All or nothing

All or Nothing

Tonya was a bundle of nerves as she manoeuvred through traffic on the interstate. It had been her idea when she and Michael began their affair to always meet at the Clarion hotel located more than an hour outside of town, but now as she drove there for what she resolved would be the last time it seemed like it was taking an eternity to get there.
Tonya had decided to end the affair because she was afraid her husband, Paul, would find out and she couldn't bear the thought of losing him. She had strayed, but she still loved Paul and wasn't about to throw her pampered, perfect life away for a few thrills with the office stud. The fact Michael was employed at her husband's office had made it more exciting at the time, but only served as more reason to end it now before it was too late.
Paul wasn't the type she had normally dated in high school and college. He was barely two inches taller than her, a little on the chubby side and starting to lose his hair, but he was also filthy rich and considered one of the most talented and brilliant lawyers in the state. But most important, he treated her like a queen and had even hired her father and b*****r to work at his law firm.
She loved his parents, who also doted on her as the perfect daughter-in-law. She knew some of their adoration stemmed from disappointment they felt in their own daughter, Lisa, who came out as a lesbian several years earlier, thereby ruining any chances for grandc***dren from her.
Needless to say, all their hopes were tied up in Tonya and Paul and Tonya worked this every chance she got. If she was treated like a queen now, she knew once she and Paul conceived she would be empress of the universe!
So when she had received the message from Michael to meet him at the hotel, she decided this would be their last such rendezvous. She just hoped he would be discreet and not jeopardize anything. Paul was pretty possessive and if he found out she had slept with Michael, she had little doubt he would end their marriage and no doubt whatsoever that she would end up with nothing. He was the head of the most prestigious law firm in town, after all.
Not only that, but what would happen to her father and b*****r? Even if he didn't fire them, there would be a cloud of shame hanging over them from then on. Even thinking about all the long ranging implications made her shudder, and resolved anew to end it all without further delay.
Once at the hotel, she headed straight for the elevator to the third floor. Michael had told her the room number in advance as always and she made a point to limit her encounters with any other people as much as possible. Even though they were miles from the city where she lived, she didn't want to take any chances.
She wore a scarf wrapped around her head, despite the fact it was still warm outside, and dark sunglasses. She used to dress sexy for her meetings with Michael, but in light of her intentions today had opted for a simple blouse, jeans and tennis shoes. She was still a stunning 27-year-old beauty, with short blond hair, blue eyes and perfect tan, but her aim today was not to seduce Michael, but to shoo him away.
As she started to get on the elevator, she was almost knocked off her feet by two teenage boys and a teen girl who came barrelling out, skateboards tucked under their arms. All three were dressed in the usual slacker garb, with baggy jeans hanging off their hips. The girl immediately reminded Tonya of the annoying new teen singer Avril Lavigne, even sporting a man's necktie over the midriff baring tank top she wore.
"Hey!" Tonya snapped at them. "Do you think you could watch where you're going? Why aren't you punks in school?"
The teen girl rolled her eyes. "We got better things to do, lady. Mind your own business."
Tonya fumed. "Well, maybe I'll make it my business to call security on your rude little ass. Look at you. You should be ashamed running around with your pants falling down."
The teens flipped her off in unison and the teen girl waggled her bottom at her as they scampered away. Tonya shook her head in disgust and continued on.
She paused outside the room to catch her breath and steady her nerves and then knocked firmly. When she didn't hear an answer from within, she tried the door and finding it unlocked, burst in. What she saw when she entered made her heart leap to her throat and bl**d rush to her head like a waterfall!
Sitting inside the room, side by side in matching hotel chairs, was not Michael, but Lisa, her s****r-in-law, and Lisa's long-time companion, Beth.
Lisa was the perfect example of a lipstick lesbian, very attractive in the face with dark green eyes, auburn hair, full lips and a nice, albeit very full figure. Beth, on the other hand, was much more masculine, with short, cropped hair, heavy set and little or no makeup.
While she was stunned to see them, they didn't seem the least bit surprised to see her and were in fact grinning from ear to ear.
"Punctual as always, I see," Lisa said. "I will give you that."
Tonya briefly contemplated turning around and dashing back to her car, but instead she stammered, "Li...Lisa... What are you doing here? What? I mean...."
Any further rambling on her part was cut off by Lisa's upturned palm and suddenly serious expression.
"Save it, Tonya. Let's cut to the chase, shall we?
"Michael isn't here and won't be coming today. He did as he was instructed by calling you and we have no further use for him."
Tonya felt her whole body starting to shake as she sputtered, "Michael? Michael who?"
Lisa shook her head. "Cut the shit, Tonya. We know all about you and Michael. We knew before yesterday and then when we confronted Michael with our evidence he spilled his guts.
"He's cute, Tonya, but Jesus, he crumbled like a house of cards in a hurricane."
Tonya clenched her fists, but remained silent.
"Beth, why don't you fire up the boob tube there, no pun intended, and show my dear s****r-in-law what she's up against?"
Grinning wickedly, Beth said, "My pleasure, sweetie," and clicked a remote in her hand toward the television at the back of the room.
Tonya stared confusedly at the writhing images on the screen before she realized it was footage of her and Michael cavorting on the bed.
The images were crystal clear and it was easy to make out both her face and Michael's in the throes of passion.
"How did you? I mean, I...," Tonya said, her entire world imploding.
"We lesbians are a loyal lot, dear," Lisa said. "You really should have researched a little more before picking this hotel as your love nest and you might have found out the manager is one of our good friends.
"She came with Beth and me to your wedding and recognized you when you came here to meet Michael.
"She put two and two together about what you were doing here and called me.
"I knew you could be two-faced, but I had no idea you would do anything to hurt Paul like this."
Tears welled up in Tonya's eyes and she tried to speak, but only a choked gasp came out.
"It was a simple matter to set up a hidden security camera in the room and get all the proof we needed.
"My immediate reaction was to go straight to Paul, but then I had second thoughts.
"I love my b*****r more than you will ever know and this will kill him. Absolutely devastate him.
"God knows why, but you are the sun and the moon to him."
"I'm sorry," Tonya managed to get out in a hoarse whisper. "I didn't mean to..."
Again, Lisa threw up a hand to silence her.
"I'm not interested in your excuses," she said. "There is no excuse.
"But I am here to make you an offer. We basically paid Michael to go away, but I've got something different in mind for you.
"I may live to regret this, but I am willing to give you a second chance, but only because I don't want my b*****r hurt."
Tonya was stunned and started to speak again when Lisa again cut her off.
"Let me clarify. I don't really like you all that much. I tried to when you and Paul first started dating, but I quickly figured out you were one of those holier than thou, prim and proper snobby types like my mother.
"It's no wonder you and she get along so well. She's got as big a bug up her ass as you do."
Tonya felt her bl**d rising and had to bite her tongue, but what was she going to say? Even Paul's mother wouldn't forgive her for cheating on her precious son. If Lisa were going to offer her some way out, she had to take it... no matter what it involved. The alternative was too horrible to contemplate.
"What do I have to do?" Tonya asked.
Lisa leaned back and sighed. It struck Tonya that Lisa seemed genuinely disappointed in her and not just reveling in her misery. Beth on the other hand was still grinning with glee.
"I propose a test, actually a series of tests throughout the day.
"I took the liberty of calling Paul this morning and thanking him because you were going to spend the day shopping with me to help me buy a new wardrobe since mother hates the way I dress.
"I really piled it on and he bought it hook, line and sinker. He was thrilled you and I are getting along so well and I'm sure he won't be bothered at all if you don't make it home until late tonight."
Tonya felt her heartbeat, which had started to slow a little since the initial shock of seeing Lisa, begin to race again with each word from Lisa's mouth.
"We'll see if you can make it through the whole day and I assure you, Tonya, today will be the longest, most terrifying and humiliating day of your entire life.
"You will be expected to do everything we tell you to do without question. Nothing is open to negotiation or discussion here. It's all or nothing for the next 12 hours.
"If you refuse or fail to accomplish any one of the tasks we give you, then we'll consider the test a failure and I will call Paul and show him the tape and we'll let the blocks fall where they may."
Tonya was frozen to the floor as her mind reeled with possibilities. What was she going to ask her to do? The word "humiliating" especially scared her since she was very self conscious about her image.
"On the other hand, if you complete all the tasks and make it through the day, then I give you my word your affair with Michael will never leave this room.
"I may be a lot of things you don't approve of, but I think you will agree I've never lied to you and never would.
"My reasons for the test are three fold. One, if you can do all the stuff you'll be required to do, then it will prove to me that you are serious about staying with Paul.
"Whether it's out of love, which I would hope, or out of greed for his money, that will be something I will have to give you the benefit of the doubt on.
"Second, I think you need a good dose of humility and believe me, you are going to get that by the truckload today, young lady.
"By the end of the day, I think we will have brought you down a couple of hundred notches and just maybe you'll be a little more understanding and less judgmental of others.
"Third, and possibly most important, it is about punishment. To put it bluntly, you've been bad and you deserve to be punished; severely. And you will be if you agree to the test.
