The Doctor's Appoinment


It had stopped raining and the sun was out by the time Jessie parked in the lot and entered the doctor's office, but she kept her raincoat buttoned. "I'm Jessie Adams, I've got a 5:30 with Dr. Hannah," Jessie told the receptionist. The receptionist was probably in her mid-twenties, with red hair, freckles and a slim, tautly athletic figure. She handed Jessie a clipboard and asked, "Would you like to hang up your coat?"

Jessie blushed a little. "No, thanks, I'll keep it on," she told the girl, and sat down to fill out the paperwork.

She filled out the new patient form and handed over her insurance card, feeling the thrill of being about to commit what must surely be a Federal offense. The receptionist photocopied the card and gave it back to Jessie, looking suspiciously at her tightly-buttoned double-breasted raincoat.

"You're sure you don't want me to take your coat?" the girl repeated. Jessie saw that her name tag said "Marie."

Jessie blushed deeper. "I'm sure, thank you."

"Please have a seat." Jessie did so. On the far side of the glass, Dr. Hannah walked up to the counter. Jessie recognized him from his photo; he was a very good-looking man in his mid-40s with a strong jaw and salt-and-pepper hair. Dr. Hannah looked Jessie over as he passed. She shivered under her bulky coat. He disappeared into the back. A few minutes later, Marie came around, opened the office door and said "Jessie? Come on back."

Marie did not take Jessie's bl**d pressure or weigh her; instead, she led Jessie right to an exam room. She opened the door, emblazoned "#3." "Please undress from the waist down; you'll find a gown on the counter. You can leave your shoes on," Marie added, with a slightly disapproving glance at Jessie's high-heeled pumps, "...and get on the table. You know the drill." She pursed her lips.

"Thank you," said Jessie, and entered the room.

As soon as the receptionist was gone, Jessie unbuttoned her raincoat and took it off. She wore neither bra nor panties underneath, and she did not don the gown.

Instead, Jessie climbed mostly naked onto the exam table, which was tipped up in a sitting position, and obediently put her feet in the stirrups, spreading her legs wide. The cool air of the examination room brought out goosebumps on the smooth flesh of her freshly shaved sex. Her nipples stood hard, almost painfully so. She let her hands rest on her spread thighs, her fingers toying with the satin straps where her garters met the lace tops of her white stockings.

Jessie's heart pounded and her breath came short; she stared at the back of the door, feeling the fear and exhilaration from knowing it was open. Several long agonizing minutes passed; every time she heard footsteps going by in the hall outside, Jessie fought the urge to jump up and put on her coat.

She almost fainted with fear when the door finally opened. There was a split-second of utter terror until she saw that it was indeed Dr. Hannah, and that although she could see into the hallway over his shoulder, it was empty.

Then Dr. Hannah stood there with the door open, displaying shock, looking Jessie over with mingled surprise and pleasure. Jessie almost cried out to beg him to close the door, but he took his time. For a few moments Jessie thought he was going to leave it open through the exam. When she heard more footsteps -- one of the nurses, probably -- coming down the hallway outside, Jessie almost moved her hands to cover herself.

Dr. Hannah closed the door before the footsteps arrived. But he did not lock it behind him, a fact which made Jessie's heart pound harder as he looked over the documents on the clipboard.

"You're Jessie Adams," he said, and she nodded nervously. "I see you've made yourself comfortable."

"Yes, Doctor," she said breathlessly. "I'm hoping for a complete exam."

The doctor's eyes roved from top to bottom and back again over Jessie's mostly naked body, taking in her long dark hair, her full red-painted lips, her bare breasts tipped by nipples that were obviously hard, her naked belly bridged by a skimpy white garter belt, her lace-top white stockings and red stiletto-heeled shoes tucked into the stirrups. His dark eyes met her bright green ones and he smiled wickedly, then let his eyes take a slower circuit, approving of the curve of her breasts, the smoothness of her shaved pussy, apparently pleased that the photos she'd sent were, in fact, recent.

"Oh, I'll give you a complete exam," he said. "But what seems to be the problem?"

"Hypersexuality," she said breathlessly. "The desire to engage in human sexual behavior at a level high enough to be considered clinically significant."

