Cheating Can be FUN!!! part 3

Cheating can be fun 3 Living Dangerously
It was arranged that Pat would come and see me while the wife was away visiting her s****r. She arrived slightly early and I ushered her inside just in case one of my nosier neighbours wanted to spread gossip. I had my computer up and running and while I was hanging her coat up I could hear my online IM beep and then someone sent me a nudge.

“Jake its Brian,” shouted Pat

“OK, Ill be right there.”

“Hurry up it feels sort of wrong him chatting with you on your IM while I’m here to fuck you!”

“He can’t see you, besides it could be fun. Just you type what I say then he won’t know its you.”

“No! It just doesn’t feel right,” Pat finally said.

“Look he is going to think something is odd if I just close when he knows I am always here at this time atleast for another hour or so. Why are you in a hurry?”

“NO! But I have never cheated till I met you and it seems so bad doing this while you two are chatting.”

“Hi Brian, sorry about that I was chatting with my cousin in the states and you know how slow I am, with these old fingers!”

Pat behind me laughed saying “Yes but what magic them old fingers actually weave!”

“That’s OK mate, Brian wrote, “I’m even slower. Listen you said to contact you when she had gone out and you would, you know, take me to one of those sexier sites.”

I looked at Pats reaction it was classic, her beloved hubby was going to try cyber sex and she was getting up tight about it. Even though she was here and going to head to my bed for real sex.

“How would you like to be the other woman,” I said “I’ll set up another email account for you he will never know.”

“Just a second Brian mate my kettles boiling give me a couple of minutes ok?”

“I thought we were just going to make love not chat on the computer and besides I thought you said you couldn’t just sign off or he would think it odd!”

“Yes well, that’s where laptops come in handy. Now what name would you like? It has to be something extrovert and you cannot type similar to that which you normally do you need to work out what your name is really and age and a little bit of history wanna try?”

“Well I don’t want to chat with him but I don’t want some woman turning him on too especially when I am being f***ed to watch it!”

“Your not being f***ed to watch it honey I can leave the computer on and introduce him to this lovely randy lady from a story site I like called X Hamster. She has written on many occasions in her blogs she is fed up of Battery Bob.”

“So she is ready to cheat on her husband called Battery Bob?”

“Battery Bob is the name I call her vibro she and her hubby are divorced.”

“If he figures out its me,” she started to say and in the meantime the laptop was up and running and I already had the IM set up with a new profile, how old do you think he might like or for that matter how old would you like to be. The lady I know is 32 wanna try that?”

“Sorry about that Brian had to make tea but I’m with you now. How long is she out for do you know?”

“Well it’s her s****r so she may ring and say she is staying the night if her husband is working late she has stayed out before.”

“Well while we are chatting let me bring in a lovely young lady whose just signed in ok Ill just bring her in to here then I can type and eat so if I’m really slow atleast you two can chat also!”

“Stop this Jake I cant do this!”

“I’m a little nervous Jake,” Brian said. “I’ve never done cybering ever, yes I’ve read about it but I haven’t cos I am slow!”

“You’ll be fine, I’ll introduce you as soon as she is ready ok she is just typing an email mate!”

I pushed forward a quick profile to Pat that I had written of this friend of mine; Trying to remember all the things I could from when we had spoken a few days earlier. Then passing Pat the laptop I simply invited her into mine and Bryans conversation. He was quicker off the mark than I expected.

“Hello Lady Temptation, just call me Brian if that’s ok?”

Pat who was still shaking her head while lying on my bed looked at the screen. You could see the second thoughts going through her head. But she knew once she answered she would have to respond to her husband like she had to me when we first started having cyber sex and she was just new to that.

“Hiya Trish,” I typed come say hello to my mate Brian.

Then I said just type what you feel if you get stuck I will tell you what to say ok that way he will never work out its you.

“Hey Brian, Just call me Trish.” The realisation that I had used another shortened way of saying her name finally hit her and she said, “You best make love to me tonight like never before after this you bastard!”

“That’s better now we all know each other. Listen Trish I got a huge favour to ask,” I typed. And having stopped I slowly unbuttoned my shirt. Now I am not a massive muscle bound bloke just ordinary really, a little on the plump side with big shoulders. Her eyes got wide while I let my shirt drop to the floor and she said,


Then typed “yes what type of favour, you know anything for you.” It was then that I saw it, that really wicked light you get sometimes in a woman’s eyes. When she knows she is about to do something that’s very wicked but very sexy also.

“I have some stuff to write up and I wondered if you could keep Brian company while I do it?”
Brian typed in straight away it was ok as he could slip into a game but Pat having watched me now dropping my pants to the floor and seeing my erect cock gazed at me quizzically then typed, “Sure I would like that.” While nodding towards my erection.

While husband and wife chatted to one another with him not knowing who he was really talking to, she tried to keep the chat very lame and not sexy at all. By now I was standing totally nude. I needed this party to start getting hotter.

