Random Friday Night

This is a story and nothing more.

I just cleared out all the retired people from my friends list when I notice I just got a message. As I opened the message I see the user does not have a picture of her or anyone else, I viewed her profile and see that she just joined our porn seeking f****y today.

Her message "I need someone tonight and I like what I saw." Normally I do not respond back to such messgaes, but since she said she lived in the same town as my self, I thought 'what the hell, it can't hurt.'
I respond back 'I see your perverted ass is close. Where would you like to meet?' I did not think I would get a response back, but to my supprise I did. It was with in 15 min and she named a club near my house, and the roud it was on. I knew then that she was not one of those who spam for other sites. I asked her for a pic of what she would be wearing and what she would like to wear latter this evening, it was about 30 min later and she sent the pics. I was amazed with both. I told her i would see her at the club with in the hour and sent a pic of what I would be wearing and requested her number. Five min later I had her number and verified it, she was real alright.

I freshed up a bit and headed off to the club. I waited in the parking lot and watched the door. She walked in about 15 min after I parked my car. I headed in after I saw her enter. My entire time waiting my anticipation grew, I planned out how I would go up to her. I knew every move I would make and every word I would say, I even planned out her reactions (good and bad) and how I would react to them.

I followed her in the shadows of others for a couple of minnuts. Then the opportunity for me to act upon my planning was there, perfect timming. I moved up next to her put my arm around her back and waist, spun her around and planted a heavy kiss on her, my tounge searching for hers, my other hand sent the text I had prepared. Just as I planned I caught her off gaurd, but I was caught off gaurd as well. It was not her phone that went off, but someone who was behind me.

I spun my head around and there was a woman who had the biggest grin on her face. Stepping back a half step the two women hugged and greated each other then turned to me. In unisone they questioned "DEW in SV AZ?" I nodded and questioned back the screen name I was given, and they both nodded in return. I noticed wedding bands on both of them, but that did not bother me. I must say that both of them looked really nice.

I pulled out my pack of smokes and asked if they mind and offerd to get them a drink. I got three double shots of tequilla, handing the girls thiers. Lifting the glasses in a mawk toast we each tossed back our drinks then headed outside for a smoke.

As we talked outside we had a couple more drinks, myself drinking screwdrivers, Chrystien drinking tequilla sunrised, and Layrn drinking longisland ice teas. They told me that thier husbands were out of country and would not be back untill after the 1st of the year (now it is the middle of November). They informed me that even with thier toys and each other there was not substitute for a nice juicy cock. I was think 'Alright I hit paydy till thier hubbys get home.'

We each came to the agreement that there would not be any emotiona attachment, and that the physical pleasures would be over when thier hubbys got home. I was alright with this. We also decided that Neither would fool around with me with out the other knowing when and where. I thought 'Yeah right.' but nodded in agreement. I was already thinking on how I would be able to make these two fine married women my personal fetish slaves.

We hit the dance floor a few times, and kept the drinks flowing. About 1 AM we decided to call a cab and go to Chrystien's place. These women were in for a treat, since it had been sevral months since my girl broke it off with me and moved away, and when I get d***k my cock stays rock hard till I pass out plus my domminance really comes out.

Once at Chrystien's, she pointed out that she had a few bottles of hard liquor. I mixed up a few drinks for us, like we needed anymore. Before we knew it we were all in our birthday suits smiling and laughing. I intoduced them to a game that a few party buddies and myself came up with some years ago. I really found out who had the dirty mind and who did not. Chrystien, slightly older than myself was rather nieve about a lot of things sexually. Layrn on the other hand knew a lot, but she admitted that she had not had the privledge of experincing most of what she had heard about (she was about 10 years younger than me.) Both had mentioned that thir husbands were a bit old-fasioned and did not like to experment a lot. I was now ready to open thier eyes to a whole new experience in sex, and convinced them both to be willing to try nearly anything.

With in no time we were on the floor, Layrn sucking my cock Chrystien eating out Layrn and myself eating out Chrystien.

