First time with another guy

I've been reading stories on this site for a long time. I'm a bisexual male who would like share my first time experience. I was spending the summer at my uncles, helping out around his small farm as he was gone alot because his regular job was as an over the road trucker. I enjoyed the freedom I enjoyed staying with him. I lived in a small trailer with my mom and s****r and it was crowded, not a lot of privacy. I enjoyed the guy time. Up to this time I had limited sexual activity. I had only been with one girl. I had thoughts about guys but had never really saw myself as gay or bi. I bonded quickly with my uncle. He allowed me access to his porn and I ate it up hungrily. As I grew more comfortable around his place, nudity became more common. He was a nudist, at least at home. The thrill of being naked so casually thrilled me. And as I realized so did knowing someone was looking at me. My comfort level grew to where I would with no shame watch porn in the same room with him, feeling comfortable to stroke my stiff prick. One afternoon I remember vividly. I was on the couch, naked with a porn in. He brought me a can of beer and sat in his chair. As I was sipping the beer and stroking my cock, I realized that I had stopped watching the movie. My eyes as they were alot recetnly were fixated on my uncle, sitting naked in his chair, his stiff dick in his hand. As I was staring at him I realized neither of us were watching the movie, he was looking right at me. As our eyes looked into each other I felt a weird sensation as he looked at me. I got nervous. Without a word he slipped over to the couch, sitting next to me. I was scared, nervous. I had never been this close to an aroused male before. He asked me if I was okay. My throat was dry, I was super nervous but my head nodded yes. His one arm slipped over my shoulders, his other hand gently wrapped around my hard cock. He expertly stroked my cock, touching me as no one had ever up to that point. I remember closing my eyes, his touch electric, his left hand on my shoulder as he increased the pressure on my dick. My load spurted out, way too soon. The hot spray hitting my face and his . . . when the moment passed I was flooded with so many mixed emotions but his gentle touch and calm voice calmed me down. still trembling I watched him lean back, his expert hand going to his own cock, stroking it to his own conclusion.
That one moment led me down a whole new path . . . it wasn't long before my hand was returning the favor. And soon it was more than hands . . .
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11 months ago
great story, got me hard!
1 year ago
Awesome story bro !
1 year ago
nothing better
2 years ago
2 years ago
this is beste sorti in whol world. and enot writtern by fuknut.
2 years ago
hot and so real. family is the best when your young and learning.
2 years ago
VERY hot but there has to be more please!!!!
2 years ago
dont stop now!!!
2 years ago
hot experience