who me??why BBc?? Fin Fin

Liberated and freed from unsureness and confusion about my sexuality :-).............. I stood there for about five more minutes til he came back into his bedroom, his dick was steel hard, it stood out curved about 14 inches, it was the size of a dime at the tip of the head he was circumcised, at the shaft of his big black dick there was the tennis ball I would not be able to close my hand around it. I asked him if he wanted to continue he declined and grabbed my hand and lead me to the bed wrapped his arms around me until I passed out. I woke me up a short time later and he told me I had to go his roommate would be home soon. I really did not want to go but I complied. I had to walk a ways then catch the bus home with my ass hagging. I was tripping off how it felt. I got home and called him he did not answer his message had Janet Jacksons Thats The Way Love Goes playing as his out going message and over the next couple of days that's the only thing I herd from him his message, it took two months for my body to recover from the experience along with desperate calls to him trying to beg Janet Jackson to tell him to give me some more but to no avail, shortly after that I had two more encounters but nothing like ReeCo. He was my first and no one has ever made me feel like that. I have had men who actually taught me about anal orgasms some sweet black dick :-) and now I consider myself a Vet :-).. but just like crack,heroine,are any other d**g BBC does that to me. So I can relate to anyone who has or ever loved a Black Man With a big Dick it is awesome and if he is manly and gorgeous that is The Shit Dayum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the song was new at the time, like a moth to a flame burned by the fire, my love is blind cant you feel my desire. Every time I hear that song it makes me smile and think of Reeco, only an ass intruding dildoe could compare but I keep my Puzzy tight LoL....... thank you for reading my first time story I hope you enjoyed it, because I have many more, please excuse my lazy punctuation but im more of an oratorical than a writer. :-)..
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