"So, what's your answer? Do we begin the test or do I call Paul?"
Tonya tried to compose herself, but her hands were trembling as she reached up to remove her sunglasses and scarf.
Biting her lip, she started to ask, "What...?", but again Lisa cut her off.
"You've got two choices on this and I'm not telling you anything else. I can tell you the tests will be extremely difficult, more difficult than anything you've ever done in your life or will ever have to do again.
"Now, do you agree to the deal or not?"
Tonya was shaking, but saw no way out at that point. What did she have to lose by agreeing to the test? At the very least, it would delay the call to Paul and give her time to figure something out.
"Yes, m’am. I'll take the test," she said, her voice sounding like a third-grader.
Lisa nodded slowly. "Good. I'm proud of you. Maybe there's hope for you yet."
Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out two quarters which she laid on the table.
"The first test will be fairly simple. Go downstairs and get me a newspaper. There is a rack down by the ice and vending machines on the first floor, near the pool."
Tonya stared at the quarters and then at Lisa, thinking she must have misunderstood.
"A p-p-paper," she stammered. "That's it."
Lisa nodded and looked at Beth. "I think so for now. Do you need anything else, sweetie?"
Beth, still grinning, said, "No, not right now. That should do it."
Tonya walked toward the table to get the change, her mind reeling anew, but Lisa threw up a hand again.
"Oh, wait. There is one minor little catch. Take off your clothes."
Tonya froze and her stunned look caused Beth to laugh out loud.
"What's the matter, dear? Having second thoughts?"
Lisa's previous words about "terrifying" and "humiliating" suddenly made sense. On the one hand, Tonya thought "she can't be serious" but even as she thought it she knew Lisa was totally serious.
OK, if keeping her life together involved parading through a hotel in her underwear, then so be it. As much as the ideas made her stomach do flip flops, she didn't want to give her tormentors the satisfaction of having her balk at the first task given to her.
"Very well," Tonya said, trying to keep her voice calm and even.
She began unbuttoning her blouse, trying to keep her fingers from trembling, as she kicked off her tennis shoes. In her mind, she was trying to trace the route she would have to take to get to the paper machine.
She would have to go all the way down the hall to where the elevator and stairs were located. She would probably want to take the stairs because the thought of riding the elevator in her bra and panties, not knowing who might get on at the next floor, was too much to fathom. Then it was down two flights to the first floor and through a small walkway to the break area, which was right beside the hotel pool.
She could only pray there would be few if any swimmers at the pool and hopefully they would mistake her underwear for a swimsuit anyway. Regardless, she would just have to deal with it.
Sliding her blouse off her shoulders, she let it drop to the floor.
She kept her eyes lowered and hoped Beth and Lisa didn't notice her well-padded bra that added an extra cup size to her firm and perky but smallish breasts.
Still avoiding eye contact and blushing slightly, she unzipped her jeans and slid them down her tan shapely legs and gently stepped out of them. She was now wearing only her lacy bra and panties and white socks. Taking a deep breath, she again walked toward the table to get the quarters.
"Hold it," Beth said, smirking and waving her finger at Tonya's under garments. "Keep going."
Tonya felt a chill run through her and a rush of bl**d to her head. "You mean, e-e-everything. But I'll be n-n-n--," she started stammering.
"The word is naked," Beth said triumphantly. "Naked. Nude. In the buff. Bare assed for all the world to see. That is the idea, stupid. Now keep going."
Tonya looked to Lisa for help, but saw only a stern expression. She would get no sympathy there.
"But I can't.... I mean. I can't....," Tonya whimpered, her eyes welling with tears.
Lisa nodded. "OK. That's your choice. I'll go ahead and call Paul. No sense in putting it off."
She started to get up when she heard a choked gasp from Tonya who was trembling and blushing from head to toe.
"Wait. Wait," she said, and then slowly crouched down and removed first one sock and then the other.
Now it was Lisa's turn to take a deep breath as she realized Tonya was actually preparing to go through with her first task. Lisa looked admiringly at Tonya's newly bared feet, which boasted the same golden tan as the rest of Tonya's firm body and had obviously been the recipient of a recent pedicure. Her impossibly delicate toes were painted with a light pink polish.
Still half crouching, Tonya reached back and somehow managed to get her shaking fingers to work well enough to unclip her bra and then she let it slide forward, revealing her breasts. Tonya threw an arm across them as she felt her face burning red hot with shame and she heard a chuckle from Beth off to the side.
"In my day, less endowed girls used to use Kleenex; just another miracle of the modern age."
Lisa laughed, and realized she was enjoying Tonya's humiliation. She had thought she might not be able to go through with the day's events but now realized not only could she spend the day torturing Tonya, but it would be just the redemption she needed.
Still reluctant to completely bare her breasts to her mocking tormentors, Tonya turned her back on them as she hitched both her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and began to slide them down her hips. She had initially been thankful she hadn't worn some sexy thong panties and opted instead for a more conservative pair that fully covered her bottom, but now she realized it didn't matter. Her bottom was going to be on full display to anyone who wanted to see, along with all the rest of her hidden charms.
Lisa and Beth both caught themselves leering as Tonya slid her panties down, revealing firm little buttocks. Lisa suddenly remembered how Paul had told her once he loved his wife's "bubble butt." Lisa could only imagine since Tonya always made a point to dress very conservative when she visited the f****y. Well, she didn't have to imagine anymore!
As Tonya slid the panties down her ankles and off, she felt like she was also shedding her last scrap of dignity as well. It took all her courage to stand back up and turn around to face Lisa and Beth, who continued leering at her with amused smirks.
Her face still burning, Tonya kept one hand across her chest and the other clutched in a fist over her crotch, her knuckles visibly white, as she padded over to the table to retrieve the quarters.
Beth took great delight in seeing the first of what she hoped would be many, many tears slide down both of Tonya's cheeks as she got the quarters and then turned and scampered to the door. Her little bottom cheeks bounced delightfully as she moved and were visibly trembling as she paused at the door to peek out sheepishly.
Tonya was going through mental hell. She was trying to look as unaffected by her impending humiliation as possible, but knew they had seen her tears and was aware she couldn't stop shaking like a leaf. This was insane! She was a grown woman and she was about to run through a hotel naked as the day she was born. This was indecent. She was hopeful she wouldn't run into anyone she knew. After all, that was why she had picked this place, unaware of her s****r-in-law's connection. But what if she got arrested? The scandal could hurt Paul's business besides destroying her reputation. Did Lisa think of that?
Seeing no one in the hallway and realizing she had little choice at this point, Tonya timidly stepped out and let the door slide closed behind her. When it clicked shut, Tonya cringed at the sound which seemed to herald her imminent doom.
Taking a deep breath and covering herself as best she could, Tonya began moving down the hall, feeling like she was moving through quicksand instead of across thin, worn hotel carpeting. The doors which lined the walls on either side seemed like a gauntlet to her, knowing that any one of them could burst open at any moment and expose her to some unseen person or group of persons. There was no where to hide, nothing to cover herself with. No escape.
A wave of sensations swept over her as she tiptoed down the hall. She could feel the air conditioning blowing across her naked body and causing her nipples to become erect. She felt the carpet under her bare feet and the jiggle of her breasts and bottom as she moved. She was trying to listen for the first sound of someone opening a door or approaching, but the same bl**d rushing to her head which made her face burn with shame also sounded like a cyclone in her ears.
She was two-thirds down the hall when she heard the sudden opening of a door behind her and immediately picked up her pace toward the stairwell, but not before she heard a gasp followed by laughter behind her. Choking back a sob, Tonya darted down the stairs without looking back so she didn't see the middle aged couple who had emerged from their room just in time to see the pretty young woman's bare ass bouncing down the hall.
Nearly frantic now, Tonya took the stairs two at a time and was immediately aware of the lack of carpeting on the stairwell as her bare soles slapped the concrete with each step. If she thought her unfettered breasts were bouncing as she moved down the hall, they seemed to take on a life of their own as she bounded down the steps.
She made it to the ground floor without encountering anyone and leaned against the outside door, gasping for breath and trying to calm herself down enough to continue her mission. Her heart was still racing, but she managed to still some of the trembling as she slowly eased the door open and peeked out into the walkway leading to the vending machines.
It was deserted and feeling a small sense of relief, she padded out and tiptoed down to the first coke machine, quickly hiding beside it as she scanned for any activity. She couldn't hear any splashing from the pool area at the end of the walkway and didn't see anyone so she ventured forward, still clutching her quarters in her now sweaty fingers.
Finding the paper rack, she fumbled around for several frantic moments trying to get her shaking fingers to work well enough to shove the coins in the slot. What if it didn't open? She felt sure if she returned without a paper, Lisa and Beth would consider her first task a failure and the humiliation of stripping for the two of them and then being seen by who knows who would be for nothing.
Closing her eyes and saying a quick prayer, she eased the rack door open and breathed a sigh of relief as it cooperated and she was able to grab a paper. She was turning to go back the way she had come when she heard a burst of laughter from behind her and turned to see the same three teens she had reprimanded earlier standing in the walkway.
