Death Creeps in the Fog

the story is based in early 19th century and though long I think it's okay hopefully you will like it

“How did I start you ask?

That’s an interesting question. I could give the pathetic answer that some give once caught. That it was their upbringing but for me that wasn’t true. Nor was the fact that I was turned down by the girl I went to school with and embarrassed in front of my friends. Yes I was and at the time it hurt but that didn’t start me on the murder trail.

No. I murder because I like it. Outwitting the police was a thrill. The contest that developed between me and Chief Superintendent Donald Marsh of the yard excited me.

A smile spread across my face as I remembered like it was yesterday that first time. Not my first murder no but that first time that led me onto the murder trail. I’d had a couple of beers at The Four Bells. An innocuous place whose clientele were mostly the common simple folk, who begged, worked or stole a living. I’d dropped in for some excitement or maybe even one of the loose ladies that frequented such establishments. True to form it wasn’t long before one of the girls a nice brunette plain looking, yet with something about her came over to my table.

“On yer own Sir? Want some company?

She didn’t smell too bad, some of her teeth were missing but I wasn’t intending on marrying her. Her bosom was full and seemed pert enough to catch my inner attentions and I thought yes she’ll do nicely.


I shouted for them to bring over a jug of beer. She was nothing like my future fiancée all airs and graces who wouldn’t let you see never mind touch. Who had no idea that a man, a real man had needs of his own. Men unlike women were able to get extreme pleasure from simple sex which had nothing to do with copulating for the production of c***dren.

The jug was soon slammed down onto the table and I gave the two bits it cost for the refill. She filled my glass and one for herself and cuddled into my side, as she took a swig.

Her faint soapy smell, a change from sweat and sex you normally found on such females made me wonder if she could be new at this. She was plain okay but better looking than most; of course it could be I was her first of the night.

We carried on drinking till the jug was almost gone then I told her lets step out. In the past I had always been careful who I had sex with but with this fresh faced young woman we just went out to the side of the pub. I made her lift up her skirts, her cloth panties were nothing sexual just something to cover her pussy. They gave way to my searching hand. Feeling this young whore’s pussy barely covered in hair and soaking wet had my cock bursting to be let loose.

To be honest she wasn’t any great shakes as a fuck just a receptacle for my lust and when we were done I gave her two pence which I figured was all she was worth and wrapping my cloak about me hurried off into the foggy night. It was about two weeks later that any signs of me having something wrong started to show. The discharge and the itch was terrible. Thankfully my friend was a senior doctor and he checked me over discreetly.

To say I was annoyed at the turn of events was an understatement. This woman had almost put my marriage in jeopardy. I was determined to teach her a lesson and while chatting to my friend saw a long thin bladed scalpel and sliding it under my cloak I walked off with it. This blade was razor sharp and it was obvious that I wouldn’t be able to carry it under my cloak.

I have friends out in the country and it was to one of their servants a blacksmith I went and gave him a story about ruffians prowling London and the need to protect myself. These simple country folk were all too eager to believe anything of London. He fashioned my cane into a holder for the scalpel. It looked like any other cane but unlike a sword stick this blade was so sharp it would take a chicken’s head of with just a flick. Yes this would teach her a lesson I would simply mark her face with what she was a slut!

Oh that feeling the first night I went on the prowl looking for her. The adrenalin coursed through my veins. My heart thumped in anticipation so loud in my chest I was sure other people would hear it! She wasn’t in the Four Bells, though if she had of been I had no idea how I would get her outside without others noticing me.

After walking around for what seemed like hours I gave up looking for her and decided that any woman plying her trade would do. I came upon a woman standing in the opening of the railway arches. It was obvious what she was up to, they are all the same. The nervous excitement had my heart pounding every fibre of my body was alive.

I had never felt anything like this since I spied on my aunt as she bathed in front of the fire. Watching her as she slowly washed her naked body paying particular attention to her pussy area I watched as her face began to sweat and her head went back in a low moan, while her hand worked faster and faster between her legs. Was she having some sort of heart attack I almost approached her till she suddenly moaned and then convulsed in what I now know was an orgasm and stepped out of the tin bath.