Layrn was the first to feel my rod in her wet gash, as she layed on her back and Chrystien kneeling over her face. Chrystien breasts were a full D cup almost DD, her areolla's were larger than Morgan dollars, a light brown, and her nipples were almost as hard as framming nails. Layrn had perfectly shapped C cups, bright pink areollas and erasor like nipples.

Layrn came hard, almost as hard as my fucking. I told Chrystien to face away from me and get on all fours. She did and I started to bang her hard and deep, doggie style, as Layrn layed underneath us trying to suck Chrystien's clit as I fucked her. I must admit that Layrn had the best seat in the house at that moment, getting to tast all three of our juices as I cam for the first time and it oozed out of Chrystien. I pulled out and Chrystien pushed her sloppy wet cunt onto Layrn's willing mouth. I went around and orderd Chrystien to clean me off. She suked my turgid cock so hard I though she was going to pull it off. Gawd, for someone who is pretty nieve she could give one hell of a blow job. Chrystien came hard twice as Layrn savord our juices. When Layrn got up not anly was her mouth and chin glazed with Chrystien's juices, but so was most of her neck and the hair that was under her. I am sure I got cast-iorn hard seeing her like that. I went over to her and drove my tounge to her tonsils, I wanted a taste of what she had been eating.

After the girls recovered we went off to the bed room. There was a beautifull king size, 4 pole, canopy bed. I knew where I would be sl**ping, if we ever got to sl**p.

I requested that the girls lay on top of each other. They did, preasing the lovely breasts to the other's ans started to kiss. I went down between thier legs and started to eat them both out. After a good half hour of this and each of them having a couple more of orgasims, I wanted to feel each of thier dripping cunts around my cock. I started to pound Chrystien first, her being on top. I would drive one for a couple of minnuts, getting them close to orgasim then drive the other. I was enjoying this, keeping them from having an orgasim. In the rush of pulling out of Layrn and driving into Chrystien, I plowed my cock into Chrystien's virgin ass. She let out a squeel of pain and extreme pleasure, boy did I feel the pain in my rod of abuse. Once i realized what I had done I started to drive her harder, ignoring my own pain till her dark hole finally relaxed for it's abuse.

Layrn asked why I had not given my cock back to her. I told her that she would have it in the same place as Chrystien is having it in a few minnuts. It only took me a couple of minnuts before I shot Chrystien's ass full of my spunk. I pulled out and a loud plop could be heard. Chrystien rolled over, nearly exausted, then made her way to the bathroom to try and clean up. Layrn looked up at me and smiled "Oohhh, My husband wont ever fuck my ass. It has been so long since a cock has been there." I grinned at her, reached for the back of her knees and pushed them as far up her body as they would go. "Hold them there" I commanded. I bent over and licked her puckerd starfish then spat on it. I drove my cock into her wet cunt, just to get the added lube, then I started to ease my cock into her sphincter. She did her best to drive her ass to me "Just drive it it and abuse it" she pleaded. I was more than happy to oblige, but was greatfull that her ass allowed me easier access than what Chrystien's did. I pulled out of Layrn's ass before nutting again, a good 30 min of hard raw pounding, I shoved my cock so far down her throught that she started to gag. "Clean me and suck me dry you tramp" I yelled at her. Chrystien came out of the bathroom shocked with the my yelling and even more shocked to see her friend gagging on my cock. Layrn sucked me as best she could, between gags and gasps of air. It took Layrn a good 10 min to finally to get me blow my last wad of the evening, swallowing every precious drop.

I motioned for the bathroom and said that we had better clean up before we go to sl**p. The shower was a tight fit for the three of us. Chrystien and Layrn both had thier final orgasim of the evening in the shower. When we finally layed down to go to sl**p, the sun was starting to come up.

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3 years ago
Okay everyone. I was a bit on the tipsy side when I wrote this. So at the time I did not see any spelling errors. I am going to leave it as is though.
3 years ago
Yea spell check would be a great thing for everyone to use before posting however you wrote a great story and I loved the threesome aspect. Thanks
3 years ago
3 years ago
Sorry to bitch but lern to spell