Changing her attitude

--A bitchy general contractor gets hers--

As I go into work early in the morning, I am greeted by the big boss. He informed me the day before that he would be moving me around to different crews to evaluate my strenths and weakness' out in the field. As everyone filtered in to the shop and was loading up thier trucks he introduced me to the supervisor of a new department, I guess with him being the only one in the department as of yet he would be his own supervisor.

Introductions were made then we loaded up our tools and supplies for the day. On the way out to the assigned job site, Rich, was letting me know about this project. He was telling me what a nightmare it has been, and he has only been on the project for a week now. He let me know that the general contractor can be a bitch, to put it nicely, and is always changing her mind and changing what the blue prints called for. He also let me know that crews from the other departments have worked on this project, but he informed me that we have a lot of trouble shooting to work through to find thier mistakes.

We get on site and I put on my tools and jump right to what Rich told me I had to do first off. I am there doing what I needed to do. The out of no-where was this swwet perfume and I here her voice for the first time, the general contractor starts to tell me that what I was doing was not supposed to be there. I looked over at this demanding bitch thinking, she does not want me to go off on her first thing in the morning. I let her know that Rich told me to put the outlet there, and it was going to be for temporary power....Fuck I don't care what she does with this outlet after I am done with this project. Hell I am just doing what I am told to do, were my thoughts.

Well as Rich mentioned she changed her mind on one thing, then chaged it back, then back to the chage again. This was just with what Rich and myself were working on, not to mention what she was doing to the other sub-contractors

I must admit that she did not look to terrebly bad. But, that first look at her then and seeing her through out the next couple of days she seemed to look a little better. I even started to look forward to her comming on the site just to see if her attitude has chaged any and even have that morning after smile. Never did the smile come across her face. I started to think, I am tired of running conduit and wire for her changing mind...hell she needs to let a few of us run her to get her in a better mood.

I was finaly glad to get that project completed.

It was a couple of months since the completion of the project. I heard her voice, bitching about something, I turned and looked around. Low-and-behold there she was, and damned was she looking good now (it is amazing how someone can change thier look with some makeup and different clothes). I went over to her and told her that she needed to stop her bitching all the time. At first she did not reconize me, almost a good thing though. He jaw dropped as I approched her and was so bold in my words. When she finnal realized who I was, her jaw dropped as she gasped in for air. I went on to tell her that I tollerated her bitching all the time while I was on that project, but now I am not on the clock nore am on a project that she was the genral contractor for.

She pointed out that she was picking up a bottle of wine for the following night and was just called that her plans had abruptly changed, and now had nothing to do the following (saturday) night. As she to a quick invintory of what I was getting, she commented "Looks like your going to be having some fun." I shrugged and let her know that it was just a few of us from work getting to gether and it was nothing spectacular.

Thinking quickly I pulled out my phone and called Rich "Hey sorry man, but I cannot make it out tomarrow night. Some thing just came up." Hanging up the phone I grinned. I told her "Go put away that bottle of wine, you now have plans for tomarrow night." I reached into my wallet pulled out a company card and wrote my name and number on the back of it. "Call me between noon and one tomarrow. I will let you know what clothing to wear and where to meet." Her face went pale as I told her what to do, she did not believe that this man who worked for the sub-contractor was actually telling her what to do. I left her standing there holding the business card as I finished my shopping.

The nest day at 1257 my phone rings, I did not reconize the number. "This is Gene." as I answered my phone. The familuar voice on the other end sounded different "Sir ... this is Hellen" I grin as she called me sir knowing she was a good 10-15 years older than me, "I almost did not call" she stammerd out. "Yet, you did." I immediatly responded. "Now you need to know what to wear..." I pause like I had to think about it, but I already knew "...You are to wear something that will accent your body and to hav on as little as possable underneath. Something that would show off your tanned cleavage would be nice as well." I can hear her faint gasp over the phone before she asked "What is your favorite collor, Sir?" With a no thoght response "Blue!." I blurted out. "I know where your office is. I will pick you up there at 630PM sharp. I have a few things to do in the yard, so I need to get going." With out any good-bys I hung up the phone.