The fog was my friend. Thick and swirling about me like a large grey blanket. Smiling I got closer I could see her face as she saw my top hat and cloak, realising I was a member of the gentry. That and my blue eyes and smile had her relaxing. She was fairly young with auburn long straggling hair. Her body was not bad either from what I could see. There was no kissing I simply pushed her against the wall and lifting her skirts felt her pussy still wet from previous clients my own member rampant without care I slid it in deeply. She grunted as my full manhood bottomed out as I rammed it in then almost pulling it completely out rammed it back again her grunts of pain and pleasure giving me more satisfaction than I had felt for a while. As I got closer to my orgasm I started to think about how I was going to mark her and the excitement sent me over the top
I definitely didn’t want to be covered in bl**d. I would semi strangle her it should be easy enough I was after all a lively 5ft 10, 15 stone man. While I was within reach I simply grabbed her by the throat. The shock was etched onto her face as I took her onto the ground kneeling onto her struggling hand I f***ed the other across her chest still holding her throat in my grip. I watched fascinated as the light in her eyes slowly dulled.

I knew I was meant to let go of her so that I could just etch into her cheek “slut” but as she became limper so my heart seemed to become more and more alive. The power I felt racing through my body. Here I was, her God. I had the power of life and death over this individual. My cock was erect now as I reached down lifting her skirts, her pussy still filled from my orgasm. Sloppy and sticky but so exciting. Ramming my cock deep into her I fucked her with all my lust filled power till my cum shot deep within her.

Before I realised what I was doing I felt the blade in my hand running across her throat. The feel, as at first the warm bl**d ran across my knuckles and then the air from the cut in her throat. She made no sound. I realised I had pressed hard and quite literally severed her head with the exception of a thin piece of skin at the back of the neck.

I stood looking at her corpse but it didn’t look right, her body slowly bled out. So I folded her arms neatly across her chest as though she was praying tying them in position with a strip of cloth from her petticoat and tidied up the area pulling her dress down. I have no idea why I did that I just did.

Quickly I walked away into that grey blanket of fog. It wasn’t till I was near the Thames that the realisation of what I had done came over me and I was sick. I may have been sick but the feeling of power was one that I couldn’t forget. I headed home and in the privacy of my own room cleaned my blade and stick checking my cape and took a large whiskey.

Throughout that night I had dreams of police knocking on my door. Even that gave me a weird sense of excitement. It didn’t happen and the next day I tried to behave normally. This was surprisingly easy. There was no conscience making me want to give myself up instead I felt the need to do it again. I tried to kill this need but it was like a seed that grew stronger each day that passed.

I thought I could control it but it controlled me like a d**g. I needed to feel that power again. I know the police, having a few friends amongst them and didn’t want any of them getting suspicious. The papers were full of it and I learnt her name was Lucy Heart. What was good was the snippet that said the police had found neither clues nor reasons why Lucy had been killed. This only served to make me want to try again.

“Do you have something against these working women then?”

“Which Paper did you say you were from again?

“The Times.

“Certainly not! After the first three, infact I decided harder targets would be more in keeping with my superior intellect. Already Scotland Yard was involved with Chief Superintend Donald Marsh heading the investigation into these killings. Papers such as yourselves were running fancy headlines like “Death lurks in the fog” and “The Fog Slayer” giving me credit for murders which I hadn’t done. So you made me think again and pick another target for what was now my insatiable lust for bl**d and sex.

It was The Times that printed a piece from the New York Times that caught my interest. In it a New York Detective called Inspector Byrone had said that “The Fog Slayer” could not get away with the crimes he was committing in London and not be caught if he committed them there. It seemed to me to be a challenge and one I was more than happy to take up. My wife and I had just married and I suggested to her she may like a prolonged honeymoon in New York.

I remembered how excited she was and we booked passage on the next available ship. The cruise was nice enough and my new wife though not overtly sexual did perform the wifely duties a man should expect. In my mind the cheek of Inspector Byrone rankled me. The audacity to think that I could be caught that easily by an American policeman was so derogatory.

We had been there just two days when I saw her. It took a few days to find out that her name was Carrie Owens and of course her movements as there would be no London Fog to rely on. After watching and following her life pattern I planned her death. I would commit the act and wait to see if they got anywhere.

