Dinner suprise!!

It was tuesday night, i'd just got back from work and couldn't decide what i was gonna do for dinner. Didn't really fancy another microwave meal, but cooking for myself seems like a waste of time.
So i decided i'd text an ex and see if she wanted to come round and share a homecooked meal with me! I soon got a reply from Sarah who said she'd love to and would bring a bottle with her!! Result!!
Sarah is gorgeous, 5feet 4 inches tall with flowing auburn hair and a fabulous size 12 figure with very firm D cups!
I showered and started on dinner which was everymans fallback dish of spag bol, just as dinner was about ready Sarah arrived wearing a lovely figure skimming summer dress. She looked stunning, showing enough to be sexy without being too obvious, though i could see her pants through the material!
We ate dinner, drank the wine and had a genuinely good laugh, with the usual hint of gentle flirting untill at about 11 Sarah said she should call a taxi as she'd d***k a little too much of the wine to be able to drive home! I told her that there was no need and she could stay over and sl**p in my bed while i slept on the sofa.
Sarah asked if she could borrow a t-shirt to sl**p in so i found her one of my larger gym vests, clean of course, and left her to get changed.
When she walked out of the bathroom she looked even more amazing than before, with a very sexy hint of side boob showing and i got a very firm stirring in my pants, which only got worse when Sarah said that she would feel bad making me sl**p on the sofa and that she had no problem with sharing the bed with me again.
I went to the bathroom and went into the bedroom to find Sarah already in bed, so i turned off the light and slipped under the quilt just wearing my boxers and a hard on!!! We awkwardly wished eachother goodnight and i drifted off to sl**p while trying to ignore my hard on that was not going away!!
I couldn't have been asl**p for long when i started to dream that i was watching Sarah laying on the bed, naked, playing with her gorgeous body listening to her moan as she made herself wetter and wetter, while i stroked my rock hard cock!!
I soon realised that i was only half dreaming, Sarah had rolled over to me, half asl**p and put her arm around me with her hand coming to rest on my dick!Then she'd started rubbing my cock through my boxers, which felt so good i instinctively rolled slightly back toward her and placed my hand onto her bare hip. I could feel that her hips were rocking slightly and her breathing was getting more pronounced so i let me hand slide down from her hip, towards her belly and just as i was letting it get a bit further down i could feel the reason her hips were rocking, she had her other hand inside her own pants slowly rubbing her pussy and clit!!
As my hand met hers she stopped what she was doing but held her pants out for me to replace it with my own, which i duly did and found the juicyest, wettest pussy i'd experienced for ages!!
Sarah had now pulled my boxers down so that she could wank me skin on skin, we still hadn't said a word and that just made it even hornier for me. My fingers were now sliding in and out of her wet pussy and using her juice to lubricate her clit, which i was also giving lots of attention to!
After just a few minutes i could feel Sarah's body starting to tense and knew she was very close to cumming so i applied more pressure on her clit which proved too much for and she came hard soaking my hand and her pants as her pussy squirted three or four times and she screamed so loud!!!
Sarah continued to wank me as came and when she'd recovered she really went to work with longer harder strokes untill i couldn't take it any more and shot a huge load over me and the bed!!
We lay there for a few minutes, still in silence, then drifted off to sl**p. When i woke up, it was morning and Sarah had gone. We have seen eachother since and text regularly, but that night has not been mentioned! Sarah has texted inviting me round to hers tonight and asked me to bring the wine so we'll have to see what happens!!!!

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Excellent story
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Good read
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good story
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Lovely - and hot
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Very hot !
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that was sexy..