Vegas Trip with Dani

**The two main characters are real, but the story is mostly fantasy. Enjoy**

It had been a good 3 months since we had really talked. The last time we did she asked if we could put our relationship on hold due to a f****y crisis. I told her that it would be fine, but we needed to stay incontact with each other. We got to the point of sending a few messages each week to each other. Then all of a sudden i was getting no respose back from her at all. I would send a mesage to her every couple of weeks, and would hear nothing back.

I was starting to wonder if she did not want me at all. I still remaind concerned for her. Just a couple of weeks ago I got a message back from her. We have started to catch up with each other. a lot has changed for the both of us over the months, her life hectic as ever mine is improving.

I finally asked if she wanted to build up what we once had. I was excited to hear that she did. Now my mind is racing for a list of rules. How to word them? How to implement them? How to reward and discaplin/punish? I know she needs them, how else will she feel need and appreciated.

The many months ago I was helping her to realize that she does not need to be submissive to every man that walks into her life. She was getting the point that her submission was gift to those she offerd it to. I was helping her to see and realize this due to a couple of other men that were in her life. Now these men were physically, mentally, and emotionally abussive to her and those few that wee closest to her. These men were trying to get back into her life.

We made plans for a date, a time which suited us both. We went out and had a wonderfull dinner, and was able to catch up a lot more. It was a shock for me to realize how much I missed this woman. As we met, she automatically bowed her head when she saw me. It was nice to see that she had not forgotten everything. I was able to tell, as her skirt moved on her plump ass, that she did not have any panties on. Her blouse was revealing enough, I could see that she was wearing a bra, but it did not have much material for its cups. Now I seldom had her go around without a bra in the past, I loved how the device would push her DD's cleavage so tight. She must have remembered how I loved it. I could not help to think if she continued to groom herself how I liked.

She did not touch her drink untill I noticed that she had not. I told her that she could drink at her liesure. In fact her hands did not come up off her lap once, not even to pick up the menu placed in front of her. I ended up orering her dinner. It was just as if we had not been appart at all. I gave her permission to eat. Our conversation durring dinner was lovely. As i got the check she asked to go to the ladys room. When she headed away from the table I could not help to notice the wet spot forming on the back of her skirt. She returned a few minnuts later and we headed out.

On the way out the door I told her we had 2 options. 1- We leave together in my car and pick hers up later. 2- She could follow me in her car. She chose the first option. I opened her door. When she got in she rode her skirt up so it just barely coverd her neather region, then buckled up. As I went around to the drivers' side she opened up the glove box. Just as nothing had changed between us she reached in and pulled out the blind fold I kept in there and she put it on. Now in the past I would have her wear it when I would take her someplace that I wanted to be a supprise.

As I drove away from the resturaunt I told her I needed to make a stop at my place and call a couple people about work and would only take a few minnuts. I did so, informing my suppervisor and my boss that i would not be in monday. I also took the opportuninty to call her house and talked to the person that was watching her k**s, good thing for me it was the person who introduced us. I let her know that I was goiing to take her out of town for the weekend and would not be back till monday some time. I let her know that I would compensate her for the extra couple of days, and where to pick up the car we left at the returant.

As I went back to my car I could see my lost pet fidgeting around. I got close to the window and watched her playing with herself. I opend my door startling her senseless, then barked "WHO GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO TOUCH YOURSELF?" She whimpered out "no one" in an almost unhearable voice. She went started to make an excuse, but I cut her off. "Open up your blouse and take that bra off." I calmly orderd. "I want you comfortable and available to me." I explained and going on to remind her that I will play with her or tell her to play with herself when I wanted her to do so. As she did what I told her to do she redponded back in a humble "Yes". I turned and looked over at her, like it really mattered with her blindfold on "Yes, what?" She stammered "Yes, sir."

I put my hand on her knee. "Well Dani it looks as if there are few things you have forgotten. Good thing we have all weekend to fix those." She started to speak with a very noticable concern in her voice "What about..." I cut her off again "Shhh Shhh Shhh. Don't worry I called your house and Desi said she would look after things till we get back. She even said she would pick up your car if she could get the spare key from your mom. Now hand me your cll phone." Dani spoke up "I did not bring it.... sir" I gemtly squeezed her knee letting her know that I appreciated her remembering what to call me.

