The Party Mood

“What’s this?

Igot shouted waving the letter at his wife Her-Peas. She could see it looked official but as she hadn’t read it, couldn’t tell what it was even though her husband was wafting it around like some demented swan trying to take off.

“I don’t know dear, she smiled

“It’s only a letter from Pen.E. Sillen and Aunty Biotics they are planning to marry. It’s a big enough disgrace to the f****y that she married that Biotics bloke but a Sillen.

Igot was pacing up and down. He very rarely became ruffled and was normally a very smooth operator. That was one of the reasons Her-Peas had married him. He always looked so normal so in control as though there was never a thing wrong. Infact once his temper had calmed no one would know he had a problem at all. It had been a big decision marrying into the Clam Midea f****y. Her Uncle Carled Saw had stopped speaking to them because as he put it.

“Igot Clam Midea was so normal he would dilute the f****y strain and then proceed to burp in front of everyone to show he enjoyed his dinner.

Her f****y had split right down the middle about the wedding though they all turned up because the free booze and food often meant a wild party and her f****y just loved wild parties.

They had been married 27 years and had two c***dren, their eldest boy Gonna Rhea at 24 was a fine looking lad and Siff Phylus their daughter with her long blonde hair and sexy figure was the proverbial honey pot. Her-Peas figured with all the males’ attention she got her 21 year old would soon fly the nest so to speak and marry. That’s if she could stop flitting from guy to guy. None of the c***dren took after their father with his no sign look of normality. All seemed to have inherited her characteristics of a tell-tale sign which went a little way to appeasing Uncle Carled Saw.

“I’m sorry dear, Igot said, but this could destroy our f****y’s entry in the register of infectious diseases. Those ordinary people out there would be able to have wild sex parties and we wouldn’t be invited. Imagine that! It would be horrendous, people having sex everywhere and no sign of the Clam Midea f****y.

“Relax darling, the normals have tried for years to stop us from attending their parties and never succeeded have they. There are always some of us who attend. So many normals have no idea how many of us are their personal friends till it’s too late. Then there are those that are too scared to get checked they all help us. I was talking with that Audin Narry the good looking girl on the corner she has joined the Clam Midea f****y too. She will definitely spread our f****y heritage. She asked me if she should have a check-up and of course I told her how embarrassing it would be when her name was read out to the normals to stay clear of her.

“But they don’t read the names out to the normals honey it’s all kept secret!

“I know that and you do too. Normals are just so gullible when it comes to joining one of our families. They have tried all sorts. Look at that set of TV ads, they designed them and we altered them by whispering how cool it was to not use a condom. Wasn’t it your Uncle Bareback that made guys and girls think wearing one was sissy, uncomfortable and even took the pleasure away, we had more join up after that than ever before.

“Yes of course you are right as usual darling and now Al K. Hol has become the leader of the of the Clam Midea f****y with his partner Nick O’tine persuading younger and younger normals to join our families well the normals will soon become a rare breed.

“Al K. was telling me that younger and younger normals are having c***dren, some still at school!

“Never. I guess it had to happen. What are we going to do about this darn wedding invite then?

“We shall accept of course and take Al K. Hol along with us after all he is part of our f****y.

“I best contact Adam Ecstasy, Billy Whizz, Charlie, Crystal and Eve they always make the party swing.

“Yes and those roofers can’t think of their names starts with G H B they always make those that say no change their mind.

“Well as long as you are sure, it is a f****y wedding after all. I’ll send them all a text.

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lol so naughty
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mmm i wonder were this might go