Cheating Can be FUN!!! part 2

These Stories written by me and based on a true happening were originally posted on another site, form a series I hope you like them, This has been altered to cope with the non colour availability here but I think it still works.

Cheating can be fun 2 Cybering
I looked with excitement to see Pats email appear in my inbox

“I’m online now darling if you are about!” was all it said

Quickly flicking on my IM she answered much faster than I could, “Hi lover, I was kinda hoping you would be here. I have to be a little bit careful as he is about so if I go quickly will you wait till I get back. OK!”

“Ofcourse sweetheart” smiling at this statement making our chat seem much more illicit. “You know we have the same problem anyways!”

We chatted for some time without interruptions and after the normal flirty bits of a new couple seemed to settle into a normal style chat about anything so much so that when her husband came into the room Pat introduced me to him.

“Hi mate!” he said, “I’m Brian, Pat says you met in the centre for a coffee with a few people from here.”

Er, “Yes,” I quickly responded into my IM wondering why Pat hadn’t told me she had said we had had a coffee.

“Don’t you have a cam, we have, I can connect it for you two to chat if you like.” He wrote. “Would you mind if I added you to my list as she is impatient to use her computer, one of her mates is shouting? She doesn’t let me write into her IM because I won’t let her write into mine.”

“Yes I have a cam and ofcourse you can add me Brian,” I responded

"It’s ok he’s gone,” came the next chat. “Sorry about that I forgot to tell you his mate saw us in the café the other day and that was the first thing I could think of. I remembered you saying that a gang of you sometimes met up there from off the net.”

“Quick thinking honey!” I replied, “Hang on he has just added me, so I will be chatting to him and you at the same time I hope you both cannot see each other?”

“No! He has his PC in his study, while mine is in the spare bedroom. Will you be able to chat with us both? Don’t make a mistake as he would go mad.”

“HI! Its Brian here.” Another window opened

“Hi Brian bear with me if I am a little slow as I explained to your Mrs apart from being disabled I type with two fingers and a thumb slowly hehehehehe!” Okay so it was a lie but then I couldn’t very well turn around and say I’m Just turning your Mrs on while I chat with you.

“That’s ok mate, I’m not that quick anyways. I been typing with Pat to get used to typing to someone so I only have six friends on here I mostly play games where you don’t need to chat though I have played games with some really nice folks men and women.”

“Jake, you know I have to see you again somewhere where we can finish what we started and cannot be seen, because you have got me all excited like a youngster after the other day.” Pats window flashed

Now this was going to be fun I thought. Like when I chatted to two s****rs each telling me not to tell the other how sexy we were getting. Nothing like a little danger to sort of get your juices flowing atleast that’s what I always found.

“Ok Brian, why don’t you just chat in the games room folks are generally okay if you explain you are new most will go out of their way to help you.”

“I know darling, I loved the feel of your body close to mine. Infact I can still feel it if I close my eyes. Wouldn’t you like to be feeling my hand running gently up and down your thigh going under your skirt right now?”

“Jake don’t you will get me so wet and I bet you are talking to him also.”

“Is that how you started mate, or have you been using these chat thingy’s for long”

“Yes I am honey but I am going to make love to you in cyber land if you fancy trying it?”

“Yes Brian it’s how I started but I have been using them for a few years, You would be surprised at what I have seen going on, on here at times.”

“I want to but I cannot see how that cyber thing works, reading and playing with myself just doesn’t seem to appeal to me, even though if you were here I would jump on you straight away given the chance!”

“Mmmmmm sounds great, wanna try? Would you be safe? Don’t want him walking in on you while you are playing do I”

“Yeah, one of my mates uses it a lot he has told me of sex sessions and allsorts. The thought does excite me but I have never been unfaithful to her and I know she hasn’t with me. You ever done it on here?”

“Yes lover, I am safe the door is shut and the stairs creak badly so I would get plenty warning even if I just lay back after quickly switching the computer off and kept playing, he would just think I was feeling horny.”

“Sometimes you can get caught up in the moment mate, but it can be fun. Does it really mean you’re cheating if you are after all only typing to a woman?”

“Ok, darling, lets give it a try……You all set?”

“I know we just started chatting mate but to be honest she doesn’t really have a very high libido if you know what I mean. We have been married a long time. I think women go like that after a while! How long have you been wed?”

“Just getting my vibro. I cannot believe I am going to do this and yet I’m excited at the same time are you still chatting with him?

“Yes some women do I suppose, my wife has always had a lower libido than me. Mind she would go crazy if she knew I played with anyone on here, even online never mind for real. How about yours mate she seems nice but then I hardly know her.”

