In their sl**p they didn’t stay separated. Their bodies found their way around each .Their legs were entwined, arms around each other and his hand was on her bare ass Their eyes locked and then their mouths did with passion. They kissed intently for a few minutes and then he shifted them so she was on her back, while he was at her side, lying on his side. His left arm was under her shoulders and his right hand moved down her body to gently position her legs so they were separated… bent… she understood and she let them fall wide open for him. He kissed her then said, “let me do this for you…” and next she felt his fingers gently part her folds and push inside her.

She gasped and her hips came off the bed for a second, settling back down as his fingers became more insistent, but
not harsh... not rough. Her hips began to writhe around increasing the impact of his fingers, and soft moans and
whimpers poured from her. He claimed her mouth in a heated kiss. She was so hot, wet and tight around his fingers
and there was nothing he wanted more than to replace his fingers and lose himself inside her, but he simply could not
allow it. Soon he felt her convulsing around his fingers and he continued to work them, drawing out her orgasm as she
cried out his name against his neck.

She felt like every bone in her body had turned to liquid. When his fingers had first penetrated her she had felt an
aching tension start to build, and couldn’t catch her breath. His touch awakened her… she felt the ice that had built in
her body melt…

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