The teen girl was grinning wickedly as she looked Tonya, who quickly tried to cover her crotch with the folded paper while throwing an arm across her breasts.
"My oh my," the girl said. "If it isn't the fashion critic. Is this the new look these days?"
Panicked, Tonya tried to dart past them, but one teen boy quickly blocked her way and then the girl suddenly snatched the paper from Tonya's hands.
"No, no, no,' Tonya whimpered. "Oh please, I need that," she said, trying to get it back but the teen girl, who was few inches taller than Tonya's petite 5 feet, 4 inch frame, tauntingly held it aloft.
"Oh, what's the matter?" the girl taunted. "Are you going to call security? Maybe I should call them. I'm sure they would be very interested to see the empress has no clothes."
Tonya was almost frantic now and tears started to flow down her face. She had never imagined humiliation like she was feeling right now, at the mercy of this young girl.
Trapped for the second time in one day, Tonya again found herself asking a question while filled with terror about what the answer might be.
"W-w-what do you want?" she whimpered.
Tonya wanted to run away and find a hole to crawl in and hide, but she knew she really had no where to go and no choice but to try to return to the room where Lisa and Beth were waiting and she knew she couldn't return without a newspaper.
A newspaper which was now clutched defiantly in the hands of a girl, probably about 16, whom Tonya had foolishly confronted earlier. A girl who was now grinning wickedly at her, savoring every moment of Tonya's obvious embarrassment.
"Where are your clothes?" she asked finally, as her two male companions continued to explore Tonya's exposed body with their leering eyes.
"It's a long story," Tonya said, her voice barely a whisper. "Please, just give me my paper back."
The girl snickered and shook her head. "Not so fast, Lady Godiva. First, let's get a look at those little tits you're trying so hard to cover up."
Tonya had been holding her arm across her breasts while continuing to cover her crotch with her other hand. She wanted to tell this girl to "Go to hell," but instead meekly let her arm drop to her side, exposing her chest and still erect nipples.
"Ah, aren't they cute?" the girl said, and then stuck her own chest out. "It's kinda funny that I'm only 15 and I've got bigger boobs than you. It's kinda pathetic, actually."
Tonya lowered her eyes and continued to cover her privates with her one hand. Her tormentors noted with amusement that her legs and bottom cheeks were trembling, but she remained silent.
"Maybe I'll give your precious paper back if you ask really nice," the girl said.
"Please, ma'em, may I have my paper back?," Tonya choked out between clenched teeth.
Motioning downward with the paper, the girl sneered, "On your knees. Ask properly."
Feeling about two inches high, Tonya knelt down and keeping her eyes lowered, again asked, "Please, may I have my paper back?"
Patting Tonya on the head, the girl laughed. "That's a good little slut puppy. Let's see how good you really are, though."
Reaching down, the girl slipped off her sandal and then tossed it about 15 feet away toward the pool area. "Fetch, little slut puppy. Crawl over there and get my sandal."
Tonya's stomach was churning and she felt like she was going to throw up at any minute. Lowering herself further down to her hands and knees, she started to crawl across the rough cement of the walkway, wincing as it sc****d against her knees.
"Get lower," the girl snapped. "Get the little prissy ass in the air and those tiny little titties down."
Sobbing quietly, Tonya did her best to obey, crawling on her elbows, her belly inches above the pavement as she slithered along, her quivering buttocks thrust upward. The teen girl and her friends were in tears laughing so hard.
Suddenly, a new voice was heard. "Oh, my God," a female voice said, and Tonya looked up with tear filled eyes to see two college age girls who had just walked around the corner from the pool and were now staring at her with shocked looks on their faces.
"Don't mind my little puppy dog," the teen girl said, laughing. "It's her initiation."
The two women shook their heads in amusement. "And I thought my sorority was bad," one said, laughing.
Tonya noted with a sinking feeling that the sandal had landed a few feet in front of the two young women and she began silently praying they would just move along. But the two were fascinated by the sight of a pretty young woman crawling naked across the ground and continued standing there, chuckling and shaking their heads.
Tonya kept her eyes lowered and wished her hair was longer so it could conceal her face, which was still burning with shame. She was flushed and on the point of collapsing into tears as she crawled to the sandal and started to reach her hand out to pick it up.
"No, no, no, little puppy. Use your mouth like a good little doggie," the teen said.
Cringing, Tonya obediently reached down and clinched her teeth on one of the sandal's straps. She blushed a deeper red as she was now f***ed to turn and expose her naked rear end to the two women. She knew they were also getting a pretty good view of her privates as she crawled away.
"Not quite so high and mighty now, are you?," the girl said.
Returning to the teen girl, Tonya deposited the sandal at her feet and continued kneeling there.
"Good puppy," the girl teased. "Now kiss momma's foot and put my sandal on."
Fighting the urge to vomit, Tonya leaned forward and kissed the teen's bare foot and then slid the sandal back on.
"Ok, here you go," she said, putting the paper in Tonya's mouth. "Now crawl back the way you came and don't let me catch you out running around bare assed naked again."
Tonya quickly began crawling away, which required her to wriggle past the two teen boys who continued laughing loudly. Tonya didn't risk rising to her feet until she was back at the stairwell door and then she darted into the relative safety of the stairwell. She again felt the urge to just find a crawl space and hide for the rest of eternity, but she darted back up the steps again toward the third floor with the paper clutched in her hand.
Her knees were still stinging from the crawl across the rough cement and her bare feet slapping the cold steps only reminded her again she was completely naked.
Her luck held out and she encountered no one on the stairs and she soon found herself back in the hallway. She ran full speed down the hall, feeling like she was going to have a nervous breakdown at any moment.
Once again, she heard a door open behind her and she practically dived for the door to Lisa and Beth's room, only to find it locked. She began pounding on it, her heart racing frantically.
"Open up! Open up! I'm back," she hissed, as she again heard gasps behind her. Glancing over her shoulder, she saw two well dressed businessmen staring at her, no doubt enjoying the view of her naked rear end.
"Please, hurry," Tonya said, as Beth finally opened the door and allowed her to rush in. Tonya ran over and collapsed on a sofa, pulling herself into an almost fetal position as the tears began to flow down her face.
She tossed the paper on the coffee table and continued crying.
"Gosh, darling," Lisa said. "If the news is that upsetting, I may not even read the paper."
Tonya buried her face in her hands in response and sobbed. "That was h-h-horrible," she said.
Lisa nodded. "Well, that was just the first test, so you better brace yourself."
Beth stood up and walked over to the phone. "Your next job won't be too difficult. At least not for most women. We just need you to clean up our room while we go get some breakfast.
"You have cleaned before, haven't you?," she asked, causing Lisa to scoff, "Yeah, right."
Tonya could only nod in answer as she tried to compose herself.
"Well, just in case, I'm going to call someone in to supervise. You know her. She used to clean house for you and your husband until you fired her because she was cuter than you."
Tonya's head popped up and she shot a horrified glance at Lisa.
"That's right, prima donna," Lisa said. "After you fired Isabella, we got her a job here. She's such a sweet girl and you canned her for no reason."
Tonya shook her head. "That's not true. She was... inefficient."
"Bullshit. She was an excellent housekeeper. She just happened to have bigger boobs than you. I feel sure she will be able to guide you in your little cleaning duties this morning and let me make something absolutely clear.
"You will obey everything she says just like you would if Beth or I were telling you or again, the test will be considered a failure and your little nude outing just now will have been for nothing."
Tonya felt like her whole world was caving in. She hated Isabella, even though in truth the girl had been a good housekeeper and very polite. But she was also extremely attractive, about 19 years old, with long black hair, perfect olive skin, big brown eyes and perfect breasts.
Paul had hired her and she just knew it was because he thought she was hot. It made her cringe every time he spoke to her and finally she couldn't stand it and fired her after finding dust on the curtain rods. It had just been an excuse, but it was her house after all.
The thought of reversing roles with Isabella and having her giving the orders was just too humiliating to think about. But then a new terrifying thought hit her.
"C-c-c-can I put my c-c-clothes back on?," she asked.
Beth and Lisa looked at each other and then slowly shook their heads.
"I don't know about you, Beth, but I kind of like the idea of having a little naked scullery maid running around our room."
Beth laughed. "Absolutely. Good thing we've still got those video cameras rolling. That will make just the sort of video we can sit around and watch on rainy nights. For a good laugh."
Tonya looked stricken. "Video?"
Lisa shrugged. "Don't worry. If you complete all your tests today, the video will never be seen by anyone but Beth and I. And maybe Isabella if she's feeling nostalgic for what I'm sure will be a wonderful morning for her.
"On the other hand, if you fail the tests and after we've shown the other video to Paul, we might just have a more public screening of your naked antics today. That would be fun."
Tonya realized that the spider web she had stumbled into was getting bigger and more terrifying as it went. She had even less choice about not completing the day's ordeal as she was sure Beth and Lisa would make good on their threat.