Dr. Hannah pursed his lips disapprovingly. "I'll be the judge of that," he said. "A word to the wise, Miss -- if there's one thing doctors hate, it's self-diagnosers. Sounds like you've been reading Wikipedia."

Jessie blushed. Dr. Hannah stepped up to the counter, his back to Jessie, and took out two disposable rubber gloves. He pulled them on with snaps, then reached out to the pump dispenser. Jessie never thought the gurgling sound of a pump could make her go all wet inside like that, but it did. When the doctor turned around with one gloved hand glistening, Jessie's eyes went wide.

"Aren't you going to lock the door, Doctor?"

His eyes looked deep into hers. "Why?" he asked. "Afraid somebody will see something?"

Jessie couldn't suppress it; as his slick, cold, gloved hand found her sex and slid in -- two fingers, stiff and clinical, she let out a gasp and then a low moan. Her pussy had been moistening since she'd stepped out of the shower, all freshly-smooth and ready for her date. As his fingers slid into her, the businesslike feel of them invading her wet and ready sex sent a shudder all over her body and she said "Oh God, oh God oh my fucking God." He began to finger her, feeling for the swell of her G-spot, testing the depth of her cunt, touching the firmness of her cervix deep inside. He probed firmly at first with two fingers, then three, filling her as his fingers worked in and out in as businesslike a fashion as a deep finger-fuck could offer. Jessie moaned softly. Her eyes blurred; she surged off the exam table and found herself bent forward, pressed against the doctor, her palms flat on his chest, his scent filling her nostrils, mingling with the smell of antiseptic and latex and medicine as he fucked her.

"Ms. Adams," growled the doctor, his fingers thrust deep inside her, the tips curved against her swollen G-spot, his thumb on her firm clit. "If you won't stay on the table, I'm going to restrain you. And if you moan one more time, I'm going to have to take care of that, too."

Jessie shivered all over as she relaxed back into the chair, struggling not to moan. She bit her lip as the doctor began to finger her again, thumbing her clit as he did so. His other hand found one firm C-cup breast and with latex-sheathed fingers he began to caress it, pinching her nipple lightly. When that made her open her mouth wide and fight to stifle a cry of pleasure, he moved to the other breast and teased her nipple till it was even harder, then pinched firmly while working her clit and her G-spot at the same time. Jessie could not hold back; she let out a strangled moan and lunged forward against the doctor, pressing her face into his neck and panting deep, smelling him as he fucked her.

The doctor's fingers came sliding out of her; he stepped back, tsk-ing. The wet glove came snapping off, and a panting Jessie relaxed back into the chair, feeling the horrible emptiness and desperate hunger of her cunt. She let her fingers rest on her splayed thighs and desperately panted "I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Doctor."

"Not good enough," he growled, tossing the single wet glove into the trash bin. "We can't have you groping for me when I’m trying to diagnose you," he said, and went back to the counter, which stood atop a metal cabinet of supplies.

From his pocket he took a ring of keys. He stooped over and unlocked the bottom drawer, fishing around in it. Jessie heard the rattle of metal and the swish of straps, and she'd figured out what was coming just as he turned around.

Dr. Hannah came toward her holding two pairs of leather restraints, a black collar, a pair of nipple clamps and a ball gag. The ball gag had a fat leather strap and a padlock, and the collar had a chain attached.

Jessie's head spun; she couldn't believe she was going through with this. She tried to close her thighs as Dr. Hannah came to her, but he put his hand firmly on her knee, looked her in the eyes and said "No." His firm gaze and that single word melted her and she spread her legs and opened her mouth. He pushed the ball gag between her red painted lips; she left a smear of lipstick on his gloved fingers. With his other hand he positioned the strap and clicked the padlock; when she looked frightened he said "No use resisting, you'll have your exam, Miss Adams," and Jessie's cunt tightened against the hungry emptiness he'd left when he withdrew his fingers. She looked down submissively and nodded, and did not look up to meet Dr. Hannah's eyes as he circled the black leather collar around her neck and padlocked it. He tested the collar's chain -- a leash, really -- and attached it to a ring at the back of the exam table, ensuring that there was just enough play for Jessie's minimal comfort, but that she could not sit forward even if she tried.

There was a click as Dr. Hannah padlocked Jessie's leash to the chair; then he went to work strapping her down.