The murder was simple enough and with nothing more in the papers other than the police had no clues I proceeded to plan my next. She was an ordinary working female from one of the bars. I once again followed her to gain entry into her lifestyle. She seemed to have no social life other than the bars and after 5 days I pulled alongside her in the evening asking if she wanted a ride. Smiling she got into the buggy and I drove her to a quiet place.

I was sexually frustrated as my wife’s ministrations were not what I longed for and enjoyed this woman. Her name she said was Bonnie. I watched her as she knelt before me wondering what she was going to do. She undid my fly buttons and pulled out my cock. It was rock hard so wasn’t easy to get out of the fly. When I watched her lick it the thrill it gave me was to say the least extreme. I had never had oral sex before and as I watched my cock going in and out of her mouth then feeling all the tension building up I shot my cum into her throat.

I thought she would spit it out but no she swallowed virtually all of it. Then started to suck me hard again. Lifting her skirts we fucked till we both came and at that point, after enjoying our sexual liaison I laid her to rest as I had done with all the others crossing her hands and tying them in prayer. Leaving a small note for Inspector Byrone which simply read “A Present from England and signed The Fog Slayer.

Waiting the usual time to see what the papers said I found they were all interested in the note I left and there being no clues from the police we left for home. You can imagine my annoyance when I read they had arrested and hung a man for the murders. I knew he was innocent and sent a letter telling them so but of course couldn’t sign it other than to use your own headlines The Fog Slayer. It upset me to read that Bonnie had a son of 17. I never really thought that these women could be mothers.

Chapter Two – Time for Innocents

We travelled home in the boat okay it was an uneventful trip. I had tried to get my wife to give me oral sex but she told me I was depraved asking a woman to do that and wouldn’t allow me to make love to her till I apologised. She never knew how close she came to going overboard. I decided there and then ordinary women would be my next targets forcing them to have sex first and making them do whatever I wanted then killing them.

“Okay, you don’t find your average young female though, hanging around on street corners now do you?

The first of the more moral females was something new to me. I saw her in one of the many markets. A young thing, about 19, very good looking and as I got close to her, her scent was such my senses were totally excited. From what I could see the figure beneath her cloak was one most men would lust after. I set about following her and over a period of weeks learnt she had a pretty simple routine. Sometimes I sat that close to her and her gentleman I could over hear their plans and on one such occasion heard how she would wait for her maid to deliver his letter of rendezvous. Apparently her father didn’t approve of this young man. I set about watching on that appointed day for the maid to leave this young lady’s home. Sure enough about 5pm she sneaked out of the side door and headed out to collect the letter I hoped. The night was perfect the usual fog had closed in and as she came through the alleyway I accidentally on purpose bumped into her apologising all the time. Quickly I opened the note amended the time and folded over the short billet-doux.

“I’m so sorry Sir

“No. No, it was my fault but here you have dropped something.

Handing over the paper to her she hurried on her way and me well my trap was already set. Now to put the final touches into play. My coach like most of the landed gentry’s was emblazoned with my f****y’s crest so I had already bought and hidden a Hansom cab similar to all the other Hansoms that plied their trade all across London. Even those clod hoppers would be able to find out it was me if someone described my own coach. Heading to the stable where I kept my Hansom cab in, I dressed in the small backroom in my taxi drivers gear. With the black horse fastened in between the shafts and the small paraffin lamp alight I mounted the driver’s seat and took off into the night. Turning into the main street this man flagged me down. The adrenalin started to pump around my body; this was the perfect opportunity to try out my disguise. I pulled the cab up beside him.

“Where to Sir?

Tipping my hat as I jumped down and opened the door pulling the small steps down so he could climb in. My heart was thumping in my chest as I realised he was someone I knew. I need not have worried as who takes notice of a cabby as long as I knew where he asked me to go to there wouldn’t be a problem.

“Ram and Magpie, Buxton Street

“Yes Sir

Tipping my hat once more my head still turned down so he couldn’t see my full face I lifted the steps and closed the door climbing up I clicked the reigns and my horse strutted off. Checking my pocket watch I realised I had on my gold hunter that would never do. Most cabbies had old battered pocket watches if any at all. That was a mistake I had to rectify straight away and unhooking it I slid it into the small bait compartment. Tomorrow I would go to a pawnbroker and see what they had for sale.

Slowly I eased my horse to the kerb of the pavement and dropping down trying to remember that I was supposed to be an old cabby I open the door and unfolded the steps stood and held out my hand.