When Isabella arrived a few minutes later, she was shocked to see her former employer, naked as the day she was born, kneeling in the center of the floor with her head bowed.
"Ola, Isabella," Lisa said. "We recruited a little helper for you to clean our room. Don't worry. She has been instructed to do whatever you tell her to do.
"I have a feeling she isn't very skilled at cleaning, but I'm sure you can give her a crash course."
Isabella was speechless, staring at Tonya, who continued kneeling, her tear-stained face pointed at the floor.
"What? I don't understand," Isabella stammered.
"Long story short," Lisa said. "We caught this little bitch doing something she shouldn't have been doing and now she is more or less at our mercy. And now she's at your mercy.
"We're going to go get some breakfast and we'll leave it up to Tonya to get our room spick and span."
Beth paused at the door as they were leaving and turned to Isabella. "Oh, and one other thing. If she doesn't do the job to your complete satisfaction, since you can't fire her, I suggest a good hard spanking instead."
Tonya's head shot up as Isabella looked from her to Beth with a shocked expression.
Covering her mouth to stifle a laugh, Isabella asked, "Are you serious? You mean, really spank her?"
Beth nodded. "I'm completely serious. Turn her over your knee and blister her uppity little backside."
As soon as Beth and Lisa had left, Tonya started to get up, "Isabella, listen, I think we can work something out here. I-"
Isabella cut her off. "Did I tell you you could get up?," the young Hispanic, her eyes blazing, snapped. "Sit your little bony ass back down while I check out the room and figure out what needs to be done."
Tonya, her lip trembling, said, "But...I-"
"Shut up, you arrogant little bitch!," Isabella snapped. "You don't speak unless spoken to and then only to say, 'Yes, Ma'am.' Anything else and I'll spank you before you've even started."
Looking at the stunned look on Tonya's face, her eyes brimming with tears yet again, Isabella smiled and cooed, "This is going to be a lot of fun."
Isabella leaned back on the sofa and put her feet up on the coffee table, enjoying the nice cup of coffee her little naked slave, Tonya, had made for her.
Tonya, meanwhile, was busy vacuuming the room, her little breasts bouncing and butt cheeks quivering with each thrust of the vacuum across the carpet. She knew she looked ridiculous and was blushing from head to toe at the thought of it, but also knew she had no choice.
Not only was she facing the possibility of losing her husband and the life she cherished, but the thought of all that nude video footage of her being shown to God knows who was more than she could handle. She might as well just change her name and leave the country, except she would be penniless.
"You missed a spot," Isabella sneered, pointing toward the corner.
"Yes, ma'am," Tonya said meekly, maneuvering the vacuum toward the designated spot, which turned her bare bottom toward Isabella.
"Such a bony, pale little butt," she taunted. "Maybe we need to put some color in those cheeks."
Tonya vigorously shook her head. "No, ma'am, you don't need to do that. I'll do whatever you say." The thought of being spanked by her former maid made her heart race a mile a minute.
After vacuuming, she made the bed, which involved putting herself in numerous humiliatingly exposed positions under the ever watchful eye of Isabella as she maneuvered around. She had entered a numb, almost dream like state at this point. But just as she thought she might escape the terrifying reality of her situation, she would brush against something with one of her naked breasts or a bare buttock and it would jolt her back to self consciousness.
To add insult to injury, Isabella soon had Tonya cleaning the bathroom and gave her a tooth brush for cleaning the tiles in and around the toilet. She was on her knees, her head tucked under and behind the bowel, her bottom thrust in the air as she obediently scrubbed away.
Then she heard giggling behind her and looked back to see two other teenage maids standing beside Isabella, getting an eyeful of her predicament.
Amazingly, Tonya actually blushed anew, but kept silent.
"This is the bitch I was telling you about who fired me," Isabella said. "Isn't karma a wonderful thing?"
Seeing that Tonya had stopped to look at them, she barked, "Get back to work, you stupid little slut. I want to see that toothbrush moving and your ass wiggling."
Startled, Tonya went back to work and clinched her eyes closed to hold in the tears as the three girls behind her burst into laughter. To make matters worse, Tonya had noticed Isabella's two friends were both beautiful with ample cleavage and moments later they started teasing her.
"Well, at least she probably saves money in bras, with those little boobies," one sneered.
After about 20 more minutes of f***ed labor, constantly taunted and mocked by the three girls, Tonya was ordered to the corner by Isabella and required to stand up on her tiptoes with her nose pressed against the wall while the three inspected her work.
"And if one heel so much as touches the floor before I say so, when I'm finished you'll be able to sit on a quarter and tell if it's heads or tails," Isabella warned.
It took all of Tonya's concentrated efforts to stay poised on her aching toes, her nose smashed painfully against the wall. She felt light-headed as a seemingly endless supply of bl**d continued to swirl through her head and her face burned anew from shame. She wondered if her capacity to feel humiliated could short circuit at some point from sheer overload and she would suddenly not care anymore. All she knew right then was she wanted to curl up and die.
She kept reminding herself that the day couldn't last forever and that eventually, assuming Lisa made good on her promise, this would all be over and just a horrible memory. One that she knew would haunt her until the day she died.
"Well, I must say for a snobby little rich bitch, you didn't do too bad," Isabella said, finally allowing Tonya to leave the corner and resume her earlier position, kneeling on the floor with her bottom resting on the soles of her bare feet.
Tonya felt a small sense of relief that her present ordeal might be nearing an end when Isabella stopped in the middle of the room and a wicked smile crept across her face.
"Oh, wait. There is one more thing I need to check. I know you are such a stickler for it," she said, and then moved a chair to the corner near the d****s and took out a white rag from her apron. She stood on the chair and wiped the rag along the curtain rod. Tonya felt like the floor was collapsing underneath her and began to tremble again.
"Aha!," Isabella said triumphantly and jumped down and walked over to shove the dust smeared cloth under Tonya's down turned face.
"This is just not acceptable, as I'm sure you will agree," she snapped. Tonya could only nod meekly and clasp her trembling hands in front of her pelvis.
"Maria," she said sweetly to one of her friends. "Could you go and get the clothes brush from the cart outside? The big, thick wooden one I use for men's suits."
Isabella's friends, both grinning with the sudden realization of what was about to happen, both scampered to obey, returning within moments with the brush, which had a six-inch handle and was about four inches wide and six inches long. It was the most terrifying object Tonya had ever seen and her eyes immediately welled with tears.
"P-p-please, Isabella, don't do this. I'm sorry I fired you. You can have your job back. I'm really sorry," she said, her words spilling out through her quivering lips.
"Save it," Isabella said. "I just hope you didn't have any plans to sit down anytime soon."
Before Tonya could protest further, Isabella had grabbed her by one ear and hauled her up and then pulled her across the room to the sofa where she dragged her over her lap. Isabella had done this with such f***e that it almost sent Tonya tumbling forward onto the floor, but Isabella caught her with one hand across her waist. Tonya's feet were thrashing in the air trying to regain her balance until the other girls grabbed them, one for each foot, and held them down on the end of the sofa.
"Now get that little prissy ass up," Isabella barked, shoving a hand into the small of Tonya's back to f***e her buttocks upwards at a better angle.
"Brush, please," Isabella said and one girl handed it to her. Tonya could only bury her face in her arms and whimper in terror. She knew there was no point in begging for mercy and even though every shred of dignity had been stripped from her by the day's events so far, she hoped if she could take her impending punishment with some degree of courage that maybe she would earn a little respect from Isabella.
That resolve disappeared completely with the first swat and within two minutes Tonya was blubbering like a baby and squirming on Isabella's lap in a desperate but futile attempt to avoid the swats raining down on her rapidly reddening bottom. But even as red as her lower cheeks were becoming, they couldn't match the scarlet hue of her face. Tonya's mind seethed with the realization she was actually getting a bare bottom spanking like a little c***d by none other than her own maid whom she had taken great pleasure in firing. The fact that her degradation was being witnessed by others only added to her torment, but it was about to get even worse.
She heard the door to the room open and foolishly thought Isabella might cease her activities since they had been discovered, but instead she only started spanking her harder and Tonya realized it was Lisa and Beth who had walked in accompanied by a bell boy they had recruited to carry their bags.
"What the...?", the young man, about 17 or 18, with short red hair and acne scars, blurted out, staring in shock at the vision before him. Isabella, whom he knew from the hotel and always secretly lusted after, had an attractive and completely naked blond woman across her lap and was spanking her like there was no tomorrow. He had actually heard the swats from out in the hall and wondered what was going on, thinking maybe someone was beating a rug.
"Oh, don't mind Isabella," Beth said, laughing. "She's just training a new maid. You know what they say, spare the rod, spoil the help."
Even with the waterfall of bl**d crashing into her ears, Tonya was able to hear this exchange and buried her face deeper into the sofa. She had no tears left it seemed, so only dry sobs and gasps escaped her lips.
Finally, Isabella stopped and unceremoniously dumped the still squirming Tonya onto the floor. Tonya lay there sobbing for a few seconds, but then Isabella ordered her to resume her earlier position.
