bf's lil b*o part 2

he pulled out with a loud "pop" sound i asked if he was ganna finish what he started he said yeah baby. so i took off my shirt and let my tits free he started kissing up and down my stomich, i felt a warm sizzle in me i pulled him up and told him to get a condom in my bedside table. So he went when he came back i looked him striaght in the eye and told him slowly while i was keeping myself seeping wet, and insainly horny, to "put the condom on and fuck me till i scream." he put the condom on and slowly put his massive meat in me, i loved the feeling of his cock stuffing me up. "mmmm. ur soo wet." he said and slwly pumped his cock in and out. i told him to suck my tits while we were on the floor. he sucked my tits till they were sore. and fucked faster and faster till i felt like i was ganna explode. then as i was moaning "i love thisss keep going cum if u want just dont stop!" he came 20 mins latter. but was still hard so i took of the condum wiped off his dick and told him to sit on the couch for me to get a ride.
87% (10/2)
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2 years ago
amazing story. so how was that ride baby..
2 years ago
def love this story ;)
2 years ago
Thats hot - youre really good. I think its time for a new story!!
2 years ago
love your descriptions
3 years ago
yes as those other guys said KEEP WRITING
3 years ago
Keep writing. Sooo hot.
3 years ago
hot! keep writing