“Tuppence Sir!

He didn’t say thank you or anything dropping the two pennies into my hand with a farthing as a tip and walking away. I quickly folded up the steps and closed the door. Climbing aboard I headed towards the rendezvous. The thickness of the swirling fog almost a barrier to movement but I had left plenty of time to get there. And through the mist I could see her waiting nervously her maid standing not far away from her for comfort and support. Pulling up I proceeded with the plan.

“Milady I’m to take you to meet the Captain!

I held the door open above the steps and watched as she looked and then without worry climbed aboard. Her maid climbed in straight after. This was totally unexpected and threw me off balance a little but I placed the cab blanket over both of their knees and I closed the door. In an instant I had come up with a plan so that I could enjoy both and would finalise it in my head on the drive to the dock shed I had rented.

“Where are we heading driver?

“Sorry Miss I am under strict instructions to keep it a secret so I don’t spoil the surprise.

They seemed settled by this and as we drove slowly toward the dock areas and the thicker fog they chatted amongst themselves. The fog swirled about and all I could do was let the horse have its head and gently aim it in the direction I needed to go.

“How much further driver, I can’t tell where it is we are going.

“Not much further miss the fog is extremely thick so I have to travel slower than I expected.

They settled back chatting. Obviously this maid and her mistress were not exactly friends but she allowed her maid a looser closeness with her. Suddenly the dark shape of the dock shed came into view and pulling up my black scarf across the bridge of my nose to hide my features I drove in through the open large doors and jumped down. Reaching under the seat I took my pistol and pulling open the door pointed at the two women. In the semi dark it was impossible to watch their eyes change as they saw the gun pointing at them but I could imagine it and that aroused me no end. The adrenalin was really running around my body my heart beating so loudly in my chest that I felt sure the women could hear it. Just as I could in my own ears.

They both let out a scream and though no one could hear them I needed to let them know that I was their master now. Quick as a flash my leather bound horse whip sliced through the air. Its swishing sound ominously proceeding the dull thud as it landed across both of their dress covered knees.

“Quiet! You speak only if I tell you too. Your screams cannot be heard here! Now listen carefully. My gun is pointing at you when I tell you to get out I want you to step slowly down from the cab and stand still. Don’t move, if one of you runs I will shoot the other in the stomach and leave them to die very painfully and then find the other and slowly carve her up do you understand. Meekly I heard the voices in unison say yes. My grin and feverish passion couldn’t be seen by them but I knew it was there. In the past I had simply killed and that gave me a lot of pleasure. Then gone home to my wife, we married after the third murder and passionately made love. The big trouble was that she thought lovemaking was a chore and often left me wanting more, forcing me to pick up a working girl.

The two women did exactly as I wanted stepping steadily down and standing like two frightened rabbits waiting for their death, I already had ropes set up for one hanging from the beams and quickly in the darkened shed laced another one ready for the maid.

“Give me your hands,” I barked out my order to the young lady, “and no nonsense!”

She reached out her hands and I tied them to the ends of the ropes and hoisting them up raised them above her head leaving her just standing on tip toes. Her tears were running down her face as she cried out not to hurt her and that her f****y would give me money. Being this close I could see her body shake and almost smell the fear, her scent still intoxicating as her breathe came fast and furious.
I ignored the pleas and proceeded to tie up the maid to the beam facing her mistress. She didn’t beg but asked if her mistress was alright. How typical here was a young woman in mortal danger yet worrying about her mistress and the mistress, all she could think about was being allowed to go free. This young lady had always been in charge of her maid servant like a god, deciding when and if she would get rewarded perhaps it would be fun for the tables to be turned.

“I will be back in the morning you can scream all you like, the shed is almost sound proof and any noise made from it may bring in those that live rough and who can say what they may do to a couple of females tied up and helpless.

My dreams that night were more depraved than usual, though my wife seemed happy that I had not insisted she allow me sex. I had to f***e myself to take my time and as soon as my wife had left for her mother’s at my suggestion I dressed in old clothes and leaving by the back door took some food and water in a bag driving my hansom to the shed. Any one seeing me leave would think I was a cabbie getting work. The sun was up and it was warm as I drove into the shed and closed the doors after me. The docks were a hive of activity with the conglomeration of noise that over whelmed you. Both women looked the worse for wear having been tied up all night. In the day light I assembled the two makeshift beds, securing them into position. I had fashioned two masks which covered the eyes and clamped behind the head secured by fastenings. This I fitted onto each woman, leaving them free to use their mouths but unable to see.

