Two subs torture

This is based off a role plau I had with two friends who are subs.

As I walked along the sands of the beach with My partner, who is also my pet. We come across a barely clothed young lady. Her skin blue from being out in the night air and constant motion of the waves rolling up her body. We help her up and take he back to my place. We nurse her back to health and in the process begine to learn her language.
In my nature I asked if she would be part of Mine and dani's life style. With a bit of cunfusion she accepted the offer, and I gave her a set of collars to match dani's.
One particualer morning I was up early for work. I left a note for my pets in what they needed to do for the evening and to be ready when I got home from work. They were on a time limit. The whole day when I recieved a text message from either of them my cock was immediatly at attention. I was more than excited to get home and enjoy the evening.
I put out to oversized pillows on the fround by the outside stairs. They had to be kneeling on them 30 minnuts before my schedualed time to get off of work, not home but my clock out time. Waring latex and ball gags in place as directed they were waiting. Last minnut things at work had me to stay a good 30 minnuts late, and no way for me to let them to know.
As I came home, I was able to see both of them kneeling on the pillows and dressed accordingly. The slavia that had already dripped from thier mouths glistened on thier cleavage and the latex, it was a very wonderfull sight to see. I did not pay any attention to them as I went in side to change out of my work clothes. Taking my time I put on some of my finest black leather pants, black silk shirt, and black leather duster.
I went out and finally verbalized to them that i was home and ready for an evening they would not soon forget. Their eyes big, and faces with a pleasent yet uncertain look. I went down and huged each and put a leash on each. Comanding them to stand and follow. I led then to our bed room. A place where sorcha has never been allowd to play in.
Taking off thier collars and pointing to a pillow on each side of the bed I had them lay down so thier legs would cross each others. I made sure that they would be able to look into each others eyes as my planned out evening began to unfold. From inside my duster i pulled out a set of ankle and wrist restrains for each and pleced them on the bed and told them to put them on. I walked over to a chair where I had placed a few cils of rope, a double dildo, and a dagger; I picked up the items and placed them on the side of the bed. Thier eys widend and the muffled sounds increased, expecially after they saw the dagger. I gently ran my fingers through the hair of each one and reaffirmed that I was not going to hurt them.
I rechecked thier bindings then picked up on of the coils of rope. Cutting what was needed for my task at hand I tied their wrists and ankles to the other, just the ones that was on the inside of the bed. I picked up the dildo and spit on it a few times then started to insert it into sorcha. Now she is very tight and I had to make sure I took my time and not tear her. I got it to where i wanted it and started to tie a harness around the didldo and her hips and waist. sorcha had a look of pleasure and concern, never having a didlo being held in her in this manor. dani's eyes were wide with an expression of enthusiasim of what was to come.
I moved dani, her more than than willing to help, to where I wanted her and then used anther coil of rope to bind her to sorcha's hips and the dildo and each other. I made sure that the dildo they shared could not be easily moved in or out by any squirming or grinding the two would knowingly do, instead they would feel it moving inside of each of them.
Once I was satisfied with my work, I took a step back and watched them for a couple of minnuts. As they squrimed thier eys would meet min and each others.
"neither of you are alowed to cum" I commanded
I went into the dinning room, leaving the bedroom door open. There I made sure to make more than enough noise as I searched for a particularly large vibrator, I made sure to take my time. As I held the vibrator in my hand, My two pets eyes nearly came to tears as they saw the vibrator. Turning on the vibrator and taking a peice of the remaing unused rope I tied it so it would remain between the two if them resting on the dildo. I could see dani's legs tighten as the first jolts riveted up into her. sorcha almost emidiatly started to sob through her gag as she held back her orgasim.
I took my cock out in front of them and rubbed it's head on each of thier chins. Both wanted to lick the precum off, I could see that as they moved thier gaged mouths following my swollen head.
"whoever cums first will not get to suck MY cock" I informed them.
Their eyes turn on each other. It seemed as they were trying to decide who would have this delicious member, or who had the will power to last longer.
Teasingly I rubbed my cock for them to see. Pushing out more pre cum till it dropped to the edge of the bed. Their eyes focused on the prize, focusing on holding back the need to cum. dani then looked at sorcha and nodded with a blink. Her back arched and her head tilted abck with her eyes closed. My god I have never seen my poor little pet have such a hard orgasim. as she started I went over and gave each of her nipples a good pinch. I leaned over and whispered "I know you can last longer than you did."
I untied the vibrator and turned it off. I took the dagger and cut sorcha free "you can take the gag out now." I told her. I then helped dani up and put her in a seat in the bedroom "you can watch and that is all."
Lets say that sorcha got what she wanted and more that evening as her reward and dani had to sit in a corner and watch with half of a double dildo in her. dany left a nice wet spot on that chair that she later had to clean.

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