Cheating Can be FUN!!! part 5

This was suppposed to be the end but There is the last to follow shortly

Cheating can be Fun 5 (The BET)
It was rather odd yet exciting laying, holding Pat in my arms while she watched her husband starting to make love to Trish. My fingers were just gently touching her erect nipple while my other hand holding a small clit vibro in it, kept her just off the boil.

“Switch it off Jake Please,” she half-heartedly moaned

I knew she would have like to stop watching but also that her eyes were watching her husband and most of all Trish. Trish is one of the natural beauties of this world, you know the type women hate because there is no other word for them but BEAUTIFUL!

Brian was being treat to a lesson in how to make a woman cum. Trish had him slowly kissing down her body stopping him if he tried to move too fast.

All the time Pat was watching and starting to moan as I talked softly with my deep voice next to her. “Feel his tongue, flicking across your nipples. Don’t shut your eyes watch imagine it’s your body he is doing it too.”

She moaned, “I can, I can feel the heat. It’s as though you have me Hypnotised.” I couldn’t help the smile and was glad she hadn’t looked at my face.

I clicked on the beds side monitors and started to talk and do exactly as Brian was doing. His voice cutting over the top of mine sometimes. Asking if he was doing it right. I knew Pat was with Brian now as whenever he asked she moaned an answer, A little bit more here or suck this or bite the nipple.

Pat was feeling everything Trish was. Trish said she wanted him to talk dirty to her. His reply was simply, “I’m not too good at that I have never done it.”

“Tell me your biggest fantasy, anything.”

Brian went a little quiet but still was gently moving towards Trish’s pussy. Trish was moaning which was echoed by Pat who moaned,

“Hurry Brian I want your tongue in my pussy Ohhhhh Myyyyyy I want it now.”

Trish started to lead Brian, she already knew his big secret but wanted Pat to hear Brian say it, “Tell me what you want to see your wife doing?”

Brian was taking little licks of Trish’s pussy lips, “I want to see her with you!”

“What else?”

“I want to watch her getting fucked by someone else and maybe have a gang bang.”

“Now Brian fuck me come up and Fuck me!”

Brian wasted no time at all; he just slid up Trish’s body while I slowly kissed harder on Pats pussy and reached under the bed. Sometimes a Battery powered vibro just doesn’t have the control you can get with a plug in one.

Pat moaned she hadn’t seen Brian’s cock so hard or large as she watched it slide into Trish with a moan from both women. My toy buzzed into life, I would have preferred to fuck her too but I wanted her to be able to watch the whole scene.

As Brian penetrated Trish, I eased the end onto her clit and in between her pussy lips, with it just on the lowest setting I could increase to a power that would almost make her leap into the air or squirt like she was a fountain.

Brian was telling Trish how he would love to watch his wife and her make love, even if he wasn’t in the same room as them.

Trish wasted no time at all, “If I could make it happen I’d have to know that it would really make you happy?”

“Ohhhh Gawd Yessss,” He almost shouted as his fuck movements seemed to get more powerful a thrust and a longer pull out. “I want to watch her make it with you and get fucked too!”

Pat was moaning, the slow hum of the vibro buried deep within her was constant. “He wants to watch me get fucked.” The realisation was generating feelings with in here that had her fast approaching the boil even though the vibro was still on slow.

I started to kiss her gently then moved to suck on her nipples.

Brian meanwhile, who was starting to cum shouted, “I can’t hold out much longer I’m so close to shooting!”

Trish though wanted him to shoot so she could get more out of him encouragingly said, “Yes Brian, fill me up let me have your seed,” her needing words went on till Brian gave this hard push and a shout.

Pat started to orgasm virtually at the same time as Brian, “Oh Gawdddddd He is going to cummmmm,” she exclaimed and as she started I flashed up the speed of the vibro literally sending her into space.

“Fuck, yes yesssssssssssss,” Trish rolled him onto his back and eased off him as his cock slowly dribbled the last of his cum out and she moved to take it in her mouth and suck it clean.

Pat’s whole body went into rigor, her face contorted as though she was in sheer pain yet a heavenly pain, and then she squirted. Hitting the top of my vibrator holding hand and splashing everywhere, soaking me and the bed in her delicious tasting juice.

She laid totally exhausted, relaxed and enthralled listening to Trish and Brian scheming how to get her together with Trish.

“So if I could get her on her own or perhaps try and get Jake interested in fucking her so that you could watch without her knowing that’s what you would really like to happen?”

“It’s just a fantasy, I know Pat too well.” He said, “There is no way you could get her to let another man fuck her and as for another woman, well I know she once told me a lesbian friend of hers had tried it on and they no longer speak!”

“So would you like to bet me that Jake can fuck her or that I can make her orgasm within the next week?”

“It’s a bet, cos you will lose. What are we betting money?”

“Something more valuable than money. I’ll bet, let’s see,” her face made it look as though she was trying to figure out what she was going to bet but in reality we both knew what was going to be the stakes.