As we got out of the city and on the interstate. She asked where we were going. I told her we were going shopping, which was only part of my last minnut plan. I called one of the casinos I stay at a couple times a year, I keep an open account with them.

The front desk answered "Thank you for calling ________ this it Thomas how can I help you this evening?" I asked to speak with his supervisor and left my name, and that it was nothing personal against him. "This is John, how can I help you Dave?" I informed John that I was on my way now. He told me that there would be a room ready and asked "King, queen, regular, or suit." I reponded "1 and 4" Now John and myslef have known each other for years, so he knew I was up to something and it was obviously being planned out as it was happening.

The next four or five hours was all interstate driving. Dani and myslef made some talk. I got my hand more than glazzed with her juices as I drove. I was able to feel that she kept herself groomed as I liked. Now I did not bring her to orgasim, but pretty damned close a few times. I had her nipples hard enough to be able to etch into a piece of stainless steel. Once we reached Kingman I need to streech my legs, all three of them. I pulled off into a truck stop, making sure there were no signs visable to let dani know where we were. I told her that sho could take off her blindfold and to button her blouse up. Now it was a really chilly morning, about 42 degrees at 3 AM, not that Dani's nipples could get any harder. I started to fill the tank with gas. After I finished I motioned for dani to come inside with me. I knew her nipples would be punching through her blouse, and the truckers would be able to see the dark circles capping her breasts through her blouse.

I had Dani follow me into the mens room. Just as i had hoped there were a couple of truckers unloading thier full bladders and one taking a shit. I motioned her to go and use the other stall. As one guy finished I went up to hm and asked if he would like for my girl to give him a blow right here. He looked at me with grin that would say hell yeah in any language. Dani cam out of the stall and I pointe to the floor next to me. With a disgusted face she obediently knelt down. Hell I would not want to knel down on a floor like that either. I motioned for the truker to come ove and told her that she would give him a blow job like it was the last cock she would ever taste in her life. He started to open up his pants and she did the rest. in one swift motion his pants and boxers were halfway to his knees. His semi-hard (pun intended) was in her mouth and growing fast, she was gently rolling his balls in her hands.

Watching her go down on this stranger like this was getting me more and more excited. I told the trucker that when he was about to release his loat that he needed to spray it on her face and tits. A couple other guys came out and asked if she could get them off as well. I told them that we had a deadline and that his would be the only load that she could help with tonight, they each nodded in dissapointment. After his quick unloading we, Dani and I, walked out to the car. I bent her over the now cool hood and pulled out my turgid rod. Lifting her skirt up I speared her pussy hard. I was amazed at how wet she was. Her smooth wet muscles clinched tightly anround my man hood. It was not long till she had me filling her with my seed.

We got into the car and I told her to make herself available to me once again and then put on the blind fold. We made thet last 3 hours of driving, and was looking down upon Las Vegas Just as the last of the lights were being turned off. Now Dani had a couple of orgasims, hell she earned them back at the truck stop. I commented on how well she blew that stanger and asked why she had never sucked me off like that before.

As we pulled up to one of the many adult stores around Vegas I told her we were at one of our destinations, but to keep the blindfold on till I took it off. I helped her out of the car, swatting her hand as she started to take the liberty of covering her breasts up. "I did not say you could cover those." I e****ted her into the store and we got a quick over by the couple of people working in the store. I lead her over to where the whips were took off her blind fold.

She reponded back "But Sir you have so many already." I nodded and commented "But none af them are here." After selecting a couple of whips. I told her time to pick out your lingere, and off the the various cuffs and restraints. I grabbed about 100 feet of a crimson red rope, a spreader bar and a set of leather wrist and ankle cuffs, not to mention a new collar which I put on her immediatly and locked it.

After paying for the new toys went and and ate a quick breakfast then headed off to the casino to get the room I had booked earlier. Now I had Dani put the blindfold on after we ate so she would not realize where we were. Pulling up into the MGM Grand I had her take off the blindfold, she was breathless.

We pulled up and was greeted by the vallet. We only had the couple of bags, so the bell hop was not needed. Once inside Thomas and Emiley greeted us. I got a key for the room and left a note for John.

*to be continued*
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3 years ago
Sounds like the beginning to a great story, please continue sir.