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My earliest memories of masturbation were in my room, listening in to my mom down the hall. She was quite vocal and depending on the men she brought home and how much alcohol she had determined how vocal. I had started sneaking her panties out of the clothes hamper and sometimes wore them, sometimes used them to stroke my young eager cock. Closing my eyes I can still hear the creaking of the bed from her room, her moan, starting out soft and quiet and building in intensity. Hearing the a****l like groans and grunts of the guy fucking her, getting faster, the bed creaking and banging up against the wall. I'd close my eyes and stroke my cock in rythym to their fucking, imagining it was my cock sliding in the mature wet cunt, imagining it was my eyes she was looking into as I touched her body. Her screams of "yes baby" and "oh my god YESS" were directed at my loving, my thrusts. Imagining seeing arms grasping the headboard as my passion increased, thrusting into her. God mom, yes, take it I'd say to myself, listening to her scream out in passion. Stroking my cock , the material of her panties so soft against it as I jerked off, my load shooting out, sometimes captured by the panties, sometimes landing on my chest, face, bed. Filling her panties with my cum would be the closest I'd get to filling her with my cum.
Posted by D_Dan 2 years ago
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