I pulled into the parkinglot of her office. there were a few of her companies vehicles there and her little car I had seen her in before, she was leaning up against it. I pulled up next to her, got out then opened the pasenger door of my truck. In the dimming sunset I could tell she was not wearing a bra through her tight blue dress, she was obviously excited her nipples making that obvious. I had made reservations at one of the nicer resuraunts in town, and requested that a friend of mine be our waitress for the evening. I had let my friend know earlier what my idea and plans were for dinner and she said she would be more than willing to go along with it.

Hellen and myslef had some small talk as we went to the returaunt. I had found out that tonight was her aniversary, but her husband had to go out of town. I had also found out that the two of them have an open and no questions asked relationship, that made me light up inside. As we got closer to the resturaunt I told her that I had a small gift for her in my glove box. I told her to open it and wear it. heasitantly she opened the glove box and pulled out the small box, then opened it. At first with a puzzled look she slowly put on the blind fold I had waiting for her. I could almost smell her get wet instantly. "Now keep it on till i tell you to take it off" I ordered. She smiled and with a nod "Yes, SIR."

I led her in to the resturaunt, then back to the requested table. I lened over and wispered loud enough for her to hear "Hellen, you are in trouble for how you have treated others. You can take off your blindfold. You are to order off the k**s menu and your drinks will be served in a k**s cup. If you do not your meal will be served in a very humiliating manor. The choice is yours." With a shocked look in her eyesand a nearly emotionless face she responded "Why the k**s menu on my anniversary?" I shook my head "I did not know it was your anniversary till a few minnuts ago. But knowing that will not change my mind on what menu your to order from or the other." She sat there blank and nodded.

As my friend, the waitress, came over to us she replaced Hellens glass of ice water with a k**s cup of ice water, then turned and smiled at me. Hellen did not verbally disagree with her actions at all. "Give us a few minnuts to decide on what we want to drink please. Hellen blurted out "I wouild like a glass of wine...if I can get it in a k**s cup." We both smiled and my friend let out a soft chuckle. Turning to me so looked as if to ask if I was ready to order a drink as well, so I did.

As Helln and I sat and ate our dinners she asked why the behavior. I took my time and exlained that she is always treating everyone like a k** or acting like a royal bitch. I further went on to explain that if she did not go with eating off the k**s menu that she would have been eating here dinner out of a owl on the floor like a dog. She grimeced at that thought and mentioned that she had never given it any thought before.

As we left the resturaunt I informed her that there was more than dinner on the agenda, if she was up for it. She said that she was willing, and anything would be better than being home alone. I let her know then that the night could be a long night then.

We got back into my truck and we drove the 90 minnuts to Tuscan, talking about all the way. We stopped by a bar and got a couple of drinks, then headed off to a club. She looked at me and asked if she was dressed to go into such a place. I informed her that it was one of the reasons I wanted her to wear such a dress. As we go into the club we get closer to each other, and get a little have to enjoy the effects of some good alcohol to drop one's inhabitions. I was very pleased to feel no panty lines at all, and my cock begane to get hard.

AS we get in we excused each other to go to the bathroom. I called the local Marriot and paid the extra to get a room at the last minnut. I had the feeling that neither of us would be in any condition to drive all the way home.

We enjoyed watching others dance, dancing our-selves, drinking and trying to talk over the music. At one point in time I could feel her ever harder nipples brushing against me as we danced. I even leanded forward and licked the sweat that was forming in ger cleavege, and would even diiberatly gring my hard cock abainst her ass crack. She even started to try and grind herself onto my legs, leaving some of her flowing juices on my pants. We were both enjoying each others company, I was looking forward to a whole lot more.

We decided to leave anout an hour before the club closed. She asked if we were going to drive home. And stated that she did not think she could contain herself for that long. I informed her that arrangements had already been made. She was shocked as we pulled up to the Marriot.

I reached behind my seat and pulled out a backpack. She looked over at me with a look to say that she had caught on that I had planned out the entire evening and she fell for it. I grinned and told her that she still had to be punished for how she has treated people in the past, and i shock the bag a little.

As we gt up to the room she pointed out that there was only one bed and neither of us had not brought any clothes. "Is that a problem?" I snidly remarked. She shook her head no. I rearked that I already knew that the only thing on under her dress was her stockings, and that by how she was dancing in the club her body wanted more than what her mind wanted to let go. She turned flush with embarassment.

--Part 2 soon--

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3 years ago
Dang, I've known bitchy women also. Great story so far!
3 years ago
nice!! Cant wait for part 2 now