First he secured her wrists with the padded restraints; these attached with locks to the table near her waist. She felt a pounding surge of panic but did not resist as Dr. Hannah buckled and then padlocked the restraints around her ankles.

Once he had her bound, Dr. Hannah stepped back to admire his handiwork. Jessie was secured to the table at ankles and wrists, collared and ball-gagged, and while the ball gag effectively reduced her desperate moans to tiny, faint whimpers, her instinctive struggles against the leather straps made the table creak a little bit, and she was flexible enough to successfully press her knees together.

Dr. Hannah shook his head disapprovingly, went to the drawer, and came back with two thick leather straps. Jessie wriggled in her bonds as he slid one strap around one of her knees and secured it to the side of the table, then cinched it tight. She let out a stifled yelp behind the ball gag as her knee was f***ed wide. He repeated the procedure with her other knee, leaving Jessie forcibly spread and helpless.

Dr. Hannah took a moment to look her over, then went to the counter and got another glove.

Before he could snap it on, the intercom crackled.

"Doctor, I’m finished for the day. Everyone else is gone. May I lock up and go home?" It was Marie's voice.

Struggling against the restraints, feeling her lips tight against the gag, Jessie tried to cry out as the intercom went quiet, just to see if she could. All that came out was a muffled moan, halfway between fear and pleasure, but the sound of it excited her. The doctor shot her a disapproving look and showed his contempt for her attempts at escape by leaning over and hitting the intercom button.

Though she hungered to struggle, Jessie remained quiet; she didn't really want the receptionist to know what was going on in here. In fact, the knowledge that she was about to be left alone in the office with this semi-stranger made Jessie's whole body ache with sensation. She looked him over hungrily, knowing that once they were alone he would use her -- lube her up and use her, fucking her as she lay helpless strapped to the table, fighting fruitlessly against the tight restraints. She arched her back and pushed her pelvis into the air, clenching the muscles of her sex tightly as she fought. She was helpless. there was no escape. It was about to happen. She'd be left alone with the doctor, and he'd fuck her. With a whimper behind the ball gag, she let the fight go out of her muscles, and relaxed all over with a shudder.

"Not just yet," said Dr. Hannah. "I have an exam I need help with. Come into Number 3."

Jessie's muscles went taut against the bonds. Her eyes went wide. She had not expected this; bound, exposed, fingered, even fucked in front of another woman? Had she even checked that box on her fetish form?

Dr. Hannah looked at her with a cruel grin. He looked from one of her hands to the other; she had only to cross her index and middle fingers of both hands and he'd release her, she knew. Staring at him, she saw the fire in his eyes, felt the hunger in her pussy. She spread her fingers very wide apart, saw him smile, chuckle with satisfaction.

Dr. Hannah smiled and said, "I guess the gag's no longer necessary -- but I like you better with it." He snapped the glove on and lubed up his fingers, taking his place between Jessie's strapped-open legs. He slid his slick fingers deep into her, not pausing for two but forcing three right into her, finding her G-spot easily, using his thumb on her clit while he caressed her sensitive nipples. She could feel his cock swelling hard against her leg as he leaned forward to finger her deeper. Jessie's eyes rolled back in her head as he finger fucked her. God, she was going to fucking cum. She was going to cum so hard she was going to scream behind the gag. She was so close.

Jessie heard footsteps in the hall outside. Marie entered the exam room. She looked over Jessie's bound and mostly nude body, writhing on the doctor's hand, and said "I see you do indeed know the drill, Ms. Adams."

Jessie could only respond with a muffled groan from behind the gag. Dr. Hannah took his fingers out of her.

"How can I help, Doctor?" asked Marie.

"She's diagnosed herself," he said darkly. "With hypersexuality. What do you think?"

Marie approached Jessie and leaned down to peer at her cunt. The receptionist's fingers slid up Jessie's inner thighs and began to caress Jessie's smooth, dripping sex. Jessie squirmed in her bonds.

"It's possible," said Marie. "There's a lot of it going around."

Dr. Hannah snapped off his gloves and discarded them, then held out a fresh pair for Marie. "She checked heterosexual on her intake form," said the Doctor. "But she also checked ‘Anything goes.’ Let's find out which impulse is stronger. No need for lube."