“I am going to let you lay on the beds if you are good and do as I say I will let you eat if not you won’t eat till tomorrow do you understand?”

I led them to the beds one at a time and secured them with a chain about their waists. The food I had brought was merely sandwiches but they were that hungry and cold they wolfed them down even the lady losing her etiquette as she bit on the doorstep thick crusts. While holding the mugs of hot tea. I had bought a paper but it bore no mention of the missing women which disappointed me. With the other murders I had enjoyed the quick sexual pleasure of simply killing them but I wanted this young woman and now I had an unexpected pleasure of two of them. I watched as they finished their meal and then addressed them both.

“You understand that I am now your master and you will only talk when spoken to directly while I am here.”

In unison both lowered their heads acknowledging that they were in my power. I don’t know if I can describe that feeling that ran though my body indeed it took every effort to hold back from ripping off their clothes and making them mine but I had learnt that holding back gave a lot more added pleasure and I would take them when I was ready. Sitting beside the maid I asked if she was still pure. The shock showing on the lower part of her face as she begged me not to do that to her gave me the answer I wanted. I needed her to learn that to resist brought pain and so I back handed her sending her sprawling across the bed with a sharp cry.

“I told you only to speak when you are spoken to and only to answer any question not to argue with me do you understand?”

Slowly she got back up to her sitting position and said, “Yes”

Slamming my hand across her face again I hollered, “Yes what!”

A thin trickle of bl**d ran from the side of her mouth as she sat up once again crying and complied, “Yes Master.”

Each time I had hit her I had also watched the young lady her body jumped with each noise and the tears were running down her cheeks under the mask and could be seen on her chin. This power was so exciting; I had a hardness more solid than I could ever remember. It was more erect than I had been since I married. I had to see and touch their bodies. Sitting down by the young lady I reached out and took her hand and placed it on my member making her grip it and move her hand up and down its full length. Scared as she was she never argued nor spoke but kept doing it even after I had let her hand go. Slowly at first till I told her to speed up. I throbbed in her hand as I enjoyed this woman’s ministrations. I spoke to the maid.
“Tell me your name and remove your clothes. Don’t hesitate or you know what you will get.”

“Ginny, Master.” There was no hesitation as she spoke her name she started to undo the fastenings of her blouse.

I watched as she disrobed her young perky breasts standing like molehill mounds with the nipples like soldiers on the top standing to attention. All the time this young woman beside me was working her hand giving me a feeling I had not felt since the first killing. I was getting close but wanted to see Ginny totally naked first and was forcing myself to hold back when as she dropped her skirt to the floor and her bloomers with it and that dark bush of hair came into view.

“Do you touch yourself Ginny?”

“NO Master!

Her answer was so emphatic I had to believe her. I told her to come a little closer and taking her fingers showed her how to rub her pussy. Making her pay particular attention to her clit. I told her to lay on the bed behind her and play with herself till I told her to stop. At first she played as though she was scrubbing steps but as the feelings overcame her fear, her hands started to give her pleasure and her moans grew louder. Faster and faster her fingers worked on herself. Her moans were quite loud as though she had forgotten where she was. Suddenly with a moan that sent me over the edge, she squirted her virgin juices across the floor. Her body convulsing in the orgasm that sent her senses reeling.

“I’m sorry master I’ve wet myself”

I was still pumping my seed across the hand and wrist of the young woman who from fear was wanking me with a strong fast movement. Not able to take any more of the wanking hand I grabbed at it and said enough to which she pulled her hand away still covered with my cum.

“Lick it off your hand,” I said with a commanding air.

She tentatively touched her tongue on the cum on the back of her hand then spitting it out rubbed it into her hands being unable to wipe it. I could see she had spirit that would need to be broken. My cock had stopped throbbing and I wanted to feel it in one of their mouths. Not fancying trying to break this woman’s spirit as yet, I stood and walked next to the maid.

