Panty Queen

by Littlemissblair

photo (c) by creamymilf

I stared down in the open drawer
surprised at what was there
wrapped up in a sandwich bag
lay another pair.

This was so demeaning
I didn't know what to think
leaving me these sexy gifts
today a pretty pink.

Who would go to this extreme
and play this crazy game
who could I dare accuse
who would share the blame.

Leaving panties for me to find
so soiled, every pair
feeding me, a fetish fiend
with their daily wear.

All around the office here
girls are making eyes
licking lips and swinging hips
the flashing of their thighs.

They know what kind of man I am
I'll take this lying down
using me the way they want
and passing their panties down.

Tonight, while in my bed
I'll use this newest pair
breathing in the pungent scent
to guess the days of wear.

Stroking my hood until I come
licking the panties clean
cry with shame until I sl**p
it's not a pretty scene.

In the morning lust returns
shame completely gone
being the slut I know I am
I put the panties on.

I spend the day, a sexual high
while showing a casual air
giving the girls their every chance
to provide another pair.

Two new girls were hired this week
one is just a teen
passing a note to my desk
"are you the panty queen?"

"Cause if you are, I have a pair
and after everyone's gone
you can sniff your heart away
as long as I have them on."

There it was, I couldn't believe
she offering herself to me
returning the note, an added quote
"I'm waiting on bended knees."

Shortly after the office closed
she pushed back in her chair
"crawl to me you goddamn slut
and wash my pubic hair."

Who was this teenage c***d
ringing my alarm
with a wink she spread her thighs
adding to her charm.

Such a truth, this dream of mine
at last, my lust so bare
"please little miss, don't cover it up
by showing that you care."

"Use me as you will little girl
my guard is stored away
piss, lick, whatever you want
I'll do anything you say.

The sudden slap across my face
I groveled at her feet
nostrils buried in her socks
so sweaty, and so sweet.

Fingers entangled in my hair
pulling me to her twat
wonder how the body knows
to heat a spot so hot.

She fucked my face with such disdain
the shame gave me a high
being used with such disgust
I sucked her wetter dry.

Soon the word was passed around
I was the slut to use
from 8 to 5, I felt alive
wallowing in my abuse.

My shame is my elation
my alias is my demean
but what the hell, it fits me well
the office panty queen.

photo (c) by bbw101
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4 years ago
Not bad, find yourself a submissive secretary-type who'll come blow you under the desk and you're set - I'd stay in that job so long I'd end up as president of the company.
4 years ago
very interesting
4 years ago
Good poem! The subject matter was so on point and the picture was truly the proverbial icing on the cake !
4 years ago
lucky fuck that is soo nice.any job openings at your place?
4 years ago
I would love to smell your wet dirty panties...
5 years ago
That was the coolest poem I have read. I try myself, but to no avail. You are super fuckin' cool.
5 years ago
I don't mind you using my pic. Anyone can see more of my pics at
5 years ago
really like it! you can use my pics anytime! :) x
5 years ago
I also enjoy sniffing a lady's dirty panties. Drap the stinky crotch over my nose and masturbate until I shoot my load.
5 years ago
Put that shit to music, man. I'm pretty sure that'll rock.
5 years ago
I love sniffing soiled panties. The aroma of a womens pussy is great and a teens panties is even better. Mmmmm, so sexy