The Perfect Amount of Pleasure and Pain

I woke up last Sunday in what I can only describe as a sex dungeon. I was bound in a Christ-like pose by chains in a dark room with no windows lit only by candles. I had no idea where I was or what was happening to me... all I knew is it made me more wet than I've ever been. A door creaked open behind me and two women wearing black latex masks... and nothing else. They were bound with ropes behind their arms and a third woman stood in front of them, holding a leather leash that was attached to both of their masks. The third woman was older, but she was so attractive. Just something about her made me crazy. She wore black latex thigh-highs and had a cigarette in between her red lips. Her black robe was open and I could see her big amazing tits. I subconsiously bit my lower lip to stop myself from moaning out loud. She noticed the gesture, and smiled. "I think she likes me, girls." she said in a sexy British accent. She went behind the other two women and took the leash off them and then said, smiling, "Have your way with her." She walked to the other end of the room and sat on a black stool. The two sex slaves approached me, one holding a candle in her hand the other holding a black studded rod. The removed my chains and guided me down onto a table. I don't know why I didn't resist... something about this situation made me want to be fuck like crazy. They chained me onto the table, and the girl with the candle began to drip hot wax on my tits. The pain was incredible. I felt like if someone touched my clit right now I'd explode. But they wouldn't give me any such pleasure. The other girl put down the studded rod and picked up a whip. She began to lightly whip my feet. She'd start light, but would increase how hard she hit until I let out a moan of pleasure. When she began to whip my legs, slowly going up my thighs, I realized that she was going to hit me in the pussy. The thought frightend me at first... however, after she whipped my inner thigh, I knew how bad I wanted it. The other girl poured some hot wax on my tummy, sending another sting of pleasure throughout my entire body. I craned my neck to see the hot older woman to see her sitting spread eagle on the stool rubbing her clit with one hand and grabbing a tit with the other, smiling and staring right into my eyes. The hot wax girl just kept on drizzling my torso with hot wax like the it was the jizz of Satan. I started giving out yelps of both pain and pleasure, half wanting to stop the pain and half wanting it to never end. The older woman stood up and said "Stop. She's had enough of you two." The sex slaves left my vision and went back where they came from. The woman walked up to me and kissed me on the mouth. When she was done, she put out her cigarrete right next to me ear and whispered "You're going to eat my pussy, and you're going to like it." Something about her breathy British accent made me so hot. She released me from my bondage and lied in my place, spreading her legs wide open. This was my opprotunity to get out, and yet I was so enticed to just get on my knees and eat her out. I couldn't help it... I got down on my knees and began to eat her out furiously. She moaned and writed in pleasure. I had never had a lesbian experience before, but I must have been doing a good job. She clame within a minute, and when she did she pushed me back with the heel of her thigh-highs. She stood up and told me to get down on all fours. I did, and then she made me lick her boots. As I did, she whipped me on my back, harder and harder. I wanted to touch myself so bad. She told me to stop and lie down on the table again. I did so eagarly, hoping it was my turn to come. And thank God, it was. She took out a new toy. It was just a black dildo, but it was the biggest one I had ever seen. She pressed a small button and it turned on. Before she put it in me, she chained me up again. After all my limbs were bound, she pressed the vibrating cock right on my clit and as I predicted, I exploded in an impossible amount of pleasure. She shoved the vibrating cock into me deeper and deeper. Every time she went another centimeter I wanted to scream out, begging her to stop. But I never did... because it felt so good. When I finally came, I was exausted. My body went limp on the wooden table and she walked away from me, tying up her tobe and lighting another cigarette. She turned to me and said "I'll see you tomorrow, darling." and she gave me a final wink before dissapearing.
I wish that day had never ended. As I drifted off to sl**p, I realized I would probably never come like that again. Not without that beautiful mistress to ensure I did. It was the perfect amount of pleasure... and pain.
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