"Yes, Doctor," said Marie obediently. Jessie breathed hard behind the gag as the receptionist put her gloves on and slid her fingers deep into Jessie's sex. Jessie's eyes rolled back. She shivered all over as Marie's slender fingers, two of them, began to caress her clit, her vulva, her cunt. The Doctor came around behind Jessie and reached over her shoulders, caressing her tits as Marie fingered her deeply. Jessie writhed.

"What do you think?" asked Dr. Hannah.

"She's definitely going to cum," said Marie.

"Then let's make it more interesting," said Dr. Hannah. "If she's hypersexual, no reason not to use her good. If she ever gets cured, we'll wish we had."

Jessie was so close to cumming she barely understood what was about to happen to her; she just wanted more, harder, deeper. Marie continued to finger her -- but went slower and slower with each stroke, and Jessie realized Marie intended to make her wait. Then Jessie felt Marie's lube-slick fingers coming out of her, going down further, finding the tight hole against the edge of the exam table, teasing its opening while her other hand went deep inside Jessie's cunt again. "Anal play" -- she'd checked it, all right, which was another case of her adventurous libido being greater than her experience level. A thousand horny fantasies of being fucked in the ass so hard she begged for more didn't mean she'd ever actually done it yet -- she was a virgin there.

But there was no backing out now, not without interrupting her exam, and that was the last thing Jessie wanted to do. Still, the tautness in Jessie's fingers as she felt Marie caressing her ass derived from the comforting knowledge she could cross her fingers and call a halt to the scene if she decided she could not lose her anal virginity here, with strangers, in an exam room. But as she felt the slick fingertips caressing her rear hole, it became clear there was no reason for Jessie to be reluctant; the skill in Marie's fingers was obvious. How many anal virgins had she deflowered right here on this very exam table? Nervous but eager, Jessie surrendered her ass to Marie's control.

Marie expertly teased open Jessie's ass, relaxing it more with each caress. Lube dribbled out of Jessie's slicked-up pussy and eased the surrender of her unopened back door. Finally the receptionist slid two fingers into the virgin entrance, and Jessie felt it opening up as she surrendered. Unexpected pleasure made her shiver all over as she was penetrated in both holes.

Marie continued to finger Jessie in ass and pussy both as Jessie felt the Doctor's arm steadying her. He pulled the pin from the exam table and tipped her back, stretching her out on her back. Marie's fingers disappeared from her pussy, and Jessie whimpered. Before Jessie knew what was happening, the doctor had tightened her leash to tip her head back, and unfastened his own pants, slipping his cock out and rubbing over her drool-moistened lips, f***ed wide around the ball gag. The scent of his cock intoxicated her; Jessie felt his cockhead leaking pre-come as he rubbed it on her face as he deftly unlocked the ball gag and pulled it out of her mouth.

She gasped for air as he steadied her head with her neck stretched easily back. He guided his cockhead to her lips and began to penetrate her mouth.

"Deep-throating" -- yes, she suddenly realized, she checked it. She felt Marie's fingers opening her ass wider -- three fingers, now, as she relaxed, as her clit and G-spot ached against the skilled fingers, new pleasures surging deep in Jessie's body as she got ready to be entered as she'd never been entered before -- she'd wrestled over whether to check it or not, and as Jessie felt his glorious cock sliding rhythmically into her mouth, deeper with each thrust, Jessie racked her brains to remember if she'd checked "face fucking" or not -- she'd gone wet to the knees when she read it, and she was pretty sure she'd checked yes. "Oh God," she thought, "I'm going to be face-fucked," and that worked for her so well that she spread her fingers and flexed them just to make sure she didn't accidentally cross a couple of them.

Jessie felt Marie's fingers coming out of her ass and pussy; she was so close to cumming, and Marie knew it. Jessie could feel the empty hunger as her cunt and ass quivered with the sudden vacancy; She would have begged for more, but her mouth was full, and she was about to be fucked in an entirely different way.

Suspended between fear and eagerness, Jessie took a deep breath around Dr. Hannah's cock and let his cockhead find the entrance to her throat; she obediently tried to take it as he slid into her. She felt her throat contracting at the first pressure, then again at the second; he let her breathe and held her head more firmly, looking at her hands and seeing the fingers spread, tight with hunger. She inhaled deeply; he slid firmly into her throat and she took him, her whole body surging with pleasure as she felt herself fucked till she was filled.