Her eyes downcast, Tonya threw an arm across her breasts, still managing to be modest in front of their male visitor despite the fact he had just witnessed the worst of humiliations on her part already. She rose to her earlier kneeling position, wincing as she lowered her raw, throbbing buttocks onto her bare feet tucked underneath her.
"Hey, Tommy," Isabella said, nonchalantly. "Sorry you had to see that, but this bitch had it coming and then some."
Tommy, who had recovered somewhat from the initial shock, shrugged. "I don't mind. It was kinda cool," he added, and then blushed.
Isabella laughed. "Don't be embarrassed. She's the one that should be embarrassed. A grown woman having to be spanked like a 5-year-old, and by a teenager at that.
"If I were her, I doubt I would ever be able to show my face again."
Lisa, who had been chuckling to herself since they came in, grinned wickedly.
"Well, she'll be showing more than her face today I'm afraid. It's not even noon yet and our little darling here has a long day ahead of her and many more humiliations.
"We're just getting warmed up."
Isabella laughed. "Well, I've done my part to warm her up."
Lisa nodded. "And a fine job you did too. But now it's time for us to go out and let the rest of the world enjoy our friend.
"We're ready to check out. I stopped at the desk and got the total for our bill. Exactly $118."
Reaching into her purse, she counted out the exact amount needed and laid it on the edge of the table. "We'll let our little scullery maid here go pay for us and Tonya, make sure you get a receipt. I'm thinking I can deduct this from my taxes as a business expense."
Tonya, who had managed to find some more tears which were rolling down her cheeks, looked up and felt a new wave of terror shudder through her.
"I can't go down to the lobby like this! I just c-c-c-can't," she sputtered.
Lisa sighed. "Oh, alright. I should make you go bare assed, but since you have had a rather traumatic morning, I guess you can have a small reprieve.
"You can wear a towel. Isabella, give her a towel."
Tonya was almost frantic. "A towel? Lisa, I can't do it in just a towel. Please..."
Getting angry, Lisa snapped. "Look! Either you go in a towel or you can go down there buck naked. Either way you're going!"
Startled, Tonya nodded quickly. "Ok! OK! I'll take the towel. I'll take the towel."
Everyone laughed and Isabella started to hand Tonya a large bath towel from her cart, but Beth stopped her. "No, no, no. Give her a smaller one."
Isabella grinned and reached for one of the towels normally hung by the sink. "This should work. Won't leave much to the imagination, I'm afraid."
Tonya clinched her eyes shut and shivered again, but kept silent. Standing up, she humbly took the towel and quickly wrapped it around herself and discovered it just barely went all the way around. It didn't overlap enough to allow her to secure it in any way, so she would have to hold it closed and it barely covered her bottom and crotch.
"Good thing your boobs are so small or it wouldn't fit at all," Isabella sneered.
Clutching it closed with both hands, Tonya padded after Lisa and Beth and the others as they left the room and headed for the elevators. Tonya tensed up and whispered to Lisa, "I'll meet you in the lobby. I think I'll take the stairs."
Lisa shook her head. "Screw that! You'll take the elevator with us and then after you pay for the room, we'll meet you in front of the hotel with our car. It's a baby blue convertible. Maybe you can use your towel there to cover your hair while we're going down the interstate."
Even as Tonya was attempting to process all the potential horrors of that prospect, a new one reared its head courtesy of the ever playful Beth.
As soon as they had walked on the elevator and Tonya had cowered in the far right corner, trying to cover herself, Beth had pushed the up button and then proceeded to hit every other button.
"I thought we'd check out the other 12 floors before heading to the lobby," she said. "There are probably lots of people needing to get on."
Hanging her head, Tonya whimpered and clutched her towel tighter.
As the elevator stopped on the fourth floor, Tonya backed into the corner further and winced, a slight hiss escaping her lips, as her still sore buttocks brushed against the back wall. Seeing this reaction, both Lisa and Beth laughed and high-fived each other.
"I guess Isabella got her revenge and then some," Lisa said. "What goes around comes around."
Tonya was relieved to see there were no passengers waiting to board on the fourth floor or the fifth, her heartbeat racing each time the door opened in fear of a crowd of people surging in and seeing her nearly nude.
Her luck ran out on the sixth floor as two couples walked on and all of them stared at her, prompting her to drop her head and avoid eye contact. To make matters worse, Lisa and Beth acted like they didn't know her. Tonya could feel the eyes of one woman, who had looked to be in her mid-30s during the brief glance she gave them, traveling up and down her body, shaking her head in disgust.
Tonya kept her eyes focused on her bare feet and held on to her towel for dear life as she heard the woman hiss under her breath, "Slut." Tonya cringed, but kept silent.
As others soon joined them from the seventh and eighth floors, it started to get a little crowded and one older gentleman noted part of the problem was someone had pushed all the buttons.
"It was our little exhibitionist in the corner," Lisa said, loud enough for all to hear. "I guess she wanted as many people to see her as possible."
Tonya's head shot up and she saw about a dozen people glaring at her now. She started to protest that she didn't do it, but she feared what Lisa would do if she contradicted her. So she just lowered her head again.
By the time they finally made it back down to the lobby the elevator was crammed with almost 15 people, all of whom kept looking at Tonya with disgust or lust. As the doors opened and Lisa and Beth headed outside to get their car, Tonya walked meekly toward the lobby area and noticed with fear that most of her fellow passengers from the elevator were heading the same way.
The cold linoleum floor under her feet only made her more aware of her state of dress as she saw a crowd gathered around the front desk. "Oh God," she thought, trembling. "Did everyone have to check out at once?"
She deliberately hung back on the fringe of the crowd, hoping to let it clear a little before making her way up to the counter, but the female clerk on duty had different ideas.
"Hey, you, in the towel! Did you just come from the pool or something? What do you need?"
The crowd turned as one to look at her and she wanted to melt into the floor, but instead she crept forward, her face burning with embarrassment again.
"Yes, ma'am. I-I-I was at the pool. I just need to c-c-c-check out. Room 321," she said, her voice almost a c***d like whisper. In truth, she felt like a c***d in a room full of adults.
She put the money Lisa gave her on the counter. The clerk eyed Tonya up and down and smiled.
"Alrighty then," she said, and started punching buttons on her computer.
"Let's see. You're all checked out of the room?," she asked. Tonya nodded.
"And you're leaving after this," she said, again eyeing Tonya up and down.
Blushing even deeper, Tonya nodded. "Yes, ma'am. The sooner the better."
The woman nodded. "Ok, then. I just need $138 even," she said, taking the money Tonya had laid on the counter.
Tonya nodded, but then stopped. How much had she said? About that time, the woman finished counting Tonya's money and clucked, "You need another $20."
Tonya froze. "B-b-but they called and checked and it was $118."
The woman nodded. "Yes, $118 for the room and $20 for the hotel towel. I'm assuming you're keeping it since you're leaving. We prefer people not take our stuff, but if you insist there is a fee."
Clutching the towel tighter and feeling all eyes on her, Tonya stammered, "I don't want the towel. You can have it back."
The woman shrugged. "Fine by me," she said, holding out her hand.
Tonya, her heart sinking, glanced frantically around, as if someone were going to jump forward to her aid. All she noted is that the crowd behind her had grown some more so that about 25 people were waiting on her to finish.
"I mean. I'll send it to you," she said. Leaning forward, she whispered. "I can't give it to you now. It's all I have on."
The woman, a sly grin crossing her lips, stepped back and in a voice loud enough for everyone in the lobby and probably the street outside to hear, "You mean you are stark naked under there?"
A murmur went through the crowd around her and out of the corner of her eye, Tonya saw movement off to the sides and realized with increasing terror that more people were pouring into the lobby from other rooms to see what the commotion was about. Within a few moments, about 40 to 50 people were milling around, all watching the petite and apparently almost naked blond woman standing at the counter. The crowd behind her had backed up, as if to give anyone who wanted to watch a clearer view.
Still leaning in and feeling like she was going to faint, Tonya whispered. "Y-y-y-yes, ma'am. I can mail you the towel back if you want."
Sighing, the woman said. "Well, I guess so. But I need to see some identification or a credit card, just in case."
Tonya, starting to panic, hissed. "Do I look like I have any ID? Please, just let me send it to you."
The woman's eyes suddenly hardened and she glared down at Tonya. "Look, miss. You've got three choices. Give me $20. Give me the towel or stand there while I call security. And I assure you, when security takes you away, it will be after I've confis**ted the towel."
Again, she said all this in a loud voice and now the crowd, which had been impatient, were transfixed by the drama they were watching.
Tears welling up in her eyes, Tonya pleaded. "Please, I can't give you the towel. Please, don't make me..."
Suddenly an older woman behind Tonya stomped forward. "Oh, for God's sake, just give her the fucking towel? You're flouncing around the hotel like that and then you want to act all modest! Give me a break!
"I've got a plane to catch so just give her the towel and get your little bare bottom out of here!"
