Evan and Sara pulled their car into the winding parking lot. The health club was attached precariously to the side of a cliff overlooking the ocean, and the parking lot wound around beneath it. At first it looked as if there were only five or ten cars there, but as they rounded each turn a new little alcove of spaces revealed that the lot probably held closer to 40 or 50 cars. The fog blocked out the setting sun and slicked down the trees.

They walked into the dimly lit lobby. Huge candles burned everywhere and some kind of bass-heavy music throbbed from hidden speakers. A young man at the front desk used a futuristic looking phone to call a personal trainer down from the office. She was a woman in her late 20s with dark black hair and blue eyes. Her name was Alexis and she was going to take the couple on a tour of the facilities.

They walked down a long hallway lined with closed doors. At the end, they found themselves in an expansive weight room. Exercise equipment of every imaginable variety filled the room. One wall was all window, looking out toward the fog shrouded ocean. Although a hundred people could have been lifting weights in the room all at the same time with room to spare, there were only two or three people working out. A large, well muscled man grunted under a stack of weights in the corner. A girl of about 18 in a skimpy outfit was strapped into some machine that spread her legs wide apart.

Alexis led the couple to the swimming pool, the aerobics gym, the basketball court, the racquet ball chambers, and the massage therapy offices. Although it was just after work on a Thursday and the club should have been full of people working out, they found every room and facility to be almost empty. Alexis explained that most people came for the bath facilities and offered to show them to Evan and Sara.

They entered a richly appointed changing area. Every surface was covered in dark wood and glass. The floor had a deep shag carpet that threatened to swallow their shoes. Men and women stood side by side, silently changing out of their work clothes. Without fail, every one of them was startlingly attractive. A taught blonde women stood next to a young Asian woman who undressed next to a buff black man who chatted quietly with a man next to him that looked like the famous statue of David. The same music from the lobby pumped through the walls. The air was heavy and moist.

Alexis led the couple over to an empty row of lockers. She explained that while the changing room was co-ed, the bathing facilities were, she hesitated...separated. Without out a hint of shyness she began to take off her track pants and sweatshirt. When she removed her sports bra the couple saw that her breasts were quite large. When she removed her white cotton panties they saw that she was completely shaved. Evan and Sara began removing their clothes and Alexis hung them up in an empty locker. Since she would have to go with Sara into the ladies portion of the bath area, Alexis called over the black guy, whose name was Darrel to help Evan out with this part of the tour. Alexis took Sara by the hand and led her through a beaded curtain and then disappeared into the steam. Darrel motion his head toward another curtain on the opposite side of the room and then followed Evan as he too disappeared into the steam.

At first Sara thought she was in the rain forest somewhere. Giant tropical plants were everywhere in front of what looked like windows facing the ocean. The same huge candles from the lobby provided a warm glow. Artificial waterfalls ran down the wall and into a big drain at the center of the floor. Sara realized they were in a large complex of shower rooms – or rather one big room with many nooks and crannies. When Alexis led her near the waterfall she felt the warm water wash over her bare feet. Shower heads stood on free standing poles throughout the room. Under each one were three or four naked women. In fact, the room was packed, explaining why the rest of the club had been empty. Alexis led Sara by her hand through the maze of wet, naked female bodies. Through the steam she could see the women caressing each other, rubbing soapy hands over each other’s belly and thighs. Sara heard low moaning coming from all corners of the room.

Alexis guided Sara to a line of foam benches that bordered a long, bubbling hot tub. On the other side of the tub Sara saw a mirror image of the steam baths she had just walked through, only it was filled with wet, naked male bodies instead of women. She saw Evan getting his back washed by two body builders. She went toward him but was stopped by some kind of netting just beyond the hot tub. Alexis explained that this was what “separated” the two steam baths. You could look, but not touch.

Sara saw two men just beyond the net lathering up their hands with soap. They reached down and grabbed each other’s cocks and began to stroke and rub their dicks together. Sara felt her face flush and her pussy get damp. Alexis came up behind her and pressed herself into Sara’s back. Sara could feel her big tits rubbing against her and her slick, shaved pussy being pressed into her ass crack. Sara leaned her head back onto Alexis’ shoulder and Alexis wrapped her arms around Sara. “Do you like what you see?” she asked. Sara responded by guiding one of Alexis’ hands to her small, pert titties and the other down to her fuzzy blonde snatch.

On the men’s side, Evan’s new friends were now on their knees in front and back of him. One had his stiff, wet dick in his mouth and was sucking and licking it like a popsicle. Evan grabbed the sides of his head and fucked his mouth slowly. The guy behind him licked at his anus and fondled his balls. Evan said, “Oh yeah man, suck my hard cock. Lick my shaft.” The man behind heard Evan talking dirty and slid his tongue deep into Evan’s butt. Evan groaned.

