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Daddy's Evil Fucksaw

When I play I would like to think I do not draw attention by being vocal and loud, I like to let Daddy do that part. I enjoy myself yes, I am vocal when I reach the point that Daddy allows me to cum, but this usually is not like I am screaming a club down.
I have wanted to do some inverted suspension for a while, I daily send Daddy images of girls tied up and we discuss the possibilities and fun we could have. This usually results in lots of filthy encounters.

I am told to strip and leave only my heels and stockings on. I look at Him shocked and He glares a look which makes me want to be... Continue»
Posted by Daddyslilfuckpuppet 2 years ago

Fuck Puppet Suspension

Sometimes documenting and explain situations, scenarios and experiences can dilute the extremity of how atmospheric and server He was with me. With the events I am about to describe this pretty much sums up how I feel about my filthy weekend with Daddy.

After a public interaction with a few websites people voted for their favourite way of me being used and abused in public at a fetish club. The list included but was not limited to the following; Rope suspension, inverted suspension, insertion of dildo handled sword, fucked with a bat.

My outfit I kept very simple yet slutty obviously was... Continue»
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[Story] Lie still, little girl, Daddy wants your arse

Laying back as he looks at me, I notice His cock growing. My pulse quickens, simultaneously my breathing shallows. Grabbing my hair He pushes me towards his growing mound.

"Suck" He growls.

My mouth opens and as I close my lips around him, it hits the back of my throat, forcing me to gag and gasp for air. Daddy doesn't do nice soft lazy blow jobs; When I suck His cock it's like a work out, pushing myself to please Him, to fit His cock down my throat. I try to impress Him with my mouth, show him how much I can take. When he thrusts deeply down my throat, He fucks it roughly and growls... Continue»
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