Rain and a need for shelter

It was the height of the summer in the west of ireland but like antime of the year it could begin to rain heavly at any moment. Unfortunately for Amy this was the case she had come on holidays a few days earlier than her friends as she was more athletic and was interested in doing the long cycling trails before they arrived she was only 3 miles into her cycle on the first day when the heavens opened and she was soaked wet it was another 3 miles to the next town and 17 to her destination she didnt want to get sick and realised she needed to get somewhere dry fast.
Mike was on his way home from town on his day off, when he spotted the 30 something year old in sport leggings that showed off her firm ass and slender legs while her light rain jacket covered most of her upperbody he noticed there was potential for a nice pair of tits under it, her fiery red hair which was the first thing to grab his attention blew slightly in the wet wind. Then he seen or beautiful brown eyes and he just had to stop and see if she was ok out in this rotten weather.
Amy noticed the car slowing down and was slightly hopefull but also cautious at first glance the young 20 something year-old looked harmless so she gave him a chance to speak, he offered to bring her wherever she wanted to go or to come back to his home 300 yard down the road where she could have a hot shower and get into some dry cloths while waiting for the rain to pass she agreed to go to his house in hope that she could cycle rather than just get a lift. When they pulled up at the house and were heading for the door Amy couldnt help but realise that the young mans broad shoulders and height of about 6 foot, She like tall men she was 5'8 herself.
Mike showed her to the spare room where she had a shower got changed and warmed up a little before coming into the kitchen for food mike had made lunch and asked her to take a seat while he threw her wet cloths into the dryer, they made small talk as they ate and the turned on the end of the new for a weather report the rain was supposed to last until the morning and mike again offerd to bring her to her wherever she wanted or to stay the night here.
Feeling a little thrilled at the though of sharing a house with such a young good looking man with dark brown hair and blue eyes Amy decided to stay she slipped off to her room and took off the cycling gear she had hoped she would need when the rain stopped and slipped into a pair of short denim shorts that showed off as much leg as possible without giving a view to her bare arse, while also pulling on a tight tank top and a hoodie.
Mike couldnt believe she was staying and just the thought of her naked while changing in the spare room was giving him a full on erection, he hope t would subside before she cam out and it was getting there but once he seen her it took all his will powere to stop his jaw from dropping. He couldnt help but stare. Amy could see she had impressed and walked to her chair with a little extra swing on her hips. they dranks some tea and began to clean up. As they passed each other in the kitchen Amy acciddentally on purpose let her hand which was down at her side rub off his hard-on, With a cute smile she said oops sorry and then what she said next suprised mike. " you should really go sort that out walking around with a boner that big for so long can't be comfortable". Mike was speechless.
Amy knew she had him now she left down the cup she was holding in the other hand and took the utensils from his hand and left them down before gently taking his hand and leading hime to the bedroom where she lay on the bed and whispered this can be m rent before unbuckling his trousers and pulling them off and unleashin the 7.5 inch cock it was throbbing hard as she slipped her hands around genl squeezing and thinking i'm going to have some fun, needing some lubricant she began licking and slobbering saliva all over his cock while pumping it up and down with her right hand while her left fondeled his balls.
Mike couldnt believe it. It felt amazing he had alway wanted to get with an older woman but he never though it would happen he had wanted t since he was 17 and now at 21 he finally had gotten somewhere. This was probably the best hand job he was ever given it was slow steady but the pleasure was emense. Amy could sense hime getting close so picked up the pace a bit before surprising mike yet again by taking the entire cock into her mouth, deep throating was something an older man had thought her when she was in her early 20's and now at 36 she had rarely done it but felt this was a special occasion. It pushed mike to the edge faster and he climaxed in her mouth. Not wanting to swallow Amy held it all in her mouth opening it for mike to see before letting it dribble down her chin onto her chest and down between her breast under the tank top.
Mike needed a moment to catch his breath he never had such a good climax but as he did he knew what he had to do next so once Am stood up so did he holding her by the waist he picked her up laid her on her back and pulled of them shorts as fast as he could quickly revealing her smoothly shaven pussy and lack of panties. He dove in carresing her inner thighs kissing them gentle touching everywher but her vagina hovering over it for moments at a time. Amy was delighted but also happy that Mike was patient and let it build up his warm breath teasing her when he hovered over for a moment now and then. Amy needed him to touch her soon before he teased her to much but he didnt instead he mover to pull off her hoodie and tank top revealing her beautiful breasts that werent to big but fitted her perfectly playing with them gently such flicking and pinching. Amy gasped in pleasure but really wanted him to go at her vagina eventually his right began to rub while he concentrated on her breast this went on for what felt like an eternity to Amy.
Then finally Mike slipped down her slim torso and pulled her pussy lips apart and began to lick and suck on the beautiful vagina driving Amy mad as she twisted and moaned in pleasure. It being month since her last sexual encounter Amy climaxed quickly but didnt want mike to stop. He didnt slipping to big finger into her vagina slowl pushing in and out, while still licking gently. this slowed down the tempo and built a slower orgasm for Amy this time. Then urling and uncurling his fingers mike was getting more of a reaction so he stopped finger fucking and just kept, flicking his finger while insider her. Amy was trying hold onto the feeling as her breaths quickened and her heart raced before her mind went blank and her body spasmed in pleasure her body involuntarily riding his hand.
Both need a rest after that they got in under the sheets w****d themselves around each other and fell asl**p. It was 4pm they had until 10am the next morning to continue their fun.
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