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Growing up as we did in a small trailer it was hard to keep alot of things private, and with a sexually active single mother at the other end of the trailer I got quite the early education.

I'd remember laying in bed when she'd come home from a date or when she'd get a male visitor late at night. It would usually start out quiet, an attempt to be discrete but that would only last so long. You'd hear the bed start banging, low a****l grunts of her male lover starting to get louder, but then I'd hear those noises that really get me excited, her voice, moaning, calling out, groaning as her sexual passion grew. I'd reach down, wrap my hands around my stiff cock. Sometimes I'd have her panties in bed with me, sometimes wearing them, sometimes just wrapping them around my cock. I'd stroke my cock as I'd listen to her, hearing her passion as she was fucked, imagining it was my cock pounding into her. She could get loud, if she had been drinking or high she'd get really loud, lots of "Oh gods and fuck yeahs" would come out of her mouth. As her voice got louder, as the bed banging grew faster, I'd stroke faster, imagining what her face must look like as she's looking into my eyes as I'm fucking her, driving my cock into her. . .
Posted by D_Dan 2 years ago
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10 days ago
I think I'd have wanted to watch and maybe taste her after each fuck while she slept
1 year ago
mmmm nice
1 year ago
lucky son