“Ginny you have really pleased me and now I am going to teach you to suck cock if you bite or hurt me I will cut your nipples off. You suck it as you would a straw in a drink. Do a good job and I won’t hurt you or your mistress.”

Taking her hand I placed my hardening cock in it. She slowly moved her hand along the length and then lowered her mouth to it. At first she just took the end into her mouth her tongue licking around tasting my cum and cock meat. Her face screwed up a little then she started to suck I showed her how to move her hand and touch my balls as she sucked harder and better. She would definitely be the best cock sucker I had ever had but then I had only ever had one and she was now dead.

While Ginny sucked and wanked me I decided it was time to see this mistress that treat this servant as a none entity, happy to be friendly with her but also happy to leave her to the clutches of me as long as she wasn’t harmed. Flicking out my whip I tapped her across the knees and with a commanding voice asked.

“What’s your name?”

She visibly jumped not expecting to be talked to let alone hit

“Miss Jones, Annabel Jones, my father is Judge John Jones he will give you money for my safe return, more than you could earn on your cab.”

I slapped her again, “You forget yourself Annabel, next time I will whip you till you bleed. Answer only what I ask, do as I say immediately and never forget I am your master!”

Her head lowered, “Sorry Master”

“Strip Annabel, let me see your pretty body while Ginny here pleases me.”

She stood her finery was from very elite shops. Watching her nervously disrobe made my cock pulse as she slowly worked her way to her under garments. These were not like those of her maid but where of the finest silk. Covered in lace like those of my wife only filled with a body so beautiful it could have belonged to a goddess. Her young tits were smaller than her maids with light pink nipples small and sort of fragile looking. Her waist and ohhhh those hips. Her bush was perfectly trimmed like her nails and her other hair she had been well looked after though who trimmed her bush I wondered. Even standing naked she showed a sort of arrogance and though her eyes couldn’t see through the mask I could feel them staring at me. Ginny was doing and excellent job sucking and wanking me, not only was I fully erect but I was well on the way to exploding into her young mouth. Annabel still hadn’t started to play with herself and I figured it was time she had her spirit broken. I could easily do it by pain but I wanted more than to break her spirit I wanted to own her. Porn wasn’t as easy to come by but what there was of it was under the shelf stuff and in one such book it told the story of a female who was made into a fuck toy by using a variety of what they called dildos. In one passage it described how a woman was brought to orgasm by another female who toyed with her clit and kissed and licked her. It had stuck with me because I had never heard of such a thing. I pulled out of Ginny’s mouth with a plop and stepping up to the naked Annabel pushed her onto her bed then proceeded to tie her hands and feet till she was spread eagled on it.

“Please! She begged, “Please don’t do this!”

I pulled Ginny’s bed towards her mistress’s and whispered in her ear so that Annabel couldn’t hear.

“You are going to please your mistress as you just pleased yourself. If you speak or don’t do it I will whip her till you make her orgasm nod if you understand.”

Ginny nodded and sitting on her mistress’s bed let her hands run over her naked body. Watching them was really exciting knowing what Ginny was about to do made my cock not only bulge but feel as though it would burst./ Ginny started to feel Annabel’s tits fingering her nipples and they reacted almost immediately by getting hard while Annabel begged me to stop. I whispered in Ginny’s ear to start sucking her mistresses nipples and she complied straight away making each one rock hard then kissing over her taught tummy till she reached her pussy. Her fingers felt it for a little while then started to work her clit soon instead of begging to stop she was quietly moaning and as I watched and wanked I saw Ginny’s head lower and start to suck clumsily on her mistresses clit her tongue at times sliding inside her pussy lips. As her mistress became more and more worked up her hips started to fuck upwards onto Ginny’s tongue. I took Ginny’s fingers two of them and eased them into her mistress. Her moans were louder now as she fucked the two fingers harder and harder till suddenly she came and Ginny never stopped licking I shot all over this young lady’s tits. Separating them and untying the mistress I pulled robes onto them to keep them warm and told them they could lay together for company. Pushing the beds together I left them with their food and something to drink Before I left I checked the masks and they were still solid warned them that if I came and the masks were off I would kill them both as there was no way out of their prison. Both were eating the sandwiches and drinking with that, I left for the night!

More to follow if you like this story

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excellent start for a series!! is his name jack?? lol
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a ripper of a story