Relaxing and opening wide around Dr. Hannah's cock, Jessie surrendered to him, letting him guide her. She remained still as he used her throat, letting her get a breath after every few thrusts; after long minutes of being fucked that way her throat felt open, eager, used. He pulled back and laid his wet cockhead against her lips, and Jessie obediently began to make love to it. She extended her tongue and slurped eagerly from the head to the shaft to the balls, and Dr. Hannah guided his cock from her lips to cheeks to her throat to hair to breasts, letting Jessie follow it with her hungrily lapping tongue. Then he held her firmly and slid back into her, letting her breathe deep before he entered her throat and began to fuck her rhythmically.

Jessie surrendered to the deep fucking of her face, her whole body relaxing in her bonds. That's when she felt the pressure of Marie's body between her f***ed-open thighs; Marie was no longer wearing her lab coat, but she was wearing something else entirely, and the feel of it at Jessie's entrance made the helpless girl gasp and cough around Dr. Hannah's cock.

Dr. Hannah pulled out of Jessie's mouth, leaving a glistening string of drool between his cockhead and her wet, lipstick-smeared lips. He let Jessie look down to see herself about to be penetrated, her legs strapped open and spread wide, Marie now stripped nude except for a black collar and a black leather harness and the glistening black dildo jutting out of it. Her teacup breasts were freckled and perfect, capped by pale pink nipples. On the redhead's girl-next-door face was a savage look of pleasure as she prepared to fuck Jessie.

Panting, her face wet with spittle and the Doctor's sweat and pre-cum, Jessie stared at Marie and moaned.

The dildo's thick head was big enough that even after the long wet finger-fucking Jessie's ready cunt and ass had received, Marie needed to part Jessie's lips with her fingers in order to get it properly into her. Jessie's eyes went wide and she uttered a gasping "Oh fuck! Jesus..." as she was penetrated, the thick lubed head popping into her and sliding easily against her G-spot as Marie's body tipped forward to press against Jessie's. Marie was just tall enough to lean forward and give Dr. Hannah's cock a wet slurp above Jessie's face as she penetrated Jessie to maximum depth, coaxing another expletive from the patient. Then, hand wrapping around the swollen organ, Marie bent down and kissed Jessie open-mouthed, the first time Jessie had ever really kissed a girl. The feeling of the deep feminine kiss, so different than a man's kiss, made Jessie's body tingle all over; the fact that she was receiving it while Marie's strap-on was thrust up deep into her cunt was enough to make her head spin.

Marie withdrew her tongue from Jessie's mouth, still holding Dr. Hannah's cock. Marie guided it down to Jessie's mouth, and the patient opened wide to let Dr. Hannah face-fuck her as Marie took hold of Jessie's opened thighs and began to fuck her.

Jessie could feel every inch of the shaft sliding deep into her cunt as Dr. Hannah gripped her hair and slid, gently at first, deep into her throat. Jessie relaxed around his shaft and let him sink deep into her. He began to slide again and again down her throat, pulling out every few thrusts to let her catch her breath, and Jessie writhed pinned between the two as Marie rhythmically filled her cunt with the big dildo. As Dr. Hannah drew back further and more often, it was obvious that he was getting ready to cum, and her throat was tight and receptive enough to get him off with only a few more thrusts. Hungry for it, she opened wide and let him take her mouth as he wanted it. Drool ran everywhere; her pussy, too, was running wet, and she was going to cum so soon she could have beaten him to it.

But then Marie drew back, letting the head of her cock spread Jessie's entrance. Jessie let out a whimper, said desperately, "Please," but never stopped making love to Dr. Hannah's cock, which he guided all over her face to keep the job interesting for her. Then the big, fat head of Marie's cock stretched Jessie wide, wider, still wider till her eyes rolled back -- and it popped out. Jessie continued to eagerly suck the Doctor's cock even as she heard thhe gurgling sound of the lube bottle. Had she been in her right mind, that sound would have told her exactly what was about to happen to her, but Jessie was so close to cumming she was far from her right mind, and totally absorbed with the task of servicing Dr. Hannah's hard prick.