“Ofcourse I am does it put you off? Why not think of it this way. You’re in a club and you meet the guy of your dreams you want to fuck him and suddenly get the chance but as you lay on the lawn under a window which is slightly open you hear your hubby talking inside the room. You are already excited would you want to stop or carry on?”

“Over 25years. Wouldn’t you want to try cybering with a woman? Or doesn’t that appeal to you?

Well when you put it like that I guess if I was with you I don’t think I could stop you and knowing you I think you would get even more aroused!”

“I can see the excitement and appeal of it but I am too slow. I guess so are you? It would be nice to hear a different woman cum and shoot my load while listening to her. Do you ever try any porn sites? Mind don’t say anything to her she wouldn’t understand you know very straight laced. Was a virgin when I met her and we been married ever since. Do you ever wonder what it would be like with a different woman?”

“OK then, Picture yourself, a warm summers night, laying on a blanket with me the room window is open. We are kissing and my hand has already reached your cunny you can feel it working over your nix. Softly stroking along your lips while my mouth is kissing yours. My fingers are stroking the material gently into your cunny lips your clit is being rubbed constantly by the friction of the material. It is becoming more and more erect and very very sensitive.”

“Yes I am too slow to cyber chat Brian. But then some times you can get women who will cam for you. And yes I like porn just don’t like paying for it but there are plenty of free sites and some great story sites if you like that which I have to admit I do.”

“Oh yes, I am using my vibro now it’s right in!”

“Take it out I will tell you when you can put it in. Just let your vibro gently run across the top of your clit as though it was the material of your nix.
You start to hump the air as my fingers find and enter your panties and take hold of your now very erect clit. You can feel me squeezing it making it sort of sting yet get more and more inflamed. Then the light in the room above us comes on,”

“You will have to give me a couple of your addies. I would love to cam with a woman but I’m stocky now and old well younger than you as she told me your age but you know what I mean. I couldn’t offer a woman anything and wouldn’t want to lose Pat.”

“My clits on fire can I put it in I need to fuck something”

“You’re not trying to find another woman just a sex session, the same as the woman wants!”

“Not yet. Ease the speed higher keep it rubbing on your clit. Think of it you hear his voice you know you can’t stop you need to cum and worse you want to fuck. You hear him chatting with a woman. Similar to how he chatted you up years before it starts to excite you that you are laying here with me getting ready to fuck while he is trying hard to flirt with another.”

“What type of sex stories do you like? Me I like the ones where the guy is watching his wife being screwed by another. It’s a sort of mixture of jealousy and excitement as I’d probably kill them if it ever happened. Mind it wouldn’t as Pat’s sort of dead straight, don’t get me wrong she is a good looker but has such a low libido it would never happen but I like to imagine it is her sometimes”

“Yes, I sometimes wonder if I could watch my Mrs. fuck someone else, we almost had a foursome once but she stopped it when we were all four just about on the brink. I like all the stories if they are well written though not into too much v******e but like non consent ones.”

“I don’t know how much longer I can just keep rubbing my clit it’s as though my orgasm is sort of sitting in my stomach getting bigger and bigger. Please darling I need to fuck it right now please!”

“Not yet you are almost ready. Think of it my cock is just rubbing along your slit. Take your vibro and rub it as my cock would be doing and use your other hand to play with your clit. My lips are on your nipples your orgasm is getting stronger and stronger, bigger and bigger you are dying for it to be released. Your hand takes hold of my cock you can wait no longer you need to take control. You roll us over and slide on top of me guiding my erectness deep into you for the first time. Yes push that vibro as deep as you can take it feel it throbbing deep inside your body.”

“Ohhhhhh Gawwwwd I’m starting to cum!”

“Same likes as me. Oh hang on I think she is shouting I’ll just slip to the bottom of the stairs and see what she wants ok!”

“OOoooohhhhhhh FFFFfffffuuuuck! Yeeeeeeesssss!”

“Sshhhhhhhhhhhh he is going to shout to see what you want!”

The IM goes off I am sitting looking at the screen hoping all is ok and just waiting sometimes waiting can seem like for ever. Have I gone too far? My cock is bursting the excitement of chatting to a husband and wife is exquisite. Next time perhaps she and I can use Skype while I chat with him. Or better yet I have a female friend who likes to play wouldn’t it be fun to watch her seduce him?

“I don’t know what she was annoyed at apparently she says her IM went down she is having to restart her computer. Can you wait?”

“Ofcourse I can what about a game of something then I’ll send you the addy”

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