Cheating Can be FUN!!! part 1

This Story written by me and based on a true happening was originally posted on another site and is the start of a series I hope you like it, if you do I will repost the rest of the series Thanx!
How long I had chatted to this woman I could not tell time seemed to fly past, I was so stunned when she said she needed some sl**p as she had to get her daughter up for college in the morning. I just hadn’t realised the time at all.

“Ok,” I wrote, “Hope we get the chance to speak again tomorrow night honey!”

“I’ll be in the shopping centre at 1030 in the main café, I’ve sent you my picture come and have a coffee if you can’t make it, its ok but I would love to see you there.” She said night and her IM clicked off.

Being honest I was in a bit of a quandary. I had never cheated on my wife in reality before and though cybering online was good fun as was phone sex it was more just a way of releasing my higher libido. At 3am I decided I would slip out in the morning as I usually did and call for a coffee on the way to the pool. I mean having a coffee with someone isn’t really cheating atleast that’s how I rationalised it.

I was like a youngster on his first date as I waited for the café clock to tick towards 1030 but it seemed it had been 1025 for hours.

“Hi Jake, sorry I am running a little late,” She smiled, “Actually I was going to make up a reason not to come but to tell the truth I was just plain nervous!”

“Its just a few minutes and I’m as nervous as you!” I smiled back.

She was much better looking in the flesh than her picture showed. Okay so she was 55 but then at 60 I am no spring chicken. She was a beautiful mature woman. Slightly overweight. Nice legs and even better breasts, standing about 5ft 9ins.

“Can I get you a coffee?”

“No! I bought my own on the way in. Just in case you didn’t turn up.”

“No fear of that,” I laughed. “You had me dying of anticipation most of the night. Sorry that makes me sound as though I expect our flirting to carry on in real life and I don’t really expect anything like that.”

Pat just smiled. “I know what you mean ever since I clicked off my MSN I have been wondering if you would turn up we seemed to get on so well last night. Even if we did get pretty racy”

By now we had both almost finished our coffees and I suggested that if she liked we could jump in the car and drive to the point and chat while watching the sea as it was such a lovely day. We almost held hands and I had to concentrate not too. After all it wouldn’t do for someone to see us together holding hands as neither my wife nor Pat’s husband would really understand if they were told about it.

It’s about 15 minutes drive to the point and I was so glad to get there yes we had chatted about everything and nothing as you do when you meet someone in the flesh for the first time.

Only this time we had an advantage we had almost had cyber sex well shall I say we had flirted probably to the equivalent of touchy feely in real life. We would have gone all the way and we both knew it if it hadn’t of been for her husband telling her to come to bed and her having to get up for her daughter.

The point, is cliffs of about 60 feet high. You can hear the waves breaking against the cliffs. The sea birds cry their melodic song as they swoop and sway. At night you cannot move for the lovers that get here but during the day most are working so we were alone. We had lover’s lane all to ourselves.
I looked at her, her breasts slowly rising and falling and she smiled and said, “What’s the matter?”

“I just can’t believe how beautiful you really are,” I smiled, “May I kiss you?”

She didn’t answer but just leaned over and met my mouth with hers. Her tongue slipping between my lips cancelled all the questions I had running through my head. They were stupid questions anyway!

“You know I have never done anything like this before” she said as she broke from our kiss. Her chest heaving to match mine, our kiss had really fired our systems up. Older probably than most of the people that used this place, yet still there was that magic about it.

“Me either. Wanna stop!”

“No. I am not sure if I can let you go further than kissing, so I hope you don’t get annoyed.”

“Honey, I am happy in your company. If kissing is all you want that’s ok there is no pressure. Just relax and enjoy my arms about you. We would be more comfortable if I dropped the front seats down but the car is designed to go almost into two single beds in the front. So you decide if we can kiss as we are or would you like a bit more comfort.”

As it was we tried for a bit to kiss without dropping the seats but with the seats up it really was awkward to kiss while sitting.

“Go on then show me what the seats are like when they are dropped.” she said with a hint of the previous night’s flirtation in her voice.

Quickly I pulled the lever at the back of our two seats and the backs dropped the seats lifted and clicked into position allowing us to move further back as the rear seats became almost a headboard. We leaned close again and this time being more comfortable we kissed as real lovers should kiss.

My tongue flicking around her lips. Then playing fighties with her tongue. My arms around her matching hers as they held me to her. The heat of my body was becoming very hot. As if I was running a marathon. Breathing becoming faster but not laboured. She was feeling it too. Between my legs my cock had broken free of my mental shackles and was now trying very hard to take over the proceedings.

I felt my hand slide gently across her body till it encompassed her right breast. Through her blouse I could feel it firm not pert. With more substance than a youngster. All my faculties were trying to feel how she was feeling. Beneath my hand I could feel her nipple. It wasn’t erect as the porn stories generally tell you. But! I could feel it reacting.

I lifted away from our kiss I needed to make sure she was okay with what was happening. She knew I was making sure she wanted it and I could tell she felt safe in my arms. She pulled me back into our embrace.

I slowly let my hand move to the buttons of her blouse and started to flip the buttons loose. By the third button my hand could go in and touch her bra but instead of just grabbing at her I continued to kiss her and finished undoing all the buttons. Opening her blouse fully gave me full access.

“I’m really nervous now.” She said looking disappointedly as though she wanted me to just take her or at least make her feel it was okay.

