Cheating Can be FUN!!! part 6

Cheating can be fun (The End POSSIBLY)
It's long and possibly the end of the story unless maybe someone wants to suggest a carry on to it. Anyways Enjoy the read!

During the week that followed prior to Brian and Pat’s Daughter Emma coming home from University we had many cyber and real sex sessions.

Brian was totally addicted to watching Trish and Pat make love to each other and often shot his load over the two of them as they were both cumming together.

He was bigger than I was in the cock department; his only trouble was thinking he knew how to please a woman without ever asking her what she liked being done.

Sometimes though it may be hard to do, asking her how she likes to please herself can be the biggest key in giving her the best sex she has ever had.

With Pat it had been easy really, once we started to chat little by little she gave away her secrets. Just as she had commented, “Sometimes it’s like you hypnotise me!”

The day Emma arrived at the train station I was there with Pat and Brian. This time I had gone for luxury as Pat and Brian seemed to think she was all out for posh and money. Don’t you just love it when folks make it easy?

I watched from my roller as Emma listened to her parents and then with a porter pulling her luggage they all headed towards my car, and I got out to greet her.

I knew my Saville Row Suit would be impressive but watched as she took in the car and the clothes and most of all my bison ruby ring and solid gold cufflinks.

“Mom says I will be staying with you in the Penthouse suite of the Copthorne.”

“Yes but if you don’t feel comfortable I can have you put into a smaller room.”

“NO, NO I’m sure that will be just fine, I wasn’t expecting to be staying anywhere, other than at home is all and I will probably have to go get some of my better clothes so I don’t look out of place!”

“Well you could do that if you want. How about, as I have no c***dren of my own I treat you like a niece come daughter?” My smile was thick, used so many times to disarm even the most stubborn of people had Emma totally relaxed

“That’s okay isn’t it Mom?”

They both answered almost simultaneous, “Yes!” then Pat said, “Jake is an old work friend.”

I butted in quickly asking what she wanted to do, “We could all go and have lunch at the hotel or I could if you want take you home to drop stuff off.”

“Well, I am pretty hungry if that is ok,”

“Right, Lunch it is then,” I input quickly before either Brian or Pat had chance to say anything.

We arrived at the Copthorne and I chucked my keys to the doorman saying, “HI Stan! Have the car parked for me and can you have the bags took up to the penthouse suite while we eat ok?” I shoved a hundred into his hand.

“YES SIR! Right away Mr. Sloane.”

It was just coming onto 1pm, as usual the restaurant was heaving. Brian looked about worried, Pat seemed nervous too, “Isn’t it too full?”

Without a reply I spoke to the restaurants greeter, “My table ready Jack?”

“Oh yes sir, follow me if you please”

It made me laugh did they really think that I would leave it to chance in a secluded alcove looking out onto the lawn and lake, we were taken and seated. Emma was really impressed. But impressing someone doesn’t always get you into their knickers.

“Oh Jake this is really nice,” she crooned, “I always wanted to see inside here infact my friend and I once came in for a look around but were removed by the security!”

I’ll not bore you with the meal and the sucking up I had to do to lay the ground work but suffice it to say that when I said, “How about I get your Mom and Dad a taxi home and then we can go to the suite and you can freshen up ready to go shopping.” She was so enthusiastic.

Pat looked at me and for one moment I wondered if she was going to rebel again, but I watched as her eyes softened and they both said that would be fine and they would call around tomorrow.

On the way out Pat took me to one side and said, “You won’t hurt her will you?”

“Ofcourse not where is the fun in hurting someone much better to get them to do it themselves even if they may not want to.”

You could see Pats trapped a****l look, “When can I see you on your own again?”


I gave Emma the key card as we approached my suite. She skipped to the door. It was like watching a young girl hopping to get onto a fairground ride.

“Ohhhh Wow!” She just stood in amazement as she stepped just inside the door, “Which is my room?”

“The door to the left, I hope you like it?”

She rushed inside her young tight bum moved under her short miniskirt like two bald guys fighting under a sheet as the saying goes. It gave me the chance to look this nineteen year old over.

She wasn’t as good looking as Trish but combined with her youth she had something that made my ball sack tighten and the hormones start to fly around my body.

Till that moment though, I had thought of fucking her. I hadn’t really formed a plan but that changed as I heard her excited voice shout,

“Uncle Jake, it’s so beautiful I wish I could stop here for a while?”

“Just call me Jake honey and you may stay as long as your parents are happy to let you.” My smile was so wide first part was won now to try and get her ready to fuck.

