Cheating Can be FUN!!! part 4

Penultimate one of this series which was also posted by me on another site thank you for your comments and private messages so far enjoy!!!

Cheating can be fun 4
Its a little long but I think it is worth while

Pat and I made love most of that night but the real events took place the following morning as she awoke to me cooking breakfast.

“Smells nice,” she smiled, “Will I have time for a shower?

“Sure, but make it quick this is just about ready to dish up.”

“5 Minutes ok.”

True to her word she was sitting at the table drying herself off her tits wobbling up and down. It was amazing that I could have turned this beauty into a real raver so easily or was it that her sex drive had just lain dormant for so long it was ravenous for fulfilment.

“Mmmmm. This is lovely, something else I didn’t know about you! You make a mean breakfast.” As she smiled the sparkle seemed to dance in her eyes.

“Pat honey you are going to have to think about what we are going to do about Brian and Lady Temptation?” I smiled knowing she had never even thought about how she could explain how Lady Temptation was never on when she was at home. Though Brian may over look her he wasn’t stupid completely.

“Oh Gawd! I never thought of that. What am I going to do now?”

“That’s simple I told you I have a friend, I didn’t lie to Brian. You just thought I did!” The realisation that she was going to let her husband be chatted up by another woman on line was slowly sinking in.”

“I can’t!” Anguish showed on her face, that cute turmoil when an innocent is tipped over the precipice between Honesty and Deceit, for a devil like me its sheer nectar.

“I know it sounds stupid seeing as I am already cheating on him but I really do love him I don’t think I could handle it”

“Then perhaps we best tell him the truth. Its simple really, you had and enjoyed cyber sex with another guy, then needed to spend the night with him.”

“But that’s not what happened, you sort of! Well it was like being hypnotised I just couldn’t stop you.”

“So I f***ed you, is that what you are saying?”

“Erm well I would never have…..” I cut her off mid sentence. The time for niceties had past she was mine now and though Brian didn’t know it so was he.

“Pat, you made love to me while chatting your husband up as another woman do you really think that he is going to understand that.”

I could see that she was a fighter not willing to give up her own control that easy, “Jake, couldn’t you be the lady as well and then he would never know?”

“My darling Pat when we started this you asked for your eyes to be opened, I am always true to my word. You can stop it any time simply tell Brian. If you are not going to then enjoy the ride,” I fought hard not to smirk she knew now I had no qualms and no inhibitions.

In some ways you have to feel sorry for your prey but like all philanderers, cads or out and out bastards that just serves to make victory taste that much sweeter. There was a long way to go before Pat was fully shown what eyes open meant.

“Tonight I will introduce you to my friend Trish!” I smiled at her, reassuring her that she was safe in my hands. I could tell she wanted to believe that and as always if you want to believe you will. “Now slip and get ready its time you were on your way.”

“Afraid your wife will get annoyed?” the watchful look in her eyes said it all she thought this was a way out of it. Gawd I love a woman with spirit you can keep all your bimbos, give me a woman that tries to play the game and I will show you the best game of your life. Don’t get me wrong I had been beaten before but not very often.

“Wait and see her if you want, Pat. You see we are both of the same mind she enjoys fun as do I. Shall we go back to bed to wait for her coming or do you want to get home honey?”

There was no back chat this time she just slipped up stairs and within a short while she was standing ready to go with her overnight bag.

“It’ll be ok you’ll see, make sure you are online at 9pm ok,”

We kissed a full on kiss, she tried hard not to get excited but she knew her body wanted more of what I had already given her and wasn’t going to let no scruples get in the road.

9pm on the dot and she signed in. I let her sit and wait she could see I was online and at 5 past sent me a “Are you there?”

“Hi, you ok honey?”

“I suppose so, when will this Trish come online?”

“She is already chatting with Brian, has been for about 10mins or so didn’t he say?” the question threw her a little and after a while she responded.

“I just went down to get some wine, I guess he doesn’t want me to know that he is chatting with a woman by the way he became sort of nervous,”

“Well, I could let you have a blow by blow of the conversation or just give you the highlights or you could come here if you could make an excuse and see what is going on.”

“Is she there? WITH YOU NOW!”

There seemed to be a sort of jealousy to her typed message even though it makes no sound those that have had fun cybering will understand how you seem to feel what the other person is feeling when they type.

