Changing Her Attitude, part 2

As Hellen stood in the room turning red, she hesitantly removed her dress and shoes, she kept her stockings on. I sttod there and watched as she revealed her toned body. I was very pleasd that her full B-cup brests had the mst wonderfull dark pink nipples and porportionate aerolas, her clean shaven pussy was topped with a love patch (as I call it. A 1 inch wide and 3 inch long trimmd patch of red fluf). I turned and oppened my backpack, reaching in "you did not fully undress" in a condeming tone. "You will have to deal with those consequeces as well. YOU SLUT BITCH!!" Pulling out a dog collar, a leash, and clover clamps. I turned around and showerd her the items "On your hands and knees like a true bitch." I demensed as I walked over to her.

After she whimpperd a bit she went down as ordered. I smiled "you can follow directions" in a pleasing tone. I bent over and yanked her by her hair "Sorry but there is a leash law" and I put the dog collar firmly around her neck and attached the leash. She looked up and in a whimmpering tone "this is humiliatiing." Hearing that whimmper of dissaproval turned me on more than anything prieviously that evening. "It is not supposed to be all fun for you" I coldly replied "You have to learn your lessons and position."

I tugged on the leash to have her follow me so I could sit down. After sitting "What does my bitch want?" while petting her head.

She looked up and tugged at the collar "To get this off my neck." pleading with her eyes. "In time" was all I respnded with. She nodded with dissaproval, her fore-head almost hitting the stiff bulge in my pants. She then looks up and with a begging eyes "It has been a while since my husband has done anything with me. Can I have your cock?" These words were music in my ears, her mind now realizing what her body was craving. As I released my cock from with in the restraints of my pants I told her that she could not use her hands. With a ferocious appatite she kissed, licked, and sucked my cock with much vigor not once reaching up with her hands.

I droped the leash to the floor and began to run both hands through her hair. I remember thinking that as she would walk on that job site that she needed a good fucking and I would have her doing what I wanted her to. It is always nice to see thoughts and day dreams come to reality. The swelling in my balls and cock brought me back to reality. I grabbed her hair and pulled her off my cock, "Ohh... you are sush a good bitch. Arn't you Hellen?" The f***e of her sucking made a loud popping noise as her mouth came off my cock. She tried to go back to it.."I love a good hard cock, Sir. I want to feel the warm fluid on the back of my throught." her voice was not pleading or even begging, it was like desperation. "You will, but not right now. You have not earned the reward of cum running down your throught. Get up and kneel on the bed." She reluctantly nodded, wanting my hot jizz, but willingly knelt on the bed on all fours. I wnet over to her with the clover clamps in hand "Good girl, my bitch." I patted her ass as I walked around to the back of her, kicking off my pants in the process.

"Spread your leggs" I said calmly. She did willingly. Looking back "Not with out protection" she pleaded. Now I am not one to fuck anyone, unless I know them well, with out protection "Don't worry I won't." As I inspected her , he was wet, very wet. Her own white cream was oozing out of her cunt and large outer labia. The inner tops of her thighs were glistening with her wetness. her clit was the largest of any person I had fucked, and gawd that has been a lot in my time. I took the clamps and latched them on to her labia. She gasped with each clamp and shiverd. I gently pinched her clit and began to jerk it like a mini-cock. She moaned with pleasure, and her juices started to flow, she spread her legs even further appart. Her scent filled the air, and it was all I could do to keep my composure. I wanted to eat her out right then and there then fuck her with out protection.

--part 3 before long--
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3 years ago
WEll, I'd enjoy playing with her!