“Oh yes! I’ll bet you a night with my s****r and me. I have her picture in my purse just a second,” she got off the bed and went to her bag and pulling out a picture from her purse showed Brian.

“Wow she is a looker too,” his eyes were large and bright you could almost see him working out what it would be like to fuck Trish’s s****r, “Yes but she would have to let me all night though.”

Trish’s smile said it all. How easy it was to hook some people, “Ofcourse, now what will you bet that is as valuable?”

Brian was thinking and then turned sadly saying, “I don’t have any s****rs though I do have a b*****r but he is in the states. So I guess I will have to forfeit on the night with your s****r as I have nothing to bet!”

Trish made the pretence of looking around then seeing some photographs said, “Well you are that sure you will win…..”

“Yes I know Pat won’t let either you or Jake fuck her!” he smiled in the absolute knowledge he was sure.

“Ok then, in that picture over there, is that your daughter?”

Pats eyes opened wide, “He fucking wouldn’t!”

I adjusted the clit vibro and held her so she couldn’t move.

“Yes, she is due home from university in two weeks for end of term. I cannot bet her she is worse than her mum, I couldn’t guarantee she would spend the night with anyone and as for them making love I would not want her ****d either.”

“Absolutely, she would give herself voluntarily while you watched with your wife or not at all.”

His face lit up, you could see the thought of Trish’s s****r in his bed all night had his cock coming back to life as he said,

“So let me get this straight. You and Jake are going to manage to fuck Pat, while I watch or I get to spend all night with you and your s****r and you both will let me do what I want……”

“Providing you don’t hurt us. Yes!”

“You have a bet!”

“Don’t forget your end of the bet though, if we manage to fuck Pat we then get your daughter for a whole night and you and your wife watch us!”

“Yes, Yes but it won’t come to that you have no chance even if Jake managed it, she wouldn’t let you near enough to touch her let alone make love to her she is dead straight. You have till Emma, that’s my daughter, comes home in two weeks.”

Pats eyes had tears in them here she was getting all excited again and couldn’t believe she had just witnessed her husband betting away her daughter. What was worse she so wanted to fuck me so Brian could watch her squirt. Then her fighting spirit awoke.

“If you won you wouldn’t fuck our Emma against her will would you, or d**g her or anything?”

“Ofcourse not! If we win I will treat her as I do a lady at all times. Anything that happens will be with her full consent but she has to spend all night here with me and Trish!”

With that she let the vibro which I had started to speed up just a little do its work and she sighed with relief as her orgasm ran through her no squirt this time she was spent her head rolled to the side as she whispered, “I am excited about Brian watching me getting fucked you know?”

With only two weeks to prepare it was going to be tight. Trish had managed to get a snap on her phone of Emma and it had my balls bubbling with cum I was going to enjoy fucking their daughter while they watched.

First things first, I arranged for my penthouse suite to be readied. Brian would need to be able to watch in full colour and it had 7 cameras already set up, exactly for this purpose all it took was a little gizmo fitted into his TV set to be able to receive and decipher the signal.

Almost two weeks later I told Pat I wanted to meet her for lunch along with Brian, he of course had no idea that his wife and I knew of his bet with Trish. Pat went and asked Brian and came back onto messenger saying they would be delighted to have lunch with me.

The day of the lunch came and I got Trish to ring Brian, “Today’s the big day darling, in about an hour a delivery guy will deliver you a package. It contains the deciphering gizmo you need to fix into your TV along with complete instructions. Tell your wife that work is sending you something urgent and you cannot make lunch but that she should go.”

You could almost hear the excitement and of course the nervous adrenalin in his voice, “You won’t hurt her that was the agreement and it has to be you and Jake?”

“Yes we know what the bet is!” Trish’s voice was stern but then lovingly said, “Don’t use up all your cum darling I will want some also later mmmmm!”

The Copthorne Hotel is one of the classier hotels in this area. Its meals were spot on and the rooms though expensive were the business. I watched her being shown to my table. “Just have something light, we can eat better later.” I told her with a smile.

They delivered tea and cake and I told her, “When you have finished I want you to go to the penthouse suite here’s the key card. In the main bedroom I have set out some clothes, it’s a baby doll pyjama set in white silk. We are going to re-enact nine and a half weeks.”

“I never saw it “Pat answered.

“I ignored the remark. There is a porn film running I want you to watch it. If you feel like playing while you watch all the better. Then when you are ready put on the clothes.”

“I don’t want him to think I was really easy you know.” Her face showed the worry that was in her voice.

“Just put on the clothes and then take the white blindfold and tie it so that you cannot see. No cheating or I will just stop and come away and we won’t meet again.”

“You don’t mean that I have to see you again!”

“Then do as I say, the bed which is a four poster has special clamps after you have put on the gear and the blindfold lay spread eagled on the bed. Brian will hear and see everything, but because you cannot see he will expect you to be nervous and that’s what he will hear.”