“Ofcourse not,” I quickly typed back and then smiled at Trish sitting less than 2 foot away.

Trish though was already well into heating Brian up, smiling she let me see her next message to him.

“Wish she was away tonight Bri, I’m so horny I would come there and well we wont know will we till it happens.”

“Well my s****r rang and asked me to call around as she isn’t very well, just I’m scared I cant handle watching him being made love to even though it is just on the computer.”

His message was almost immediate considering he was a slow typist it hit both of our screens instantaneously,

“Her s****r phoned earlier, she isn’t very well but Pat didn’t say she would go.”

“Here’s me just in my sexy undies waiting to pull on my coat and call around, why not see if you can chat with her maybe she might stay the night again.”

“Think of it though darling it will be like our very own porno and don’t you remember last night you were so hot through it?”

“Hang on I think she is chatting with Jake, just as well I am not a jealous type. Though he seems like a nice guy do you know him well?”

“NOoooooooo! Just on here though we have cybered once, he’s a bit old for me. You may be slower but definitely more, well more the type of guy I like.”

I hadn’t met him but I could already see the smirk on his face

“OK! But if it gets too much for me we are just going to make love alright. Hang on I can hear him coming up the stairs!”

I grabbed Trish and we went into an embrace, my hand slid straight to her pussy she was soaking. Slowly easing my fingers into her I started to work her faster and faster till she was moaning loudly. She was fucking my fingers wanting to finish but knew that I wouldn’t let her

Both of them shouted almost in unison



I can be there in an hour I best call in at my s****rs first but will ring you from there ok?”

“I’ll be waiting honey!”

“She is getting ready right now, says she is going to stay the night, with it already being late, so are you sure you can come around?”

“Yes, Bri I can’t wait. I will have to bring my computer as my aunt is sick and just leave it on in the room so that if an email comes in from her I can get it ok”

“Yes but you could just use this one.”

“This has all my stuff on saves spending time we could be using to get to know each other prior to making love ok?”

“That sounds great even though I am a little nervous; she is the only woman I have ever been with,”

By now Trish was so wet if I didn’t stop she would cum. But I didn’t want Pat and Trish to meet yet. That was for later on.

“I’ll Get my coat and be there in about 45 mins ok, and yes under my coat I will be exactly as I am!”

Trish pulled on her black cape like coat; it covered her body but left most of her legs on show. We kissed as she headed for the door and I gave her the little surprise packages that only Pat would get to see. Four tiny transistorised cameras, wireless of course that would pick up and feed through her very special laptop.

Just under three quarters of an hour later my mobile rang, it was Trish.

“Aunty I’m just ringing to say I’ll be at a friend’s tonight but I have my laptop and its all set up. Just press your emergency button if you need me and I will come ok,” there was a pause then “Ok aunty love you too.”

I went straight over and switched on my main entertainment centre, it’s like a computer base which feeds into 42” plasma TV and there was Brian saying,

“Can I take your coat?” but Trish just sat in a chair answering,

“You don’t mind if I keep it on for a little bit do you? Just till I warm up it was freezing out there tonight.”

He smiled taking her coat I still get amazed at the quality of these miniature cameras with audio feed so small people don’t notice them unless they are looking for them and all Brian could think of was Trish. Have to admit any guy that was straight would be the same she is a stunner.

Settling down I watched as Bri asked if she wanted a drink and sat down close to her while chatting about this and that. Trish was an expert she had Brian eating out of her hand, every so often she was casting a quick glance at the laptop waiting for my button press. I sometimes felt I was not very good at patience.

The door bell took care of my restlessness; it had to be Pat I wasn’t expecting anyone else.

I switched the screen to the fire glow with its soft music and even softer lighting. I may have paid over the odds for it but this system was a sex mechanics dream.

Buzzing the door I said, “Yes”

“It’s me hurry I’m bl**dy freezing”

The fun was about to start I buzzed Pat into the house and waited, she came straight to me like a moth is fascinated by the flame it knows will kill it.

“Jake, just kiss me and give me a drink. I feel so mixed up scared yet so bl**dy excited I just don’t know what you have done to me.”

Standing I took her in my arms and kissed her. She would need warming up before she was ready to watch the movie I had planned for her. As we kissed my hand slid to the buttons on her coat slipping them open and then straight onto her breasts. She tried to pull away but I held her tightly till my hand was slowly sliding over her very sensitive nipples.

