Something wicked this way comes.

Hans had grown up in a small out of the way village in the mountains and for over 20 years he had been hearing horror stories about the hateful, scary witches that roamed in the forrests.all the grown ups spoke of how they all were wretched old hags that tricked women with the lore of love-potions, cursed men with boils and even k**napped young c***dren to either eat them or f***e them to be like them. And just like everyone else the young man never questioned this, witches was horrid evil hags and that was that.
He was a tall and unnaturally skinny man, to the point that he had been picked on by the boys and shunned by the girls all his life so it was natural for him to take any excuse he could to go on long travels. His father needed him to take a wagon to the town a day ride away ever so often, gods to sell and supplies to buy for his business and Hans had done it a hundred times without any problems at all.

It was time again and he had been prepared for it for almost a week, it was going to be great to get away for a few days there was only one problem, a big storm was brewing and it was making his mother plead for him to stay home. Hans had his ears chewed raw in the few hours he had been awake this morning, the sweet blond woman was already worried sick and told him over and over again how he didn't have to go, how he should stay home. But he wasn't having it, he needed to get out, away from those assholes so he was on the wagon on schedule. The blond man kissed his mother good bye and reassured his father he would get as good prices he could, just like always. With a smack with the reins he was off out into the wilderness and heavy rain.
With a big green cloak tightly wrapped around him Hans tried his best to maneuver the old horse down the trail, the vision was bad in fact it was so bad the Hans could hardly see more then a few feet infront of him, he was getting cold even though he had left home just a mere half an hour ago. The roaring wind was screaming in his ears while the rain clouded his sight and then disaster came in the form of lightning. The bright flash was blinding and it spooked the horse so bad that he reared up,

Everything was going so slow, he could almost feel every cell in his body screaming to him about how fucked they were, the horse panicked, reared and trashed around and kicked one of the wheels making the whole wagon to roll down the mountain side dragging the horse down with it and Hans would have seen the poor a****l getting slammed to death if he himself hadn't falling down and hit his head against a box.

The girl that peaked in to the glade, was beauty with curly blonde hair, eyes blue as the water, button nose and the softest fullest lips. She was dressed in a long green dress that almost looked like it was made out of leaves, it was just tight enough to accent her soft curves. Her head tilted slightly as she scanned the scene, the wagon was crushed to firewood, boxes and shit was every where..And.. There was someone there. Sofie was to curious for her own good for sure, she quickly ran barefoot across the wet grass and kneeled beside the wet and passed out man.
The young witch turned him around to his back before she took a hold of his ripped shirt and dragged him all the way to her house, the poor man was cold as ice and drenched to the bones. She didn't like how skinny the man was, how light he felt. Soon as they where inside the hut Sofie but the boy into her bed, he needed to be warmed up, he needed..She swallowed hard, he needed body heat. With bright red cheeks the young woman fumbled with the buttons to his shirt, one after one they came undone exposing more and more of his slime but well defined chest and stomach. She sighed as she felt his muscles under her fingers, it was the first time she had ever done something like this but she was a witch and she knew her duties to nature.
She turned even redder as it was time to unbutton the man's pants, she knew what she was going to see, she had heard about the differences between males and females long ago but that didn't make it any less embarrassing or exciting. One breath... Another as the button came undone and then she held it in as she slowly pulled the pants down his thighs and then off him, she took it all in, Hans well defined tights, stomach and chest and then his member.
She exhaled and took another deep breath before reaching back and unhooking the shoulder straps to the dress, it feel to the wooden floor with a soft swooshing sound leaving her as skyclad as her guest. Her young voluptuous was in stark contrast to his, where is was just skin and bones she had curves to die for, with cream white thighs that looked heaven to touch, wide hips and a behind that was just plump and round enough to sway when she walked without losing it's firmness, her breasts were perky and a perfect handful each with light pink areola and for a few seconds she just stood there looking at the young man in her bed.

Sofie climbed into bed next to the cold man and pulled the cover close around them, Hans skin made her shiver, made her hair to stand on edge and to her added embarrassment made her pink nipples to get hard as stone...But Even though the girl in her wanted to run away in that embarrassment the witch in her pulled her closer to him, wrapped her hands around him and started stroking his arms and chest..Fingers dancing over his slime frame..He sighed as her hesitant hand came down to his stomach. He sighed again as her fingers came across his bellybutton, she liked the feel of his muscles rising in every breath. And then she felt something touch against her hand..Something hard and vibrant and a small yelp passed her lips, it had surprised her, but apparently not that much since she felt her fingers close hard his hard length.


Too be continued, I hope you liked it.
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3 years ago
Hans is indeed too skinny... But I'll warm him right up < 3
3 years ago
wonderful hot start
3 years ago
Very good start. Can't wait for the rest.