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Sorry this story is quite long
But true

Well it was about 2 years ago now i was living in london, im 30 yrs old and normal straight guy , love football and sexy girls, love working out and am very muscular. I was looking for a new place to live as i had found a new job in a different area of london, it was quite stressfull i went and saw many properties , flats, houses,u name it i went and checked out so many but either i couldnt afford the rent or i didnt like the place. Anyway i finally decided that i would go with a ground floor flat i had seen a few weeks ago , i wasnt that impressed but the price was good and the location was perfect so i went for it. When i first went to view i was met by a guy called eddie who was living above me on the first floor , as soon as i met him i thought this guy looks like a right gay and was put off by the fact that he would be living above me, anyway he showed me around told me that he lived above and it had been his parents house but they had moved back to the phillipines and he wanted some cash so converted it into a ground floor flat, by the time he finished i def thought he was gay no doubt just from his body language and feminine ways.

Anyway so i moved in and made the place mine it took a while but it looked great and i was happy i made the choice, even tho i wasnt to keen on gays eddie was an ok guy he didnt have any problem with me playin music or havin ppl over and that was good to know, we would say hello if we saw each other and general chit chat but nothing more.

Late one friday night about 2am i was coming home from friends house and i pulled up in my car and was parking when i saw a one hell of a sexy girl get out of a cab and go into the door of my house , she had long dark curly hair, she had the most sexiest tanned legs i had ever see and short little skirt which barely covered her ass, she opend the door and went up towards eddies flat , as i came in i caught a glimpse of this sexy girl mmmm wow what a pair of legs and ass as she went up those stairs and opened eddies door with a key and went inside! Damn i thought maybe eddie isnt gay, how could i have been so wrong , what a lucky guy that girl looked soo hot!

Anyway 2 days later i saw eddie outside and we said our hellos then i joked to eddie" you was a lucky guy on friday wasnt u , i saw you had a right stunner didnt u" , eddie giggled and kind of looked a bit shy and was biting his lip, he said " oh yea that was my friend vanessa she came to say hi " anyway i left it at that and went about my business. A few weeks went by and one thursday night i was at home just chillin watchin tv smokin a little joint and heard eddies door shut and the sound of heels coming down the wooden stairs, i was bein nosy and looked out the window and saw the same sexy girl from before gettin into cab, i couldnt believe what i saw that sexy girl vanessa was eddie dressed in drag! Wow! I was shocked , really shocked , that explained everything, eddie was so blatantly gay and feminine , im tellin u if u saw how he was dressed any man would get a hard on, all that night i couldnt stop thinkin about how good vanessa looked , the hair, the makeup, that short skirt, those legs and ass, the sexy heels, eddie went all out every detail, i found myself fantasising about vanessa dressed up what was wrong with me! Thats it i decided i was going to wait up and catch vanessa when she came home, i waited n waited then at about 4 am a car pulled up and i spied through my curtains.... It was vanessa, my cock went hard as she got out and headed to the door, i wanted to see vanessa in the flesh how could a guy look that sexy and feminine it was amazing, i heard her come through and start goin up the stairs but i was shocked and didnt know what to say so i missed the oppurtunity. Damn i thought, i was so turned on by what i had seen , it was more curiosity and i just wanted to see vanessa with my own eyes close up. I sent vanessa/eddie a simple text sayin" hey eddie its chris from downstairs, saw you coming in ten mins ago, you looked absolutely gorgeous ;) " i sent the text and waited for a reply, i was thinkin damn i hope i didnt scare him" .

I sat on the couch and waited but fell asl**p , next morning i woke up and had a text message from eddie it read" awww thank you, im so embaressed you saw me like that, its just a hobby hehe, me n my girls went clubbing" , i replied back that she shouldnt embaressed and i wanted to see more of vanessa, at this point vanessa sent me some photos of her dressed up, wow she was soo sexy and cock went instantly hard ! We texted for about an hour she told me she was a makeup artist and she had recently got into dressin up and really loved it, and loved dressing up for straight guys and teasing them , i was so excited , i asked wud she dress for me and she said she would love to and how she found me attractive.

We arranged a day which was on sat night , at 10 pm vanessa knocked on my door , wow! She looked soooo fuckin sexy! She was a little shy but eager to show me what she had to offer, she wiggled her ass around my flat and show me her assets, she was wearing white stockings black heels and a short skirt , her makeup was immaculate and she was completely smooth all over, we chatted and got more comfortable , vanessa loved being touched and she had the most smooth skin, i rubbed her thighs and kissed her and slowly starting playin with her extra smooth pussy , my cock was rock hard and she put her soft girly lips all over it and took it all like a true slut, i ended up fucking her and it was such a great fuck , i found myself cravin vanessa day after day, soon vanessa was coming down once a week and the sex was gettig better and better , she was becoming more and more girly with each meet.

So now im still living at this flat and vanessa has become my sexy philippino slut , i fuck her 2 -3 times a week and she always looks fantastic, she is the most girly tgirl i have known, she takes all my cum in her sweet pussy and mouth and never says no , i am her daddy now and vanessa is my 23 yr old sexy filipino slut who cant get enough of my cock.

Will post pics and vids on a regular basis
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8 months ago
I hope this is a true story [you lucky fucker] I had a cambodian GF Tgurl friend that was so petite and gurly she even made her own clothes .....damn brings back good memories....Thanks please write more I want to know if you're going to marry her
9 months ago
lucky guy can't wait to see pics of this gorgeous girl
9 months ago
Awww, she is one lucky gurl!
9 months ago
You are a very lucky man!