Her ass was already lubricated, relaxed and opened, but the size of the cock presented a challenge. Jessie whimpered as she struggled to relax around the pressure of the huge cockhead; her mouth working against the side of Dr. Hannah's cock, she looked up at Marie as if to beg her to be gentle. But Marie was already testing the tightness of Jessie's ass, and knew exactly how to tease her so she opened for it. Their eyes met as Marie began to finger Jessie's pussy, easing her toward orgasm. As she mounted closer, the pressure of the dildo increased and Jessie's ass felt hungry, wanting it more with every stroke of Marie's fingers into her cunt; when the firm thrust finally came, Jessie opened for her first anal fuck like she'd always dreamed she would. Her asshole stretched around the dildo's thick head and relaxed onto the shaft, as Marie slid her fingers out of Jessie's cunt and leaned forward to seized Dr. Hannah's cock, guiding it back into Jessie's mouth.

Jessie mouth opened eagerly for the Doctor's cock, but this time she was not going to be fucked there. Marie knew that the doctor was going to cum, and she stroked his shaft as Jessie's lips circled the head. Marie leaned forward and kissed the doctor deeply, pumping his cock as her cock found its deepest point inside Jessie's virgin ass, fucking the patient to the hilt. The doctor's firm hand -- there was no mistaking that sure touch -- began to work Jessie's clit, then filled her pussy with two fingers curved so his palm could press her swollen nub and bring her off. It worked like a charm -- Jessie began to cum uncontrollably, ass filled with cock, pussy stretched by three fingers, clit surging against the doctor's thumb. Pleasure exploded though her body as the warm slickness and sharp taste of Dr. Hannah's cum flooded her mouth. She swallowed easily, hungry for more, taking every pulse of semen until the doctor's cock began to soften in her mouth and Marie's hand ceased its pumping.

Dr. Hannah withdrew; Jessie lay whimpering and moaning on the table as Marie drew back, too, that impossibly thick cockhead teasing open the tight entrance of Jessie's ass until finally, with a pop, it came free. Jessie looked down into the pretty freckled face, and Marie stared ravenous at her; she pulled buckles quickly and the harness and heavy dildo hit the ground with a thump. Marie climbed onto her helpless patient and pressed her mouth hard to Jessie's, closing her thighs tight on Jessie's leg.

As Jessie accepted the kiss, she felt Marie savagely rubbing her wet sex on her leg. She struggled against her bonds, trying to press her knee against the receptionist's clit, but she was bound too well. Jessie heard the snap of a rubber glove, and saw Dr. Hannah taking his place behind Marie; his fingers went easily into her and Marie's mouth came off of Jessie's, the receptionist gasping "Oh my fucking God" as she surged forward and then, moaning, pushed back onto the doctor's hand. He went deep and fucked her expertly, her naked body sliding against Jessie rhythmically until Marie let out a cry and came on his fingers. She trembled all over and relaxed against Jessie's body, kissing her again and then licking her way down to Jessie's breasts, suckling her sensitive nipples.

Jessie took a deep breath as she felt Dr. Hannah unlocking the padlocks, unfastening the straps. Marie remained against her, uttering a soft purring sound as she caressed Jessie's nipples with her tongue. When Jessie's limbs came free she put her arms around Marie and began caressing the receptionist's nude body; Marie moaned softly, but Dr. Hannah reached around and hooked his index finger through the thick ring of Marie's collar, pulling the naked receptionist away.

Marie obediently climbed off of Jessie, standing naked and panting beside the table.

Dr. Hannah tsk-ed, guiding Marie away. Marie dutifully picked up her lab coat and began to put it on, leaving the rest of her clothes on the exam room floor.

"If you want to make love to her," said Dr. Hannah as Marie buttoned her coat, "You'll have to make a follow-up visit."

Jessie stared after Marie as she left the room. She lay there, wet and sticky and panting, her wrists still feeling the straps even though they'd been removed.

Dr. Hannah fastened his pants, made a few notes on her chart. He looked Jessie up and down and smiled.

"See the receptionist on your way out," he said, and left the room.

Jessie decided not put on her coat before doing so. She'd decided she wanted a follow-up visit after all, and it was definitely an emergency.

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