I tapped on her door and pushed it open. She had one of her cases open and clothes piled onto the bed, “What shall I wear to go shopping in?”

She was so pitifully naive it was going to be a shame to take that innocence from her but that would not stop me giving her the time of her life.

“Well I like what you are wearing now, but it won’t matter as you can buy something to travel back here in too if you want.”

Her eyes were like saucers, she sat down on the bed. Her short skirt riding up just enough to show the white cotton pantied gusset between her thighs.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help notice your undies,” I smiled disarmingly, “A trouble with short skirts. How about we buy you some really nice lingerie, then when you are with your boyfriend, well you know.”

Her young face took the bait immediately. “I don’t have one!” she said.

Then, “Most of the guys my age are silly or want to get into your pants for a cheap night out! Though I don’t understand men much. I have only had a couple of dates and when I said no they weren’t interested in me after that.”

She had a quizzical look spring across her face, “I cannot believe I just told you that.”

“You can tell me anything you want, I will never tell anyone else and it will be our little secret!”

She stood and threw her arms about me. I just relaxed and felt my other brain start to work its magic, giving me a solid erection which was pressed hard into her as she held me tightly.

She blushed profusely, which made me want her all the more. As she eased off her grip I looked down into her eyes, She was gorgeous. Her innocence seemed to have a scent of its own. A very inviting scent!

She continued to look into my eyes and even closed her eyes as my head slowly lowered to kiss her. I can’t lie I wanted to mash my lips onto hers and just take her but I knew if I did she would stop. This was the game, slowly slowly catchee monkey.

I just gave her a very gently kiss and could feel and see the disappointment in her face as she felt me ease away.

“I am so sorry,” I smiled. “It’s just! You are so very lovely I’m afraid I forgot myself. I hope you can forgive my……..she butted in straight away,

“I wanted you to kiss me you are not like any man I have ever known!”

“Let’s get out and hit those clothes shops,” I said trying to keep the one eyed monster down, “Remember whatever you buy I would like to see you model for me if you dare!”

We both laughed and headed to the car, which had been brought to the front.

Initially we must have hit a dozen or so clothes shops; my express card was being hammered. I said how about some nice jewellery to set the outfits off and then we have nearly completed your outfits.

“We haven’t you said I could get some nice lingerie too!”

“So we shall,” inside I knew she was really relaxed with me she had in some of the shops called me into the changing booth to see some outfit or the other. I was now accepted by her as safe I think.

Having purchased some jewellery we went to a specialist lingerie shop nothing too kinky mind just really sexy and expensive. At first we sat and watched the store models parade up and down till Emma said,

“Can I pick some stuff to try on?”

“Yes that’s why we are here,” I was glad as hiding my erection was impossible watching these women with hardly anything on parade for us.

She had only been in the changing room for a short while when she opened the curtain a little and whispered, “I don’t think I can fasten this clasp it seems an odd style fastening!”

“Here let me help,” I wasn’t sure if I was really pushing too hard but at the minute I was only thinking with my cock.


Before she could say anything I was already inside and taking the clasp of the bra clipped it together, “There, now turn and let me see.”

Her face flushed. Slowly though she turned, her nipples were just showing through her bra and her little strip of hair was easily seen under her thong. “Wow you look stunning.”

“Honest,” she seemed to forget she was hardly dressed and was happier that I thought she was lovely. “Do I look sexy too?”

Enough was enough I thought. I stepped close and taking hold of her pulled her too me and she tilted her head so that I could kiss her. It was not the little kiss she expected and at first she struggled but I held her tightly till her struggle gave way to kissing back.

We stood together in the changing room, we heard another customer come in and use the next door cubicle. I could not resist. I kissed her again to keep her moans down and slid my hands over her firm young tits.

Toying with her nipples. Then opening her bra and slowly moving my mouth down her neck and onto those young unhandled breasts. Her pink nubs were already erect.

“Mmm!” She was about to moan as I covered her mouth while my mouth sucked in one of those hardened nubs. She bit down on my fingers. The pain sent electricity straight down to my cock. I wanted her there and then but knew I had to let her parents watch after all a bet is a bet.

Through out the shopping trip I took every chance to get into the changing rooms with her. Constantly working her up….. Soon she was almost begging me to fuck her.

“I won’t tell mom and dad,” she begged

“Honey something’s are worth waiting for, and you are precious enough to want to make sure it’s right. Okay!” I put on my best smile and let my blue eyes flash.

“Yes but how long will I have to wait you have my body screaming inside I have never felt like this.” She kissed me once more and we headed for the car. I guess tonight was going to be the night.