I chose the latter saying, “I will stop when ever you want me to my darling, we are just kissing at the minute and there is no one about!”

She seemed satisfied with that though it was a little while before she actually relaxed. As she did my hand which was underneath her unclipped her bra as we were kissing and I held her to me tightly. I was not sure whether it was to stop her saying stop or so that she didn’t notice till my hand was completely on her bare tit.

Slowly I worked both of her breasts one at a time. Her nipples I rolled between my thumb and forefinger as she had told me the night before how sensitive they were. They responded becoming nice and firm then fully erect. I really needed to suck them now.

Breaking from our kiss I started by kissing down to her neck while still holding her tightly. She moaned softly as though it was a secret but her body was hiding no secrets now, already she was squirming as though trying to get into position and we hadn’t touched anything but her mouth and her nipple.

My mouth traversed down from her neck and I kissed and nipped with my teeth and lips gently all around her breasts. Slowly reaching her nipple and sucking the first one into my mouth nipping it with my teeth very lightly causing the slightest bit of pain while sucking and giving her the most pleasure I knew how. My tongue was flickering like a snake, fast and furious.

Going from one nipple to another my cock was now fully in control. Rock hard and in the driving seat. If she said stop now I wasn’t sure anymore if I would be able to do that.

My hand slid to the bottom of her knee length skirt. Her thighs were parted. She was moaning now more freely. Infact so freely that she could easily be heard if anyone came close to the car. I felt my hand sliding up towards her panties and the goal my cock now wanted more than anything.

I was a little bit taken aback when I felt her bare thighs and found she was wearing hold ups. Slowly as you would any precious parcel I moved my hand onto her panties. Stroking her cunny lips while still sucking and teasing her nipples I heard her breathlessly yet urgently say,

“Please don’t go all the way.” Her voice had a sort of sad pleading to it and I knew if I wanted to she would have let me but she desperately wanted to feel she was in control of herself.

“I said I will stop when you want to my darling. Let me make you cum. I won’t go all the way. And you can help me cum afterwards.”

Bringing my cock under control was probably one of the hardest things I have done but I knew in the long run it would be the most rewarding. She had relaxed again and I continued to kiss down her body.

Sliding her panties down to her knees as I kissed ever further down she started to shiver. “Please Jake I’ve never had oral before he wont do it, even though he makes me, I’m scared I wont be able to please you as you are pleasing me right now.”

“Pat, I love doing it, for me to make you cum is pleasure in itself. Forget what has gone on for you before and let yourself be made love to.”

I let myself get lost in the feelings I was giving this fabulous lady, as my tongue slowly licked along her cunny lips. She moaned now not caring any more as my tongue flicking and penetrating slid in and along her slit.

“Oh my Gawd, YES!”

As my tongue worked deeper and faster while my fingers eased inside her. My mouth moved to her now erect nub. Flicking and teasing, her clit till it was fully erect and sprouting out of its hood like a little soldier.

Her hips were now fucking against my mouth as my fingers worked inside her, feeling her now sensitive G Spot. Her juices fully flowing, it was like drinking from a water spout. I couldn’t swallow as fast as she was juicing.

“Oh Jake what the fuck are you doing to me?” she cried out. Her hips now fucking fast and furious. Making it really hard for me to keep control and move to give her pleasure as she thumped up against my chin and mouth.

“Jake! Oh fuck! Jake, I think I’m going to pee.”

I eased my mouth from her cunny while making my fingers drive her faster and faster towards her Orgasm. It’s something special watching a woman squirt, especially if it’s their first time. It’s a sort of feeling of achievement, power and love all rolled into one.

“I’m coming and peeing at the same time, but its Oh my gawd its fantastic!”

I let her come down from her intense orgasm and she grabbed hold of my gently stroking fingers telling me she was too sensitive to let me keep stroking her. We cuddled for a little while she was almost asl**p.

“I have never felt so relaxed” she smiled, “I wish we could just stay cuddled like this for a while. What did you do to me?”

“Me I just made love to you honey!”

“What about you? We need to work on you. You haven’t cum yet”

“There will be other times my sweet when we know we are going to make love and give ourselves more time.”

She just lay in my arms and smiled, “I’ve never cum like that before. Next time I will do anything you want and I mean anything as long as it doesn’t hurt me or mark me OK?”

“Yes darling anything now we need to go to the beach proper dunk our cosies in the sea and wet our hair and towels or I am not sure about you but my Wife will wonder how I went swimming without getting wet and how I wet my seats.”

Laughing like two youngsters we frolicked in the sea water it was cold but we just didn’t care. I put the car seats back and dropped her off at the centre then putting my wet stuff on my seat drove home. Leaving the towels and my suit on the back of the passenger seat I went indoors.

“Shoot, I’ve left my wet stuff in the car.”

“I’ll get it.” My wife said then with a face like thunder came back into the house.

Had I made a mistake? Could she tell? Oh well face the music time now.
“You!” She shouted

I became really worried now

“You’ve left your wet stuff across the back of my seat and it’s soaked! Men totally stupid!”

“Sorry Darling, I forgot but I’ll tell you what I’ll ring that valet place and they can pick it up and dry clean the inside also and they’ll dry the seat at the same time as making it smell fresh ok?”

Maybe I wasn’t cut out for this two timing lark, there again could I really not have my turn next time!

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terrif start to the series
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now she will want to please you even more awesome job
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Very nice and well written. Thanks for posting.
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ty and glad you liked it
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very nice and well written.
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Very nice.