MILF cheating wife shopping trip - Part 1

This is a true story of my hot cheating wife. One day a while ago she was chatting all day on and off with a guy she had met online a few months before. As she got home from her day at work, she rushed through her dinner and was texting her new friend. She seemed very distracted and said that she had to go get some things at the store. Normally I tag along but tonight she had other plans. She dropped me off at a place down the road to get what I needed and then went off to her shopping trip.

Did not take me too long to get my things so I called to let her know I was done and she said she just got where she had to be and seemed rushed to hang-up. So I let her go and told her have fun shopping, she said "I will", then hung up.

Earlier she had said that she was getting a few things like milk and bread. About an hour and a half later I had called just to see how things were going but also curious to know if she had met someone. No answer. About 20 minutes later she called me in a happier than usual mood. As she chatted with me I mentioned that I though that she had picked-up a hot stud at the grocery store. She did not get mad at my comment but rather laughed it off and said ya right.

Then about another few minutes later she got home and was chatting alot about what stores she went to. Best part is that she returned with no bags, no milk, no bread, nothing. So we were getting ready for bed and she stood at the bathroom counter with her panties pulled down under her ass cheeks as I lay in bed teasing me. She brought up the subject of our earlier conversation about me hinting that she picked-up some stud. She liked the thought and lifted one of her legs as I came behind her and stuck my big fat cock deep in her nice and slow.
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