better x
2 years ago
Great story. Makes me wanna fuck your arse now x
2 years ago
good girl
2 years ago
I like it. Easy to read and well described. Nice job. Very kinky too. Love a good Daddy/Daughter story.
2 years ago
Fantastic account - well done
2 years ago
Great story. You know what Daddy loves and you really love letting Him take it from you.
2 years ago