Sniveling, Tonya said. "P-p-p-please. Don't do this."
The woman started to reach for Tonya, prompting her to recoil back.
"Listen, you little tramp! In another two seconds, I'm going to give you something to cry about. If you were my daughter you'd already be over my knee!"
The crowd had grown some more as the word had apparently spread throughout the hotel and there were people standing around everywhere Tonya looked and they were all looking at her.
Every inch of her body trembling, tears rolling down her eyes, Tonya finally crept forward to the counter and slid the towel off her body and toward the clerk. She immediately threw one arm over her breasts and her other hand over her crotch, painfully aware her naked bottom was on full display.
Even though the outcome was anticipated and no doubt hoped for, there was still an audible gasp when she stripped and now she stood there, naked from head to toe, waiting for her receipt.
She kept her eyes focused on the counter and tried not to pay any attention to the snickers and murmurs from the crowd. The clerk took her time preparing the receipt so Tonya was f***ed to stand there for about two full minutes before she finally handed it to her.
As soon as she had the receipt in her hand, Tonya bolted for the door, amazed her legs and feet could still function. As she neared the door, a roar went up from the crowd and they all begin applauding.
Still trying to cover herself, Tonya darted through the door and under the awning outside. To her horror, she saw a bus was unloading out front and she immediately heard yelling and cheering and laughter. Glancing at it, she noted the name of some university on the side and realized it was full of college students who were now hanging out of the windows to get a better look at the apparent streaker leaving the hotel.
Tonya began moving down the sidewalk, dodging in and out of the shocked bystanders. She was frantically looking for a blue convertible when she finally heard a honk off to the left. Lisa and Beth were across the street, to the back of the bus, so Tonya had to cross in front of the bus and then run down beside it's windows.
"Yeah, baby!," one voice yelled. "Whooooo! Move those buns, mama!"
Tonya was conscious of her bare feet slapping the pavement and the motion it took to lift one leg and then the other as she moved, but it was like a surreal dream. She finally reached the car and dove into the back seat where she collapsed in a ball on the back seat, crying hysterically.
"Oh, God. Oh, God," she whimpered. "I just want to die."
As they pulled away, Lisa sighed. "Don't die just yet, sweetie. This is just starting to get interesting."
Tonya cowered in the back seat as they drove down the interstate, but it didn't take long for some of the other motorists, especially the truck drivers in their elevated big rigs, to notice her lack of clothing. She could ignore the stares and shocked reactions by burying her face in her hands, but there was no ignoring the symphony of blaring horns which followed them down the road.
"I have to admit, Tonya," Lisa said. "I'm impressed with all you've managed to endure so far. I honestly thought you would balk when we first told you to strip and that would be the end of it.
"And when I saw you getting your little rump roasted by Isabella and still you didn't end it, I realized that for better or worse you are serious about this and I respect that."
Tonya sniffled quietly in the back, both arms crossed over her breasts, as much to shield them from the wind as the prying eyes of the other drivers, who continued to honk periodically.
"I made a terrible mistake, Lisa. I admit that. And I deserved to be punished," Tonya said, slowly. "But don't you think I've been through enough now."
Her voice breaking at times, Tonya continued, "More people than I like to even imagine have seen me completely naked today.
"I have been made to crawl on the ground and spanked by girls who aren't even old enough to buy a drink yet."
Lisa nodded in mock sympathy, but then laughed. "I know it's been rough, but that was the plan and I hate to tell you that it isn't over yet.
"You've still got several more layers of dignity that we can strip away and a few more notches you can be knocked down.
"You have to understand, there is still a part of me that is hoping you will call it quits and I can be rid of you with a clear conscience."
Tonya shivered and fought back tears as she made a last ditch plea. "Please, Lisa. What more do you want from me?"
Lisa was silent for a moment and then edged the car toward an exit even though they were still at least a half hour from the city.
"Well, right now, I think I need a coke. How about you, Beth?"
Beth, who had been silent for most of the ride although she was enjoying the attention of the other motorists, nodded. "That sounds good. And some beef jerky. I like jerky."
A part of Tonya wanted to make some snide remark about real ladies not eating jerky, but bit her tongue and remained silent. She had a forbidding sense of doom that the simple act of getting refreshments was about to be another ordeal for her.
"As you may have guessed, we're going to let you go in and buy what we need," Lisa said, moving down an access road lined with convenience stores and gas stations.
"We just need to find one that is adequately crowded. I mean, we don't want to have to wait too long, but we want plenty of people to get to see you.
"Can't have you keeping that cute little bubble butt all to yourself, can we?
"Although, it is pretty red as butts go."
Tonya cringed and buried her face in her hands again. "Nooooo," she moaned.
"And another thing," Lisa added, glancing back at Tonya. "This time, there will be no covering up. You're going to walk in there, buy what we need and come back out like being naked in public was the most natural thing in the world."
Tonya, sobbing, said, "I don't think I can do that, Lisa. This is so embarrassing! Everybody stares at me like I'm some kind of slut or something."
Lisa sighed and nodded. "Now you know how I feel at every party my parents have, everyone looking at me like the black sheep of the f****y.
"My own mother, instead of defending me, is the worst about talking about me. And Tonya, I've never seen you coming to my defense either.
"I may not be naked, but I feel about two inches high sometimes."
Tonya started to say something, to try to explain how that couldn't possibly compare to the gut wrenching humiliations she had already endured or just how terrifying the idea of walking into a convenience store was to her, but she opted against it.
Just as she was wondering how long she had before her next humiliation would begin, she noticed Lisa was turning and pulled into a large Texaco with dozens of cars outside.
"It's pretty crowded in there, but there's two or three different counters so you should be in and out pretty quick," she said, as if that was any consolation.
"And remember, I want you to walk at a normal speed, no rushing, and absolutely no covering up in any way.
"You so much as cover a breast with your hand and we're driving away and calling Paul."
Tonya felt her whole body tingling in terror. She didn't know which was worse. The prospect of being left alone and completely naked at a Texaco station miles from her home or the thought that she would have no home to return to after Paul learned of her infidelities.
Tonya had at least thought Lisa would park near the store, but instead she pulled up at the last row of pumps about 30 yards from the front door, which was teeming with people coming and going. There were three rows of pumps, also teeming with men, women and c***dren, she would have to walk by to go inside.
"Lisa, p-p-please," she whimpered. "This is too much."
Even though it had been less than an hour since she dropped her towel and stood naked in front of a lobby full of people, that only added to the difficulty now because she knew what it felt like to be so exposed. She knew the agony of it and felt like she couldn't do it again.
"Ok, get out," Lisa said, handing her a $10 bill. "Get us two cokes, some jerky for Beth and get yourself something too. I'm feeling generous.
"I'm going to get some gas with my credit card. If you're not back within five minutes of my being finished, we're leaving without you."
Tonya was looking around frantically as if to find some route that would leave her less exposed, but there was none. The view of their car was partially blocked at the moment by the pumps, but as soon as she emerged from the car and walked a few feet, she would be seen by all.
Mentally, she was thinking through her impending trial, imagining just grabbing a couple of cokes from the coolers, some jerky from the rack near the counter and getting done as quickly as possible, but Beth once again interjected and made things worse.
"Oh, and make those fountain drinks. They have one of those self serve things in there. Get big ones with ice, lids and straws.
"It looks like the self serve drink counter is right in the center of the store. You can't miss it."
Tonya started to protest, but decided to save her battles. She had a sinking feeling that things were going to get worse before they got better and any all out pleas for mercy should probably be saved for the worst of the lot. Who knew? Maybe if she completed this task as Lisa directed, it would score enough brownie points to strengthen her position with her tormentors. At any rate, she had reached the point of no return and had no choice but to obey.
Trying to steady her breathing and calm her rapidly increasing pulse rate, Tonya slid over and slowly eased the passenger door open. Swinging her legs out, she grimaced in disgust as her bare feet touched the gritty, grimy pavement and then stifled a laugh at her own expense as it occurred to her she was about to walk naked across a crowded parking lot and she was actually worried about getting her feet dirty!
Standing up, she saw movement from several vehicles off to the side and immediately felt the urge to cover up, but instead kept her hands obediently at her sides, her fists clinched so tight her knuckles were white as paper.
Taking a few hesitant steps forward, she timidly moved out from behind the pumps where Lisa was parked and began the long trek to the front doors. Just as she was wondering how far she would be able to go before she was noticed, she heard a gasp from her right and glanced over to see a woman covering the eyes of her young son beside their car.
"Holy shit," a man's voice said to her left and she saw an amused trucker staring at her from beside his rig, a tire tool clutched in one hand.
The gasps, exclamations and stares grew in number as she walked toward the doors, concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other. She tried to step out of herself and block out the commotion she was causing, but she was keenly aware of the breeze blowing across her naked body, the slight bounce of her unfettered breasts, the jiggle in her bare buttocks with each step and the feel of the warm tarmac on her toes and heels.
"Looking good, baby!" a younger sounding male voice shouted from off to the side, but she kept her vision focused on the door ahead and didn't turn to look.