I sat and waited for about half an hour then went up to the suite and into the secondary bedroom. Trish was sitting there waiting. The room has various TV’s from the different camera feeds enabling whoever is in the control room to feed out the best picture.

Pat laid on the bed her blindfold in position she looked gorgeous in her white silk baby dolls it was time. The camera feeds all went through DVD recorders and also broadcasted the different signals out to be picked up by Brian on the gizmo we sent him.

Trish rang Brian, “Is your TV on and tuned into our encrypted signal?”


“Can you see her; she is now ready for Jake!”

“Yes I have watched, as she got excited by the porno.”

“If at any time you need to change the angle there are seven cameras in the room one will give you the picture you want. You only have to press the numbered buttons to get the different cameras. Is your sound working ok?”


Trish told him to enjoy, he was too excited to even wonder how we had managed to get her to the room this easily. Hanging up the phone she followed me very quietly into the main bedroom.

Looking at Trish I sat quietly down on a chair near to Pat but not blocking a camera. Trish slowly stripped to her undies a scarlet Victoria Secrets set that was to say the least more erotic than total nudity. I was already rock hard with the thought of fucking these two women, but watching Trish strip almost had me over the top.

Pat spoke, “Is that you Jake, are you sure Brian wants this? Can he hear us?”

The trembling in her voice let you know, her nerves were close to breaking. My smile thickened on my face as I spoke, “Yes! He wants to watch me and you make love.”

Trish slid her hands lightly up Pats thighs, across her belly and onto her breasts slowly opening the small pearl buttons on the baby doll top. Pat’s breasts were standing nice and firm for a woman her age. Crowned by nipples already rocklike. Small goose bumps had appeared over her body, these were not caused by the cold but by the sexual tension she was already feeling.

I stood and gently took each hand fastening it into the beds manacles and then her legs. Which I tightened so that she was comfortable but completely open to us. Pat lowered her head and started to suck on Trish’s nipples.

“Mmmmmmm, that’s nice.” Still Pat did not know that it was Trish who was suckling her.

She started to kiss slowly down her tummy, which tightened as it experienced the touch that was unexpectedly light but she couldn’t say.

I handed Trish the bowl of ice cubes and watched as she lowered her head to the tiny white thong Pat was wearing kissing and licking along her cunny slit over the thong.

Trish taking and ice cube, held it in her hand just above Pats mouth. Slowly the heat of her hand made little droplets of ice cold water fall onto Pats luscious lips.

The first made her jump; the second made her open her mouth and let it fall in. That was what Trish was waiting for; she lowered her head and licked Pats lips. It looked so sensuous, more than even the film had been. Soon Pat’s tongue was fighting Trish’s.

There was no query why it wasn’t me, even though she knew. Pat was just enjoying this feeling she was being given. Her body was already undulating.

Trish let the ice slowly drip down Pat’s body and then followed the drips with her hot tongue till she reached Pat’s breasts. Taking a new ice cube she held it hard against Pat’s already hardened nipple. It was only for a matter of seconds but Pat’s body lifted into the air as Trish replaced that ice cold with her hot mouth.

I was fighting to stay where I was but it was getting really hard for me so I just stripped and started to stroke myself. Trish though had done the same to Pat’s other nipple and was now heading down over Pat’s tummy.

I moved to her head and started to suck and play with her nipples as Trish undid the ties holding the little thong in place. This time Pat moaned out loud.

“OMGawd there are two of you. Ohhhhhhh yessssssssss I want it now pleaseeeeee! I’m on fire.”

I did not know how Brian was doing at that minute but that would change soon. Trish had Pat completely naked and had touched her clit with the ice cube alternating it with her tongue and the cube.

Each different temperature had Pat screaming now she wanted to be fucked. Trish was sucking on Pat’s clit as she inserted into her cunny the half melted ice cube.

“Ohhhhhhh NNNNNooooooooooo. I think I am going to cum”

I eased off Trish’s undies and watched as she sixty-nine Pat. Pat’s tongue wasted no time even though she had never done it before in finding and licking Trish who was really enjoying making Pat close in on her orgasm.

I could wait no longer; slowly I entered Pat while Trish continued to suck and flick her tongue across Pat’s clit. I felt the cube as I penetrated fully in. It was almost gone with the heat in her cunny I built up speed as Trish started to moan.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Yesssssss that’s it lick it like that put your fucking tongue up me.”

I rammed faster and with the TV remote switched on the two side TV’s just as Pat was shouting,

“I’m fucking cumming you bastard,” as she saw Brian wanking like crazy and start to shoot on the nearest TV, “Yes, Fuck me show him how I like to be fucked harder YEsssssssssssssssssssssssss!”

Her body rose throwing the spent Trish off the bed and onto the floor and as she fell back down to the bed leaving me out of her cunt and leaking drops of cum.

Trish got up and cuddled Pat kissing her gently and covering her, “Go leave us alone for a bit.”

I headed into the second bedroom and switched off the cameras Brian had lost his bet all there was to do now was to collect our prize.

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wow excellent, but do the 4 of you get together then share the daughter???