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Listening in

My earliest memories of masturbation were in my room, listening in to my mom down the hall. She was quite vocal and depending on the men she brought home and how much alcohol she had determined how vocal. I had started sneaking her panties out of the clothes hamper and sometimes wore them, sometimes used them to stroke my young eager cock. Closing my eyes I can still hear the creaking of the bed from her room, her moan, starting out soft and quiet and building in intensity. Hearing the a****l like groans and grunts of the guy fucking her, getting faster, the bed creaking and banging up aga... Continue»
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Listening In

Growing up as we did in a small trailer it was hard to keep alot of things private, and with a sexually active single mother at the other end of the trailer I got quite the early education.

I'd remember laying in bed when she'd come home from a date or when she'd get a male visitor late at night. It would usually start out quiet, an attempt to be discrete but that would only last so long. You'd hear the bed start banging, low a****l grunts of her male lover starting to get louder, but then I'd hear those noises that really get me excited, her voice, moaning, calling out, groaning as her s... Continue»
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[Story] My first time giving a blowjob

This is my second story to post here. My first effort was a true story about my first time with a male, who happened to be my uncle. After that first time we continued to play, mostly just mutual masturbation and he performed oral sex on me a couple times. I was so excited to return the favor, I wanted his dick in my mouth in the worst way.

I had just come in from doing some outside chores, he was sitting on the couch, drinking a beer. We were both nude, which was the common mode of dress around his small farm. Depending on the type of outside chores that needed to get done we might ... Continue»
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[Story] First time with another guy

I've been reading stories on this site for a long time. I'm a bisexual male who would like share my first time experience. I was spending the summer at my uncles, helping out around his small farm as he was gone alot because his regular job was as an over the road trucker. I enjoyed the freedom I enjoyed staying with him. I lived in a small trailer with my mom and s****r and it was crowded, not a lot of privacy. I enjoyed the guy time. Up to this time I had limited sexual activity. I had only been with one girl. I had thoughts about guys but had never really saw myself as gay or bi. I ... Continue»
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