I love a girl who loves to suck dick! (True story)

This is my first story on here...

Please comment and tell me about similar events. (if you want more info i will be happy to inbox and share)

So i been on a social site on my cell for about 4 years now called moco. I have had all types of women of there from big to small, ugly to fine, short to tall. That damn moco have got me more ass than any other site.
So im in the "near me" chat room to holla at the local chicks around a month ago and this girl has "my lips your dick" on a pic of her's and licking her lips. So i shot at her "you must really like sucking dick..." she like " hell yeah espeically black ones...that all i fuck with" Damn! I waste no time telling her i need to get drained and she was happy to send me her address (she has no phone)I get to her house, log on to moco from my phone to tell her out side(it was like 3am so i wasnt going to hunk) when she comes out the first thing i notice is that she is a little bigger than what her pics look like but her tits were nice and her mouth was nice. You can tell right off the back she as eager to get to my dick and she obvious had and oral fixtaction sucking on ice when she gets in my car. "were we gone do this" she ask...after talking a little bit i pull over to a near by park and say "right her" she's like "I never sucked someone in a car..but you cute and i really want to suck your dick!" enough said i pull out my dick. her response is like most women i hook up with..."damn you got a big dick for a slim guy" and she hungrily gets on it. I start talking nasty to her (like i normally do to see how freaky a girl is) and to no surprise this 20yo white bbw was a HUGE freak. 3sum, 4sums, sucking guys at school, work...she was ready for it all. Jackpot! She no looker or no one i would take out or bring to my spot...but she is someone i can hit up for car head or hotel fuck. She was all to use to this type of relationship because after she finished taking my load down her throat..she told me to hit her up whenever i want...i told her i would and I might have some hommies for her to knock off she smiled. I zipped up took her back to the house and she told me this exact shit..."You got a big dick and i really loved sucking it! Dont be a stranger." i laugh and said dont worry i will. when i get home i was still logged into the chat room...she was back in there saying how horny she was now...straight up freak. i joked with her a lil before a logged off and went to bed.

Damn...another moco ho! I love a girl who loves to suck dick!

93% (10/1)
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1 year ago
lots of whites love being a side hole for black men.
3 years ago
3 years ago
hell yeah gotta love white hos
3 years ago
Nice tru story.
3 years ago
Moco? Send me the URL