We arrived at my hotel and while Emma was putting the stuff away I contacted Trish and told her to go to Pat and Brian’s for 7pm sharp. Then rang Pat and Brian and told them Trish would be coming.

I wandered into the recording room and set all the stuff onto automatic all we had to do now was wait another hour.

We had tea served at 6 and afterwards I asked Emma if she would wear the nice black dress we bought and one of the sexiest lingerie sets to go with it. She gushed she would do whatever I wanted.

The exuberance of youth sometimes it’s so hard to keep up with. She ran to get changed coming out she looked stunning. Already I was solid.

I took her in my arms and suggested maybe she might want to change her mind, “You know I don’t!”

I had dimmed the lights my mock fire looked just like a large log fire everything was perfect. She had had some rich wine and champagne to finish with. Now as the music with its soft sensuous beat started we slowly started to dance.

I knew that the cameras would be starting to roll.

Emma was in a world of her own swaying as we danced. Her body brushing the front of my trousers almost as though her pudenda wanted to wank me to orgasm itself.

My hand slipped to the back of her dress feeling the zip. My lips lowered to hers. She was almost touching every part of me with her body as she moaned.

“Oh Jake, NO one has ever treat me like this,”

I never said a word. Just opened the little catch and slowly, as slowly as I could pulled the zip down till I reached the start of her bum cheeks. I could feel her thong my hand like a butterfly ran up and down her spine.

She was swaying totally lost in the music; I eased off the shoulder straps of her dress it slid to the floor. I kissed her shoulders her body was electrified.

There she was ready. I guided her to the queen size bed and as the mattress hit the back of her knees we fell onto it. My lips now chased down her body. Slowly at first allowing me time to undo the front catch on the bra and slide it out of the way.

Her moan was longer and louder now. I glanced to the erect nubs of her nipples and then to the TV’s at either side of the bed. Brian was already being sucked off by Trish as Pat was between Trish’s thighs. His face was one of intrigue as he watched his daughter give in to me.

My mouth sucked her nipple between my lips then gently bit on it, her shout of pain was only matched by the moan as I slid my hand into her panties and feeling her slit awash with juice slid two fingers virtually straight up

Watching Brian’s face. Seeing the sort of jealous ecstasy on it, as he watched his pride and joy getting ready to be fucked.

Kissing her nipple again I went to the other and did the same this time the bite didn’t bring a sound just the clenching of her cunny lips around my fingers and her voice saying I need you now.

But she was my toy. I chose how I played with my toys. I pulled her thong off and kissed all the way down, following it off her legs. Taking her thighs I clamped her legs wide open.

Slowly I let her feel me kiss around her pussy. Her body was arching to get my tongue into herself. I reached up and placed her hands one by one in the clamps

The first she knew of the rabbit was when she heard the unfamiliar buzz the second was when it hit inside her lips with the clit tickler going either side of her now really sensitive clit.

The remote slowly lowered the big TV’s into place, just as she said, “YES. Fuck me.”

Her eyes now fully opened, she could see her mom and Trish entwined in a sensual statuesque, each trying to make the other cum. Her dad was now hard as a rock and wanking for all he was worth.

“Want to hear them?”

“I don’t want to look but I can’t help it he is wanking over them or me?”

“Both I would have thought.” I smiled and moved closer to her, my cock now with in touching distance of her sex. Her hips were still writhing as I eased out the vibro.

Slowly I pushed into her, she was tight but so juicy it was relatively easy to slip inside

Brian was wanking so hard as she said, “Go on fuck me harder, let him see me Oohhhhhhhhhhh Fuuuuccccckkkkk!” Her body straightened her first orgasm.

“Look mom is cumming!”

I looked at the screens to see Pat staring at me her face contorted into that most beautiful of pictures the female cumming.

“Jake you bastard!” then she grabbed Trish and started to really suck onto her clit in a sexy sixty-nine position.

Trish did not last long but before she came Brian’s cock issued shot after shot out and over both of them

Emma just lay her pussy oozing mine and her juice, gripping me tightly.

“I don’t know if I hate you or love you,”

Love, Hate is there very much difference really. They both have the same intensity and both can be sensual. I did not feel regret well maybe a little.

They were a part of me now each would go out and get more and more converts.

Each would be as addicted to sex as I am. Soon we would all make love in the good old Orgy style way women with women, men with men, i****tual couplings. We needed to look for more. Could YOU be next?

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awesome you now have enough for a FFfMM plus trish's sister if you want to add her so a FFFfMM