Looking over to the women’s side he saw Sara surrounded by naked women. Alexis was behind her massaging her boobs and kissing her neck. Two other girls, a short Asian beauty and a cherubic redhead were alternately kissing her lips and nipples. As Evan felt the muscle man’s tongue slide over the head of his cock, he watched as the three girls moved together for a very wet three-way tongue kiss. He noticed then that another women sat on a stool at their feet. Her hands clutched at Sara’s hips and her face was buried in her crotch.

Alexis whispered in Sara’s ear, “Do you like that girl’s tongue in your pussy? Do you like her lapping up your warm cunt juice? Is she licking your hard clit? Tell me...”

Sara whispered back, her breath heavy, “Oh god her tongue feels so good in my vagina. And your hands on my tits. I love watching Evan getting his cock sucked by that guy. I want to touch your pussy Alexis.”

Sara reached back and slid a finger into Alexis’ moist cunt. She ran it along the length of her slit, touching her anus and then up to her clit. Alexis moaned and bit Sara’s ear. All around them naked women were in groups, fondling, touching, and licking each other. The moans had gotten louder and some women were already screaming in orgasm.

The man licking Evan’s asshole stood up and hugged against him. “I want to fuck your butt, dude.” The other man continued to slurp his cock and Evan didn’t even open his eyes. He simply nodded “yes” and concentrated on the blowjob. The other man grabbed some astro-glide from one of the many bottles placed throughout the room, and squirted it down Evan’s buttcrack. The man sucking his cock stood up and told Evan that he wanted to be fucked in the ass too. He grabbed the bottle of lube and rubbed it all over Evan’s hard cock. Evan moaned in pleasure. The man gripped Evan in a tight embrace, reaching around and grabbing his ass cheeks. He spread them wide and the man behind Evan stepped forward and placed the head of his cock against Evan’s anus. Evan could feel the man’s dick going into his butt as his dick rubbed against the dick of the man hugging him from the front. When Evan felt the back door man’s balls pressed against his thighs, he turned the other man around and bent him over.

Sara and Alexis had now made their way over to the foam benches, bringing the Asian girl and the plump girl with them. They all made out for a while, feeling each other up and fingering each other’s wet pussies. Then Alexis laid Sara back on the bench. She stood over Sara’s face, her pussy inches from Sara’s mouth. Sara pulled her down f***efully and lapped at Alexis’ shaved, wet cunt. Alexis bent over so that they were in a tricky 69 position. She licked at Sara’s pussy and motioned for the Asian girl to come help. Together they used their two tongues to lick and suck her cunt, stopping every once and a while to tongue kiss each other. The red head got behind Alexis as she and Sara gave her cunt the same treatment. While Sara licked Alexis’ clit and stuck her tongue in her pussy, the chubby red head licked Alexis’ asshole and suckled Sara’s tongue when it wasn’t in Alexis’ snatch.

As Evan began to get butt fucked by the first of the body builders, he grabbed the hips of the second and steered his cock up his butt. They soon found a rhythm so that as Evan pulled out of the guy’s ass, the guy behind him rammed his cock up Evan’s butt all the way up to his balls. This guy said, “Oh yeah! My cock feels good up your tight ass! I’m gonna fill your ass with my hot cum!” All around them other naked men were stroking, sucking and fucking each other with wild abandon.

As Alexis and the Asian girl lapped at Sara’s blonde cunt she could feel a climax building. She buried her face in Alexis’ pussy. Alexis screamed, “Oh god Sara honey! Fuck my pussy! Lick my cunt! I’m gonna come on your face! Fuck me!” The red head stuck her tongue in Alexis’ ass and she came on Sara’s tongue. Feeling Alexis’ wet come on her lips brought Sara to the edge and she came wildly. “Oh lick me! Lick me! Fuck my hot cunt! Yes!” she screamed as the two girls’ tongues fucked her pussy.

Evan leaned over the guy he was fucking and said, “Oh dude! I’m about to cum. Oh yeah! I’m gonna cum in your ass!” The guy said, “Oh yeah, fuck my hot ass! Shove your cock all the way up my butt! Fill my ass with hot cum!” Evan came in giant spurts, his cum dribbling out of the body builder’s ass and onto his balls. Just then the guy behind him grabbed Evan’s hips and drove his shaft all the way up Evan’s asshole. Evan felt his anus fill with cum and then it ran down his leg.

When all was said and done the clean up was easy. They were already in the shower. They sat for a while in the hot tub, and then left for the changing room.

Outside the air was cool and fog was dense like steam. Evan and Sara held hands as they walked to their car and then drove off into the dark night.
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hard as a rock, thanks. great idea for a private club