It wasn’t long before she was not only relaxed but her hands were as exploring of me as I was of her. Time to let Trish loose. I removed the coat and as I hung it up hit the button. The TV screen lit up. Ya have to say that these HD plasma screens were the business there in full colour was Trish and Brian.

I pulled Pat onto my knee she hadn’t noticed who was on the TV yet. More sound I think. Slowly the sound of Brian’s voice clicked into her sex heightened brain. My hand was already under her skirt but more to the point she was already soaking.

Her clit was under my finger spell; her body was gently fucking in a rhythm matching the play I was doing with her clit. Her head turned yet still her hand slowly loosened my engorged cock.

“Oh Gawd NO!”

She said softly but her eyes were glued to the screen just as her hand was fastened to my cock its movement perfect in a slow up and down, matching her fuck movement. Her mind would have liked to stop but her sex was in control now.

“Jake is that her with him now?”

I simply smiled my eyes flashing a light blue like the lightning flash and started to kiss her neck. She moaned and started to close her eyes. I stopped immediately.

“You will watch!”

Her eyes opened and this time her moan matched that of Trish as Brian let his hand slip over her bra.

I eased her blouse off and rolled her skirt around her waist I wanted her to feel everything that Trish was about to feel from her husband. Each caress he gave Trish I matched on Pat though maybe with a little more expertise. Soon she was watching Brian fascinated. Her panties were soaking.

Trish whispered something into Brian’s ear, “I can’t hear what she is saying,” Pat said

They picked up the laptop and headed into the bedroom as for us I lifted her up and laid her on the bed, then switching on a switch TV’s came on at both sides so no matter which way she faced she could watch her husband fuck another woman.

“Lick me Bri,” Trish’s voice said. and I slowly kissed down Pats body till I reached her panties.

Pat didn’t turn away but fascinatedly watched as her hubby slowly just kissed down Trish’s body as I did. Spending time to make love to her navel and then to her soaking panties slowly matching Bri’s speed at removing them on the TV.

“Oh Gawd Jake I need to fuck you right now!” Pat was as horny as I had ever seen a woman. Ripping at my shirt “I mean it right now while I watch this!”

Yes my little angel was missing tonight and the sex goddess was in her place. I rolled onto my back as she pulled off my trousers and looking up onto the screen she watched as Brian was busy tonguing a stranger in her bed. She lowered her head. Her mouth kissing up my legs. Ok her inexperience showed but when she enclosed my cock with her mouth and proceeded to try and fuck me with it, I was in heaven.

Things were definitely getting hotter at Brian’s end also the little cameras Trish had placed surreptitiously around the room flicked on. Now every movement could be seen from every angle. Pat was already passed sucking and had mounted me, easily inserting me into her lake of a pussy.

She was riding and moaning as though I was a horse and she was in full gallop. Watching every move the couple made. When she saw Brian start to enter Trish, she moaned even louder.

“OHHHHhh FFFuuckkkkk Yes, FUCK HER yesssssssssss!” I wondered if the neighbours might hear her as her voice hit a crescendo as she orgasmed.

She did not stop fucking though but watching her husband fuck this woman, she started slowly to build up to a strong fuck again.

“Fuck her harder you bastard.” This time she wasn’t interested in niceties she wanted to fuck him like she hadn’t for a long time.

Trish mean while was already past her orgasm and was sliding down to Brian’s cock, taking it into her expert mouth she started to really suck.

“I’m going to cum,” Brian was shouting.

Trish didn’t stop but sucked till he had shot so much cum it was running down her chin. “I’m so sorry I couldn’t stop, I’m so sorry,

Pat had sped up and was cumming as Brian shot into Trish’s mouth,

“Oh Yesssssssss I want to taste your cum. I want to taste his cum, Jake I want to taste her.”

I held her as we both came; her eyes with tears in them made me feel a little pang was she really crying over what they had lost. No turning back now the next thing was to get her and Trish together or maybe Brian and me with her. After all hadn’t she just asked for that? Yes still more for me to do wasn’t there, granting wishes hard work mmmmmmmmmmmm………………….!

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3 years ago
this is great found someone to play & share with each other
3 years ago
ty so much for the comments you have left for this series
3 years ago
LoL, great story and so hot. Thanks for sharing.