She saw several people who had been walking out of the doors to return to their vehicles had stopped instead on the sidewalk outside, staring in shock.
"Oh my God," one of two high school girls who were coming around the corner blurted out.
They both stopped and stood there laughing and pointing as she finally made it to the sidewalk. An older man who had also stopped to stare suddenly stepped forward and opened the door for her. "Allow me," he said, chuckling.
"Thank you," Tonya heard herself saying, amazed at how calm her own voice sounded to her.
Tonya might have been able to pull off the illusion she was doing this of her own free will except for the fact her face was blushing crimson and her eyes were filled with terror. The realization that everyone here knew she was as embarrassed as they were shocked only added to the humiliation of the moment.
Pausing just inside the door, again trying to ignore the dozens of people who were all frozen in their tracks staring, she located the self serve counter and walked over to it.
One of the teen girls who had laughed at her outside walked over as she reached for two cups and tapped her on the shoulder.
"Excuse me, is this some kind of sorority initiation?," she asked, her voice shaking with laughter.
Tonya, still blushing, nodded meekly. "Something like that," she said.
The girl turned and shouted to her friend. "Yeah, it's an initiation!," which brought several chuckles and murmured comments from the other onlookers.
"I figured as much," the girl said, her voice still too loud for Tonya's liking. "One look at your little red bootie and it was pretty obvious you've been paddled recently."
Stepping back to get a closer look at Tonya's still quivering buttocks, she asked, "Did it hurt? How many licks did they give you? Your ass is seriously blistered."
Tonya shook her head. "I-I-I don't know. I lost count, I guess," she said, wishing this girl would just go away and leave her alone.
She had managed to get ice in both cups and was pouring cokes when a male clerk walked over.
"Uh, miss. I understand this is a prank or something, but you don't really meet our dress code."
Smiling, he added, "I can't help but notice you don't have any shoes on."
Several nearby onlookers laughed and one man noted, "Damn, son, if that's all you've noticed, I'm worried about you."
Tonya, her voice cracking and her lips trembling, whispered, "I'm sorry. I'll be out of here as quick as I can."
The clerk shrugged. "Take your time. This is the most excitement we've had around here since that truck full of potatoes overturned up on the highway."
This brought more laughter from the others as Tonya finally got the drinks ready and moved over to the counter to pay. She was relieved that everyone cleared a path for her so at least she didn't have to wait in line.
A female clerk was at the counter and rolled her eyes. "I guess you think you're being cute, but I think it's pretty revolting. You're lucky I don't call the cops."
Tonya apologized again, paid for the drinks and moved toward the door. She had made it out to the parking lot, which was now filled with even more gawkers, when she remembered she had forgot the jerky.
"Shit!," she said out loud, startling those closest to her. Then she turned and had to walk back into the store.
"I need some jerky," she said and was almost amused as several young men grabbed jerky from various shelves and approached her.
"Here you go," one said, handing her a large bag. "It's on me."
Thanking him, she turned and walked away. She figured the lengthy view of her retreating backside he was afforded was payment enough.
By the time she made it back to the car, she had actually managed to steady her breathing and even smiled as she handed the drinks and jerky to Lisa and Beth.
"There you go. Anything else as long as we're here and everybody and their dog has seen all of me there is to see," she said, a trace of sarcasm in her voice.
"No, no. That was great, though," Lisa said. "It pains me to say this, but I'm almost starting to like you. You've got guts."
Feeling a tinge of hope that her nightmare might soon be ending, Tonya said, "I'm glad. I hope we can be friends and I do understand why you're doing this.
"I guess I had it coming."
Lisa nodded as she pulled out of the lot amid smatterings of applause from the people outside.
"But don't start thinking you're done yet. It occurs to me that I really do need to do some clothes shopping in case Paul or mother want to see my new wardrobe.
"Beth and I have been talking and I guess we better hit the mall. You will of course be my fashion consultant."
Tonya cringed and leaning forward, covering her breasts again from the wind, "Y-y-ou can't expect me to go in the mall like this? I would be arrested."
Lisa sighed. "You may be right. There's a flea market up here at the next exit. I seem to remember they have a booth selling T-shirts and I guess you can wear that.
"We will of course let you out so you can pick out your own shirt."
Tonya sighed and nodded: another nude outing. Then she had another brief tinge of hope.
"Can I get some shoes too? I'm going to look pretty weird walking through a mall barefoot."
Lisa shrugged. "You can get one or the other; shoes or a shirt, your choice."
Tonya sighed and leaned back in her seat. "Fine. Never mind."
Tonya felt numb as she continued to cower in the back seat, hunched over with both arms crossed over her breasts and her head tucked between the front bucket seats. She took some slight pleasure in wiping the grit and grime from her bare feet on the carpeted floor boards in the back seat of Lisa's car.
Her mind was still dazed from the realization she had just walked across a crowded parking lot and into a store full of people while naked as the day she was born! If someone had told her yesterday she would do something like that, she would have thought they were completely insane. Yet she had done it and in a short while was going to do it again.
Part of her wanted to end the nightmare right then. To tell Lisa and Beth she was done and face the consequences. Even though she had made the earlier nude journey and before that had dropped her towel and stood naked in a crowded hotel lobby, the prospect of having to do it again was still just as terrifying as when she had first stepped out of the hotel room oh so many hours ago.
On the other hand, while she didn't think she would ever get accustomed to being naked in public and would never enjoy it, she had to admit that as she was walking across the parking lot with that sea of faces staring at her, she had felt a tingle of excitement fluttering in her stomach. There was a certain rush to it that left her feeling drained at the moment. It was as if the human mind and body couldn't process all the emotions accompanying that sort of overwhelming humiliation and had to convert the energy into something else.
While she knew she was attractive, she had always felt less than perfect. She had always been self conscious about her breasts, but was too chicken to get a boob job. She worked out regular and had stair stepped her way to a nice backside, but always felt like it could be firmer.
In a way, it was those feelings of inadequacy that had made her accept Michael's seduction. She was so flattered that such a gorgeous guy was interested in her. She was always able to attract the average looking men like Paul, even in high school, but the idea she could land a real babe had been too much for her to resist.
Of course, now she was paying for that lack of discretion and fidelity. In spades! While she was still seething at Lisa and Beth for subjecting her to these ordeals, there was a part of her that felt like she did deserve it and if she could survive today, then maybe she could carry on her marriage guilt free. She couldn't take back the fact she had cheated on Paul, but few could argue she had paid for it.
After a short journey down the interstate, the car again turned off on an exit and down another access road and Tonya saw a vast expanse of tents and booths set up on a large gravel lot. As Lisa pulled the car up, Tonya spotted a booth selling sports team T-shirts and banners located in the middle of the other displays. She also noticed numerous people, all wearing clothes of course, s**ttered among the various booths browsing and shopping.
As Lisa again parked some distance from Tonya's intended target, Tonya risked another plea for mercy, leaning forward in a trembling voice, "Lisa? Can't you park a little closer? I saw some spots farther up."
Lisa looked back, a mock look of shock crossing her face, "Are you k**ding? And miss another chance to see your cute little bottom jiggling across the field? Obviously you don't appreciate just how much pleasure Beth and I get from that.
"Did you forget we are lesbians, after all?, " she said, prompting a giggle from Beth.
"It must have slipped my mind," Tonya mumbled, which prompted laughter from both her captors.
"Damn, girl. You really are starting to grow on me," Lisa said. "I'm beginning to understand what Paul sees in you."
Again, Tonya clung to some glimmer of hope that Lisa's growing affection would translate into an easing up of her torture, but the glimmer quickly faded.
"Now remember the new rule. I don't want to see you covering up any of your lovely little assets and don't get in a hurry.
"But, I suspect that walking across all that gravel in your little bare feet is going to slow you down anyway.
"Just be careful you don't fall down. I mean, that would be so embarrassing."
Once again, Tonya had little time to prepare herself for the terror to come and noticed a few people near the outside booths already looking over quizzically. No doubt they had caught a glimpse of her and were wondering if their eyes were playing tricks on them. She could practically read their thoughts. "Is that woman topless? Did I just see a boob?"
To make matters worse, Tonya had actually started to relax slightly during the drive from the convenience store and the almost friendly conversation with her s****r-in-law and her lover. The fact they had encountered fewer cars during that last stretch so her exposure was minimal had helped too. Her breathing had returned to normal and she was only trembling slightly.
Now she was about to do it all again and as she once more edged toward the passenger door and prepared to emerge, the realization washed over her like a wave. Her legs started to tremble anew and she felt her pulse starting to race again. "Oh, God," she whimpered.
As she continued sliding forward, she felt a sudden sharp pain as her still tender bottom was rubbed against the car seat. "Ow! Ow! Ow!," she hissed.
Lisa and Beth both chuckled, but refrained from all out laughter at Tonya's expense as she slowly started to raise to her feet, her eyes darting around for the inevitable reactions she expected when her condition was made apparent to the shoppers.
