I was 25 yrs when phone sex was starting to get popular in the Bay Area. I had had an encounter or three with adult women, but did not feel fulfilled. I had male friends who tried to push up since I was an adolescent. But was not really sure of my sexuality until I was feeling desperate at the tender adult age of 25yrs. I called a local chat line and listened to the introductions of the men on there to see what was said. I heard a deep voice a black mans voice describe on the phone that he was 34yrs and a body builder but the best part was that he was 6ft 7in. and I stoped at that mess sage and left a message of my own, he called me back at my home, and we scheduled a meeting at an video arcade in downtown. A couple of days went by I made sure I douched and was looking my best. I went to the arcade and looked around but was disappointed, cause no one 6'7 was there. Feeling disappointed a began to leave and walked out the door, as I was leaving to dark brown hands appeared around my shoulders and then down to my waist. There was a dark brown man with a lovely body standing pushed up against my ass, I slowly turned around and looked up to see what he looked like, I was speechless and couldn't even talk. he asked me if I wanted to walk with him I followed behind him and we proceeded through down town. Not really saying anything are even looking at each other. I was a little nervous but I felt confident I would follow him where he wanted to go. we got blocks out of down town and started talking and I was trying to put together who he was but there was some unspoken info. are told info. and all of a sudden we were in front of his house. We went inside and he informed me his room mate would be home later, I followed him to his room and we layed across his bed and watched the Batman movie of the time. about two hours went by just laying there pretending I was not scared shitless or worried. The end of the movie came and since he did not touch me I thought maybe he did not like me he on the other hand was drop dead gorgeous. He weighed about two hundred pounds and was dark chocolate bald and had a smooth body arms and legs like an African warrior not built but toned from head to toe big feet and hands and a fat muscular butt that was rock hard and sat high up on his legs. but his body was blemish scare scratch free beautiful. I felt like a monster compared to the 34yr Man next to me. He grabbed me and kissed me on the mouth his whole mouth almost covered my head which I really like a man with a big mouth and lips its so nasty and so erotic unless there breath stinks. but anyway he came out of his clothes I came out of mines and it was embarrassing to admit I had never sucked a mans dick before so I just started doing it. his dick was about four inches limp which I was disappointed to find and It would not get hard the way I was sucking so I told him I had not been with a man before. he turned me on my stomach and stared rubbing my ass and got some lube and started spooning or rubbing against my virgin or no dick entered ass and it felt good to have his long chocolate warm body over mines. Then there was a moment when I felt his dick trying to inter me and he could not get in. I would see him in the picture mirror in front of the bed his but rising and him come down.
I felt a warm sensation as his cock started to enter and I got hot and really into it but he sighed and grabbed me by my waist and pulled me to my knees? He then poured a lot more lube over my ass and rubbed some on his dick. Remember I have not seen his dick on hard yet. He would push in and stop push in and stop, then he started pushing his fingers in and massaging my ass, then he mounted me and pushed to a point and stop, he was trying to get in. This took about thirty minutes before he just said fuck it and tried to ram it. My legs were held together inside his thighs so when he pushed, my right leg kicked out causing him to fall against me he was a little unnerved by this, so I just gathered my courage and pushed back all the way, wiggling my hole over the painful monster I had in me. Then I pushed from out of his thighs and slid down between his legs on to my stomach, he pulled both legs together tight between his thighs and started fully penetrating me. After a while I was numb and could really not feel anything he on the other hand got excited and started riding me crazy, this went on for about 15minutes then he started to moan-with joy, so I tried to use what ever grip I had and squeezed his big black dick with my ass muscles, he loved it and got even more excited and just kept stroking away. He reached his orgasm and asked me if I wanted him to cum in me. I told him no I wanted him to cum on my back, he pulled out and what felt like a hot faucet of cum poured all over my back settling in my spine like a river he got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. I waited on the bed for about five minutes for him to return and offer a towel and he did not show. He had a very nice room and I did not want to spill all his cum on the bed but I got restless and put my hand behind my back and tried to catch all that cum, I scooted off his bed and went to the mirror, I looked really different , I turned around in the mirror and spread my cheeks to find a whole, the size of a tennis ball wide open my whole was hangging there I did not feel any pain just :-).... to be continued.
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