“Hey Brian, you still wanting to fulfil one of your fantasies?”

“Jake I’m sure Trish isn’t that type of lady!”

“What fantasy?” she questioned without thinking about it.

“EEerrrrmmmm” I could imagine Brain squirming and sure enough I got a private IM saying, “I don’t think she is like that and I am not sure I can do it?”

“He has really fancied making love on line with a woman but he cannot type very fast you know just like you and I are slow. So I wondered if you dare that is.”

“I’ve just realised what a bastard you really are” Pat said but that twinkle was still in her eye.

“Trish I never said that,” Brian was really back peddling now

Pat knew it too so answered “It’s ok but only if you leave this so just Brian and I are in here then we can take it at our pace. If I am going to teach someone how to cyber I don’t want the likes of you spoiling it hehehehehe”

“OK you two have fun I will speak tomorrow Brian I’m gone”

Brian typed "I think you have upset him! I hope not cos he is a nice guy and my wife likes him. But then that is another fantasy of mine”

“Well you are my fantasy tonight lets forget about your wife it’s just you and me in here now. You can tell me about your fantasies at a later date ok”

While she was typing I walked over to the bed and started to undo the top of her button down dress. How I loved that design. Thought up by men for the pleasure of men wonderful. She never stopped typing but rolled from side to side to help me remove her outer clothing.

Gawd she really was gorgeous. Laying there in a lovely pair of white nix, not a thong just ordinary nix. They were stretched tightly across her behind ok it wasn’t fat or plump really it was maybe a little bigger than some would like but for me she was sex on legs.

While the two of them typed as I watched I undid her bra catch and she let me drop the bra away from her body. “You will have to type what you want me to do now and I will do what Brian says” hehehehe I laughed Already her nipples were erect yet not fully rock hard which was something that couldn’t be said for me.

I slid my hand between her legs and under her body till it touched her cunny lips and started to rub gently yet firmly. She may have said she didn’t want to chat with her hubby but her nix were really wet. I looked at the screen.

Brian was just telling her how he wanted to suck on her nipples so I eased her onto her side and proceeded to suck and bite a little on her hardened nipples. They responded to both the stimulating she was now well into this her nipples were the thickest I had seen them get.

“I like oral sex too, Brian I love it in fact while you push my vibro into me at the same time tell me you are doing that!”

Brian dutifully told her how he was sucking on her clit, licking her cunny lips then holding her cunny open while he sucked her hardened clit deep into his mouth. The he described her vibro. It must have been one he had seen on a website as it was the Jack Rabbit. I didn’t have one of those so I improvised.

Taking one of the larger dildos I slowly pushed it up her now soaking tunnel. It was soft latex thing my wife loved it. Then taking one of the clit vibrating clamps I pulled back her hood and clamped it on her clit.

Turning it on Pat screamed, “OM Fucking Gawddddd”

Keep writing I smiled as I leaned forward to kiss her while pushing the thick dildo up inside her. Her writing was becoming really erratic as she was coming like crazy and Brian was writing how he had her cumming. Then he started to describe how he was keeping the large rabbit vibrating inside her and was gathering her juices and rubbing them around her puckered little hole.

Pat was in a frenzy, “NO you cant, you cant fuck my bum!”

Brian simply typed, “I ease my cock which is now solid and it touches your anus. You can feel the cock head pushing slowly in”


Already I had my greased up dick pushing against her virginal opening. I could feel her pushing onto my hand as the vibrating clit clamp was still buzzing like an angry wasp MY cock head entered her.

Brian though was much more in control now, it was as though he wanted to **** her arse as he wrote,” My cock is slipping into your bum first the head and then about 2 inches of my cock.

She couldn’t answer him her body was in a real fucking frenzy as she fucked harder onto my large vibro and then pushed back onto my cock. Slowly but surely all 6 inches slid in as she suddenly started to scream she was cumming.

Brian though was busy writing that he was fucking her arse and working her cunny with his rabbit till all of a sudden he wrote “Ohhhhhhhhhhh Fuck! I’m shooting. You’ve gone quiet I hope you have cum too!”

Her juices were all over she could only reach over and type “MMMMmmmmmmmm Yes have I cum, Listen I need to close Sorry!”

“I knew I wasn’t very good”

“NO you were fantastic its just I have some things to finish. Ok we will do it again and you can tell me your fantasy then!”

She signed off and we carried on fucking for most of the night till from exhaustion we fell asl**p. In the morning we woke and got breakfast. She said “He has never made love to me like that, I hope he does the next time we are in bed together,”

I laughed thinking sometimes a bastard can really have fun cant they.

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2 years ago
WOW! This si a HOT STORY!
3 years ago
i hope that brian & pat do try something new!! love your series
3 years ago
so glad you left comment and even better because you liked it
3 years ago
LOL. Another good one.
3 years ago
ty foir leaving a comment they are much appreciated
3 years ago
LoL very nice story.