As her feet settled in on the gravel, she winced again. "Oooh," she said, the sharp rocks digging into her delicate bare soles.
Lisa's earlier remark about her not rushing came back to her as the new horror of her situation sank in. There was no way she would be able to walk at even a normal rate of speed on the gravel. Meaning any onlookers would get a nice long view of her. Hell, they would be able to go home and paint her from memory by the time she made it across the lot to the T-shirt stand.
"Oh, and don't put the shirt on until you get back to the car. We wouldn't want to cheat any of these fine people out of the opportunity to see you in all your glory," Beth said.
Still half crouched, trying to build up the courage to stand up fully, Tonya groaned. Every time she thought things couldn't get any worse, Beth always managed to prove her wrong. Unlike Lisa, who seemed to be warming up to Tonya, Beth apparently hated her and was reveling in every humiliating moment of her experiences.
Finally standing up, Tonya immediately noticed numerous heads turning in her direction, but thankfully couldn't hear any comments yet. She took a few tentative steps forward, again clinching her fists, one of which held a $20 bill Lisa had handed her, as she resisted the urge to cover up. She felt an even stronger urge to crawl under the car and hide.
She gingerly walked the length of the car, having to keep her eyes focused on the ground in front of her so she could determine the best spots to place her feet as she maneuvered across the unforgiving rocks and gravel. She found as long as she moved slowly and gently lowered herself down with each step, it hurt less, but of course that required her to move at a snail's pace. She also discovered that it was just as well she wasn't allowed to cover herself, since she soon found herself keeping her arms up and out at the sides to maintain her balance as she tiptoed like a tight rope walker.
As soon as she stepped out completely clear of the car and started up the slope to the gathered booths, she felt a ringing in her ears and a burning in her face. Even though she was keeping her eyes focused on her feet, she could physically sense all the people staring at her and felt movement as they jostled to move closer and get a better look.
It took all her courage to lift her head at one point to make sure she was headed on the straightest path to the T-shirt booth and she immediately regretted it as she made eye contact with dozens of shoppers who were stopped in their tracks, staring incredulously at the sight of a young, completely naked woman slowly walking up the hill.
She immediately lowered her gaze again, feeling the increased heat of renewed blushing coursing over her skin, but in that brief glance she had also noticed many of the gawkers were older people and mostly ladies. It was small comfort, but somehow she felt less threatened than she had by all the teens or people closer to her age she had encountered earlier.
As she made it to the first line of booths and came abreast of the first cluster of people who had stopped to stare, she heard a few chuckles and one older sounding woman's voice hiss to a companion, "Do you think the poor dear realizes she's naked?"
Her companion snorted and said, "I'm sure she's well aware. These young people today will do anything to get attention."
Tonya wanted to turn and shout at her, "Are you nuts? Do you think I would do this on purpose? Do you not see I am blushing head to toe in shame?"
Instead, she meekly continued on, biting her lip to keep from yelping out loud as the rocks continued to torture her poor feet. She would gladly have paid $1,000 for a simple pair of sandals at that point. She was never one to go barefoot, even around her house, so her feet were not accustomed to such tribulations.
As she continued on, wondering when someone was going to accost her, she heard a c***d's voice behind her, "Grandma? Why is that lady's bottom so red?"
Tonya immediately shut her eyes and tried not to cry. At least on her last outing, she had the option of running away if the humiliation became too much. It was her choice to continue on into the store. But now, with the terrain, she was trapped in more ways than one.
"Ssssh, honey," her grandmother chided. "She's obviously a naughty young lady and got her little caboose spanked but I think they need to take her to the woodshed again.
"Walking around in public like that, it's disgraceful!"
Tonya groaned and tried to pick up the pace a little, but the resulting discomfort caused a few "oohs" to escape her clinched teeth, prompting light laughter from the onlookers. Thankfully, they seemed to be actually dispersing a little although they were all keeping at least one eye on the naked shopper in their midst.
Suddenly, though, a portly man with sweat pants pulled up over his beer gut and a "Molly Hatchet" T-shirt barely able to contain the rest of him, was standing in her path, shaking his head.
"What's the matter, darling?," he asked, grinning. "Did you lose a bet?"
Tonya had to look up to meet his gaze and blushing again, nodded. "Something like that."
Aware the man's eyes were literally devouring every exposed inch of her, Tonya's initial reaction was to get past him as quick as possible, but then divine inspiration struck. Lisa and Beth never said anything about getting help in her quest.
"Excuse me, could you go buy me a T-shirt?," she asked meekly, holding out her money. "I'm having a l-l-little trouble getting over there."
Turning, the man surveyed the 40 or 50 feet Tonya still had to travel to get to the booth and nodded, "Yeah, I see that and I would love to help you, but I'm from the old school. A bet's a bet, you know. Besides, you'll get there eventually."
Tonya grimaced and continued on, but not before the disgusting slob took the opportunity to slap her soundly on her still tender buttocks while shouting, "Good luck, baby cakes!"
"Ow!," Tonya yelped, lifting up on her toes from the blow. "You asshole!"
The man just laughed and walked away, but Tonya did notice several people shaking their heads at him. Apparently, they didn't appreciate rudeness, even when doled out to naked people.
Tonya reached back to gingerly rub her bottom where the man had slapped her, her eyes brimming with tears again. She had somehow managed to maintain some degree of composure throughout this latest outing, but now she felt it slipping and felt like she was going to collapse. It felt like the world was spinning around her as she took another shaky step forward, her toes and heels aching now from the rocks.
Finally, she reached an area with sand directly in front of the T-shirt booth and was able to travel the last 20 to 30 feet quickly, almost falling to the side of the booth where a young man, possibly in his early 20s, was working.
"I'm guessing this wasn't your idea?," she heard the young man say, his voice full of sympathy.
She was relieved to see there wasn't so much as a smirk on his face and instead he looked at her with what appeared to be genuine concern.
"Are you OK?" he asked.
Suddenly regaining some of her earlier resolve, Tonya brushed the tears out of her eyes and nodded slowly.
"I think I'll live. This isn't easy."
Handing him her $20 bill, she asked, "Can I have a T-shirt, please? Is this e-e-enough?"
Smiling, the man reassured her it was plenty and waved his arm to indicate the various shirts hung behind him.
"Take your pick," he said. "Although, I imagine given your current state of dress, you probably aren't that concerned with the style."
She managed a small smile as she pointed a trembling finger at one of the nearest ones, a red T-shirt with a large bull on it, the mascot for some local college team. She noticed with some trepidation that none of them seemed especially large, but she tried to pick the biggest one.
The man took it down and handed it to her and then reached under the counter and brought up a pair of flip flops.
"Here. Take my shoes. I have some tennis shoes in my car I can wear. You shouldn't be running around out here in bare feet."
Tonya was genuinely surprised at his generosity and felt some tears of a different kind roll down her face as she reluctantly shook her head.
"That's very nice of you, but I'm afraid I'm not allowed," she said, realizing even as she said it how ridiculous it sounded.
The young man shook his head in sympathy and handed her $10 in change back from the shirt.
"If you're sure. You might find it easier to go down to the driveway coming in," he said, gesturing to the left.
"It's mostly sand behind these booths and then the driveway is asphalt. Should be a little less painful and you could move faster.
"Something tells me you're ready to get the hell out of here."
She almost laughed as she nodded in agreement. "That's an understatement," she said.
As she turned to go, she suddenly realized a crowd of about 30 people had gathered behind her, no doubt enjoying the extended view of her bare backside, although they suddenly all acted like they were looking somewhere else.
Blushing for what seemed like the hundredth time that day, Tonya clutched the T-shirt in her hand and moved quickly off to the side and began jogging down the length of the booths, her bare feet sinking into the comforting warm sand.
She heard more gasps and caught dozens of heads turning as she passed, but she kept her eyes focused on the driveway the T-shirt guy had mentioned which she saw in the distance. As she reached it, she slowed to a fast walk because she felt sure slapping her bare soles against the concrete would be almost as painful as the rocks.
She passed dozens more as she made her way back to the access road and then back to the car where Lisa and Beth were watching with glee.
"Were you getting that guy's phone number or what?" Lisa said, shaking her head.
"That was so priceless when that guy swatted your butt!" Beth cackled. "I bet that stung."
Tonya ignored both of them as she slid the T-shirt on over her head, relishing the feel of cotton cascading down her naked skin. She felt like it was the first time she had ever worn clothing. While the T-shirt was big enough that it wasn't tight against her chest or anything and fit loosely, she noted miserably that it barely came past the tops of her thighs. As she moved to slide into the back seat, she felt a breeze brush across her bare bottom and realized just how close to exposure she would be wearing it.
Well, on to the mall," Lisa said, pulling out. "School should be out by now so it ought to be good and crowded.
"I normally despise shopping, but this is going to be a hoot!"
Sitting in the back seat, rubbing her still aching feet and pulling nervously at the hem of her shirt, Tonya tried to steel herself for the humiliations to come.

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What a great story! Is there a second part?
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wow karma does get you