First time

This is the story of how I became the freak I am today,for the stories sake I will go by the name Hunter. when I was fifteen I had to get a summer job and the only work I could find was an ad for chores around the house of a couple. The woman was named Sarah and she was in her fifties and looked like Margaret Cho the asian comedian (who I now love because I associate her with this and because she's into bi and gay guys and she's a freak) and her husband steven was the same age, he had gray hair with a mustache and he was 6'4 and a bodybuilder. Steven was very intimidating but Sarah was very flirty and it was almost awkward. There were two other boys who were my age that I did not know named Luke and Andrew. We were three scrawny fifteen year old nerds who had almost no experience with women. At first I thought they needed three boys to work for them because the house was so big and fancy but now I realize that this was all planned. Steven left town on business and Sarah invited us to help her with something in the bedroom. The three of us knew what was going to happen but we had no idea how crazy it would get and we were so nervous and aroused that our cocks were almost popping out of our shorts. She french kissed each one of us for a minute before kissing the other . She began to undress and as she removed her thong standing before us totally nude the three of us froze as we looked at her voluptous bbw body.

"Now you boys take your clothes off "
she said softly while she stared and grinned as we took of our shorts and t shirts.

"Very nice"
she said looking at our raging erections as she walked over and caressed our faces and chest. I glanced at Luke and Andrew and noticed their penises were both six inches which was the same size as mine at the time and if they were like me then their cocks have never been bigger or harder than that moment.

"I love teenage boys... they are so smooth and slender, they have baby soft skin and they can fuck all night like little bunnies. I like the boys who have only been shaving for a couple of years."

she gave us each a big sloppy kiss and stroked our cocks with one finger smiling when they would spring up fully erect again. Then she laid down on the bed pulling Luke on top of her guiding his cock inside her pussy. Luke was moaning and gasping as he began to thrust in and out of her after about ten pumps he moaned loudly and began to shake on top of her as he came inside her. I froze looking at her dripping pussy.

"Good job baby" she said as she deeply kissed him and pushed him off her as she pulled me on top of her, put her hand around my cock and putting it inside her. As I pushed my cock into the first pussy I ever had my eyes rolled to the back of my head while I gasped. I savored every inch as I slowy slid into her amazed how warm and wet her pussy was then realizing that part of the reason she was so warm and wet was because she just had another boy my age cum inside her. I felt my cock begin to throb and then just like Luke I came in her after less than a minute. I was shaking as she kissed me and pushed me off her and I could not believe how sensitive my penis was. She pushed me off and pulled Andrew on top of her he pumed in and out of her no more than seven times before he cried out that he was gonna cum.

"Good job boys now your all men, my sexy little men" she said as she pulled Luke on top of her again and when he slid his dick inside her cum would drip out of her pussy all over Lukes cock. This time Luke lasted about a minute before he came inside her and just like before we took turns getting on Sarah fucking her for as long as we could before we pumped her full of cum. We each took our turn and after about forty five minutes we had each cum three or for times and our cocks had not gone down the whole time. we were so turned on as the three of us lost our virginity to this older woman that even after we came three times our cocks were just now finally starting to soften.

"Thats why I love teenage boys because they get those constant rock hard cocks that dont go limp" she said and with that I came for the fourth time deep in her pussy. Andrew stepped up to take his turn and started fucking her but she said he was losing his hard on. She looked over at me and Luke and saw we had lost our hard ons. She told Andrew

"Get off me baby, I want you three to rub your cocks together and swordfight...don't hesitate just do it. The word penis means sword in latin so the penis is supposed to swordfight thats why its called that now rub your cocks together like good little boys"

We stepped forward and began to make the tips of our cocks kiss each other before we started rubbing them on top of one another. With Sarah Watching Andrew's cock got hard again and he climbed back on Sarah and started fucking her again. Sarah looked at Luke and me

"Now I want you two to make out as you rub cocks" Before I could think about it Luke started to kiss me and I just let it happen and after a minute began to kiss him back. I could feel our cocks getting bigger and harder again and I could hear Sarah saying how beautiful it was to watch two boys go at it. Andrew Came inside her again got off her and I began to kiss him while Luke took his fourth or fifth turn fucking Sarah. After about two hours we had each came inside her four or five times and our cocks were covered in the cum from Sarahs pussy. Sarah got off the bed and grabbed the three of us to have a four way tongue kiss.Things only got crazier the days following that. That was the first time I had sex.
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9 months ago
Lucky fuck
10 months ago
Great story!
1 year ago
That is an orgy! Thanks!
3 years ago
Goodness gracious, this only makes me wonder what happened next!
3 years ago
Very hot story!
Life is the biggest porno!
Don't call yourself freak!You are just that you feel!
Enjoy it!
3 years ago
i like u brutus282
3 years ago
got me rock hard too!!
3 years ago
ahhh yes
3 years ago
to be young again
hope you write more of the crazyness that happened after your first time
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Awesome story. Was rock hard reading it.
3 years ago
What a fuckin' wet dream!!!!!